Delicious and sweet bonduelle corn variety: ideal for preservation and fresh consumption

Sweet corn is a popular crop among summer residents. It is not demanding to care for and at the same time gives a good harvest. In the world of cultivated plants there are no analogues to the excellent taste of golden grains. None ...

What is corn - is it a fruit, cereal or vegetable: we understand the issue and study the queen of the fields in more detail

Corn is a widely cultivated plant. In terms of consumption in the world, only wheat and rice can compete with it. Mexicans are the record-holders in corn consumption: one inhabitant of this country eats about 100 kg ...

Eating corn for gout: is it possible or not, how to eat it so as not to harm your health

Opinions about the benefits and dangers of corn for gout are mixed. On the one hand, it contains a wide range of useful vitamins, micro- and macroelements that ensure the well-coordinated work of internal organs and systems. Besides, ...

The benefits and harms of canned corn: choosing and eating the product correctly

Corn (or maize) originates from southern Mexico. Thanks to the difficult work of breeders, wild corn has acquired the look we are used to with many bright yellow grains. It is a very common product all over the world: ...

How to preserve corn for the winter at home: the most delicious recipes for harvesting

For many, corn is a favorite treat. And what delicious salads are obtained from it, especially from canned ones! Fresh corn is not stored for long, so it is often frozen, dried and harvested ...

Does corn contain gluten, is it in corn grits and flour, and why is it so dangerous?

Corn is a delicious treat, and in any form. Children love corn porridge, canned corn has long been an essential ingredient in many salads and other dishes, and corn flour adds an unusual flavor ...

What kind of corn is needed for popcorn: choose the right variety, process the grains and cook them at home

We all remember that alluring smell that haunts us when we go to the cinema. It's popcorn, of course! But how to cook such a yummy at home? Let's find it out! What corn is needed for popcorn Not everyone ...