Advantages and disadvantages of the

With the beginning of the summer cottage season, all amateur gardeners rush to their plots. Many people have the question of what to plant in the new year, and what varieties of vegetables and fruits to choose? One of the most beloved ...

How to grow and tie tall tomatoes

Tomato lovers often argue about how to tie tall tomatoes. It turns out that this seemingly simple matter has many subtleties. Let's look at the secrets of care and figure out how to tie tall ...

Secrets of planting and caring for tomatoes

There are summer residents who prefer to grow tomato seedlings themselves. And there are those who do not bother themselves with worries and buy ready-made seedlings on the market. Regardless of which category it belongs to ...

How to feed tomatoes during flowering in a greenhouse and fruiting

A pumpkin-sized tomato on a private plot sounds intriguing, doesn't it? This is the crop that one American farmer recently received. The weight of the tomato grown by him exceeded 3.5 kg. I wonder how often ...

Top 25 sweetest tomato varieties and tips for choosing them for every gardener

This article is written specifically for lovers of sweet tomato varieties. Such fruits are not only tasty, but also healthy, which makes them even more desirable in your garden. In addition to varieties, we will consider ...

What to do when tomatoes grow poorly

Did you know that for a long time people considered the tomato an aphrodisiac? Although science has not confirmed this fact, tomatoes are undoubtedly beneficial for human health. They support immunity, improve mood, help reduce risk ...

How often to water tomatoes in the heat to get a good harvest

Of those tomato varieties that grow in Russia, the smallest fruit is less than two centimeters in diameter, and the heaviest weighs about one and a half kilograms. To get a harvest, tomato growers have to apply ...