The main stages of currant care in spring after winter

In the spring, all fruit plants need care. In the case of currants, there are certain nuances that must be taken into account in order to maintain high yields. In the spring, gardeners perform transplantation, pest control, ...

Crop rotation rules in the garden: what can be planted next to black currants

Crop rotation is an important component of proper cultivation of crops. It is necessary not only for annuals, but also for shrubs and trees. Following the recommendations for the selection of previous and adjacent crops improves yields. Let's tell you that ...

How to deal with and prevent rust on currants

Currant is one of the most unpretentious and hardy garden plants. Black, red and white varieties of this culture can grow in all regions of our country. She is not demanding of care and ...

Black currant for weight loss

The currant diet is a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to lose weight, especially for those who cannot keep the diet for too long. The diet is extremely simple: replace all meals for three days ...

Black currant leaves - useful and medicinal properties

Due to the rich composition of useful compounds, currant leaves are widely used as a preventive and therapeutic agent. With their help, you can protect the body from infections, resist diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver and kidneys, ...

Currant leaves turn yellow in June: why this happens and what to do in this case

One of the hallmarks of a healthy plant is the leaves of a bright and rich color. A change in shade and deformation of the leaf plate indicate improper care, but more often it is a sign of disease or pest activity. We will tell you ...

Diseases and pests of currants, ways to combat them, preventive measures

In Russia, there are 4 types of currants (white, black, yellow and red). Although they differ in color, flavor and aroma of berries, the plants are unpretentious and have similar care requirements. They are struck by the same ...

Black currant variety An ordinary miracle: features, rules for planting, care and reproduction

Despite the fact that black currant is considered an unpretentious plant, problems sometimes arise with its cultivation in some regions of our country. For example, relatively recently, it did not take root well in the northern regions due to ...