Let's preserve the taste and benefits: how to freeze zucchini fresh for the winter and what to cook from them later

Freezing is the easiest way to prepare food for the winter. Zucchini is great for freezing - this vegetable is used in hundreds of different dishes in winter. So that the taste and vitamins are not lost, ...

We save the harvest until spring: how to store zucchini for the winter correctly and what conditions need to be created for vegetables

Zucchini, the pulp of which is rich in vitamins and minerals, is a decoration for everyday and festive tables. This vegetable contains potassium, iron, fiber, vitamins. This vegetable is 95% water. Due to its properties ...

What is the difference between zucchini and squash: the difference in appearance, taste and other parameters

Zucchini and squash belong to the same family and are varieties of common pumpkin. Squash is also called dish pumpkin. In many ways, both cultures are similar to each other. Both are rich in vitamins and trace elements, have hypoallergenic properties, therefore ...

How to make delicious crispy lightly salted zucchini in a bag: a quick recipe in 5 minutes

Culinary recipes are especially popular with the modern housewife, thanks to which you can quickly and tasty feed the family. And if the dish turns out to be also healthy, the recipe will become irreplaceable and will settle forever ...