Fruit trees

The section is devoted to fruit trees. Like an apple tree or a pear tree.

Step-by-step instructions for pruning plums in the summer with your own hands

To obtain a healthy, abundantly fruitful tree from a plum sapling, it is important to prune so that the crown forms correctly. Many gardeners perform the procedure in the spring, giving the plant more time to recover before the winter frosts. ...

Why lemon leaves dry at the edges and how to fix the problem

Lemon is a subtropical inhabitant that, when grown at home, needs to maintain a comfortable climate. The plant loves moisture, sun, heat, does not tolerate cold, drafts, lack of nutrition and moisture. Dry leaves ...

A beginner's guide to watering a peach correctly in summer

Watering is the most important agrotechnical procedure in plant care. Gardeners are especially attentive to her, who grow capricious peach trees on their site. Without regular and proper soil moistening ...

A step-by-step guide to pruning felt cherries in summer for beginners

Gardeners love felt cherries for a good harvest, ease of maintenance and a beautiful compact crown. To increase fruiting, the plant is cut not only in autumn and spring, but also in summer. If you know the technique ...

Is it possible to ripen pears at home and how to do it

Gardeners call the pear a "tricky" fruit. Today it is still firm and hanging on the tree, and tomorrow the soft one lies on the ground. It's not easy to catch the moment of perfect ripeness of pears, so many people collect or buy ...

How to properly prune peaches in the summer: schemes and procedure

Peach is a capricious culture that requires increased attention and adherence to the rules of agricultural technology. The southern fruit needs proper crown shaping to maintain fruiting and strengthen immunity. In this article we will talk about pruning a peach ...

Instructions for propagating plums by cuttings in summer: from preparing cuttings to caring for a seedling

Like most fruit crops, plums can be propagated artificially and naturally. The natural types of vegetative reproduction include growing from seeds, with the help of root shoots, layering. From artificial methods (grafting, cuttings) ...

Peach propagation methods by cuttings in summer: instructions and useful tips

Once the peach tree was grown only in warm southern regions. Today it is often found in the middle zone of the country. Summer residents grow juicy and sweet varieties on plots, many of which have appeared ...

How to properly vaccinate apricot in the summer with your own hands

Grafting an apricot is the easiest and most effective way to propagate it. Of course, a tree can be grown from a stone, but in this case, chances are good that instead of a cultivated variety, you will get wild. Own-rooted plants ...

How to properly water cherries in summer: instructions for beginner gardeners

Horticultural crops need a certain amount of water. It gives them strength for normal development, growth and fruit formation. Cherries are drought-resistant plants, so they are rarely watered. However, the number of waterings ...