When and how to plant honeysuckle in autumn and what mistakes to avoid during planting

Honeysuckle is a berry that ripens earlier than all others. It is especially useful during periods when the body lacks vitamins - the berry strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on many organs and systems. Culture fast ...

Instructions for transplanting honeysuckle to a new location in stages

In care, honeysuckle is picky: frost-hardy, not demanding on the soil. It has a high yield and bears fruit for up to 25 years, and with good care - more. The bush does not need obligatory transplants. But ...

The best ways to keep honeysuckle fresh and processed for the winter

Sweet and sour honeysuckle berries are one of the first vitamin supplements to the diet in late spring - early summer. These berries have a bright taste with a hint of bitterness. To please children in winter and ...