You don't know how to plant garlic - it doesn't matter: we will teach, show and tell all the secrets and subtleties

Any dish only tastes better if you add hot seasonings to it. The most famous seasoning that you can easily grow yourself is garlic. In this article you will find answers to the most pressing questions ...

Let's figure it out together in a common question:

We have known garlic since childhood. We ate it reluctantly to beat the common cold. Parents put jars of peeled garlic around the house and said, "It kills bacteria." It is difficult to underestimate the health benefits of garlic. ...

The simplest do-it-yourself preparations: storing garlic in glass jars - life hacks and important rules

Garlic is not intended for long-term storage. After a couple of months, it begins to rot or mold, and if it survives until spring, it germinates or withers. But there is a wonderful way to store it - ...

Top 20 best ways to pickle garlic quickly and tasty at home

Garlic is a healthy product loved by many. It is often used as a seasoning for first and second courses. However, ripe garlic tends to deteriorate quickly. To avoid this and at the same time ...