How and when to harvest rutabagas to preserve the harvest until spring

Rutabaga belongs to the undeservedly forgotten agricultural crops along with turnips and spelled. Although it is the leader in vitamin C content among root crops. The vegetable is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamins B1, ...

What is the Difference Between Turnip and Turnip and How to Distinguish Them

In the century before last, turnip was the main remedy for rickets and diseases of bones and blood due to its high calcium content. Rutabaga was used not only in nutrition, but also in the treatment of cough. Them ...

Top 8 best pickled radish recipes for the winter

Fragrant, round, crispy, slightly bitter. Guess what this is about? That's right, about the radish. Unfortunately, its ripening season is too short - we simply do not have time to enjoy the healthy vegetable to its fullest. IN ...

Useful properties and contraindications of rutabagas: how to use the root crop in cooking, cosmetology and folk medicine

The plant that will be discussed today is the closest relative of the turnip. They are often confused, but rutabaga is a very different vegetable. The vitamins and microelements included in its composition are simply irreplaceable. Those who wish ...

What is rutabaga, how does it grow, what is useful and where it is used

Rutabaga is a biennial plant from the cabbage family that has a forage and nutritional value. Rutabaga is often called fodder beets, which is fundamentally wrong, since these are completely different plants and belong to ...

Harvesting radishes for the winter: simple and delicious recipes for healthy snacks

Radish is prized as an early vegetable. You can get the first crop of greenhouse radish in April. To preserve the vegetable as long as possible, the root vegetables are pickled, salted, canned and frozen. Today we know a lot ...

Review of the best varieties of radish for open ground and greenhouses

100 g of radish contains only 19 kcal, so the vegetable is actively used to prepare healthy and dietary dishes. Many people dream of growing a good harvest of radish on their site. The success of growing depends ...

What vitamins are in radishes and how are they useful for health

Radish is a popular vegetable crop in our latitudes. Roots and sometimes foliage are eaten. Radish is valued as an early vegetable, which is sown in warm regions in April and then ...

Unusual and delicious recipes for cooking rutabagas from experienced housewives

Rutabaga is a root crop undeservedly forgotten today. In addition to its taste, it contains a large amount of nutrients and is considered a dietary product. The uniqueness of this vegetable is that you can eat it ...