When and how to properly prune raspberries in the fall

Many novice gardeners assume that it is not difficult to grow raspberries on the site, and they ignore important steps in the process, for example, pruning. However, the result is that the plantation is large, there are many bushes, and the harvest is modest. Today ...

How to properly prepare raspberry leaves for the winter for tea at home

Tea is any drink made by brewing prepared plant material. Such popular and easy-to-use tea bags often contain dyes, preservatives and large amounts of fluoride, which negatively affects ...

How to properly freeze grapes for the winter in the freezer and is it possible to do it

Grapes are a source of vitamins, minerals, organic acids, polyphenols, important for maintaining health and ensuring the well-coordinated functioning of organs and systems. The ripening period of grapes in nature is from July to October. In it ...

Step-by-step guide to properly preparing grapes for winter

Grapes are equally tasty both fresh and canned; its berries and leaves are added to various dishes. Grape juices, jams and wines add spice to any table. Grapes ...

How and how to feed raspberries in the fall

In order to enjoy the generous harvest of garden raspberries from year to year, it is important to properly care for and fertilize them three times per season. In spring and summer, the berry is processed to increase yields and ...

The best ways to freeze raspberries for the winter correctly

In winter, there is an acute shortage of fresh seasonal fruits, especially berries. Fragrant raspberries are the most popular in our latitudes. According to the botanical description, this is a fruit consisting of many drupes on a white stalk - ...