The section is dedicated to shrubs such as currants, honeysuckle, raspberries, grapes, gooseberries, blackberries, viburnum.

Summer grape care: essential vineyard work and advice from experienced winegrowers

In order for the grapes to bear fruit well every year, not to grow, turning into impassable thickets, one should not neglect the care of them in the summer. Throughout the season, they carry out procedures aimed at developing culture and increasing ...

How to dry honeysuckle for the winter at home

Honeysuckle berries are used not only fresh for making jam and compotes, but also dried for the winter. Under proper conditions, they retain most of the nutrients. Previously, honeysuckle was harvested ...

How does pomegranate grow, where is it grown and when it ripens

In the East, the pomegranate is called the royal fruit for its excellent taste and beautiful appearance. One fruit contains most of the nutrients needed by the human body. In folk medicine, pomegranate seeds and ...

What are technical grape varieties and which are the best

Technical grape varieties are the basis for future wine. Experienced winemakers say that the best berry for the production of this drink is one with a juicy, sugary pulp hidden under the skin. The yield of such varieties is ...

Step-by-step instructions for planting grape seedlings in summer for beginner winegrowers

Grapes are a special culture that has several thousand varieties. The main requirements for growing conditions are maximum sunlight and heat. Grapes are planted less frequently in summer than in spring or autumn. But ...

Who eats gooseberries and how to deal with pests

Fruit and berry shrubs are often attacked by insect pests that feed on green foliage, shoots, bark, ovaries and fruits. Gooseberry bushes are no exception. The most dangerous crop pest is the gooseberry moth, which lays eggs ...

Why gooseberries don't have berries and how to fix it

Thorny and thornless, red and green, sour and sweet - all kinds of gooseberry varieties can be found in Russian gardens. The berry has an original taste and useful composition; it is used in cooking, medicine and ...

What worms spoil honeysuckle berries and how to get rid of them

Honeysuckle is not only a beautiful plant that pleases summer residents with its decorative look, but also a healthy and tasty berry that is ideal for fresh consumption and processing. Unlike other fruit ...

Instructions for beginner winegrowers: how to propagate grapes by layering in summer

Reproduction of grapes by layering allows you to get new plants in a short time. The method ensures the preservation of the characteristics and properties of the mother plant, good survival rates, and rapid entry into the fruiting period. Layers are rooted ...

How and what to feed sea buckthorn in summer: a guide for beginner gardeners

Sea buckthorn is one of the most hardy and unpretentious plants, so its cultivation usually does not cause any particular difficulties. Even novice gardeners can do this. But for the regular receipt of high-quality and abundant ...