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The harm and benefits of raw beets: what properties a fresh vegetable has and how it is used in folk medicine

Everyone knows recipes for dishes that will become impossible if you exclude boiled beets from them. These are vinaigrette, borscht, herring under a fur coat and many others. What about a fresh vegetable? Can I use ...

Best instant pickled beetroot recipes for cold borscht

Growing and using beets to make borscht or salads is common. But few people know that preparations from this vegetable greatly simplify and speed up the cooking process of many dishes. Beets ...

Delicious healer straight from the garden - boiled beets: benefits and harm to the liver

Beetroot is a product traditionally used in many dishes of Russian cuisine. The vegetable is popular not only among our compatriots, but all over the world. The root crop is loved and grown for its ...

Is it possible to eat beets for gastritis: we get acquainted with the contraindications and cook according to the best recipes for a weak stomach

Gastritis is a common inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, in which the stomach lining is primarily damaged. By the nature of the course, acute and chronic gastritis are distinguished. Due to the occurrence - with a high ...

How to Grow and When to Harvest Beet Seeds: A Step-by-Step Guide and Important Tips

For most novice and experienced gardeners, the choice of seed for a particular crop can be problematic. And although for many summer residents getting their own seeds seems like a waste of time and effort, it so happens that ...

Rules for obtaining a rich harvest of beets: growing in the open field and care

To grow sweet and healthy beets suitable for long-term storage, you need to know the intricacies of vegetable agricultural technology. Those who master this science will be provided with a variety of vitamin dishes throughout the winter. How to care for ...

How to recognize an allergy to beets and quickly get rid of its symptoms: effective medicines and folk methods

Borsch, salad of beets with prunes, herring under a fur coat, vegetable stew, vinaigrette, beetroot. Everyone is familiar with these dishes since childhood. Beets give them brightness and unique taste. She delivers to ...

The best beet jam recipes: the most delicious desserts with fruits, nuts and wine

Jam is one of the most popular types of preservation for the winter. You can cook it from almost any berries, fruits and vegetables. However, not all of them will turn out to be truly tasty and healthy ...

Do I need to peel the beets before cooking - we will learn how to cook it using the life hacks of experienced housewives

Beets can be used to make many delicious dishes. From traditional and everyone's favorite - borsch and herring "under a fur coat". However, many housewives do not know how to properly handle this root crop. If a ...