Fruit trees

The section is devoted to fruit trees. Like an apple tree or a pear tree.

Summer cherry cuttings guide: from choosing cuttings to caring for a new tree

Cutting is a popular way of propagating stone fruit crops, including cherries. It allows you to preserve varietal qualities, but the percentage of rooting of wood material is not high. There are certain rules for grafting, depending on ...

Breeding rules for cherry plum cuttings in summer and the stages of growing a tree from a twig

Cherry plum is an unpretentious shrub that easily takes root in a new place. It is grown in generative and vegetative ways. Most gardeners prefer to propagate cherry plum by cuttings. In this case, the plants quickly take root, develop correctly ...

How to cut a pear in the summer: step-by-step instructions and useful tips

Reproduction of pears in the garden is an interesting and laborious activity. It is necessary to determine the timing so as not to stretch out and start the procedure too early, otherwise the tree will not take root. Selection of varieties suitable for ...

Step-by-step instructions for grafting an apple tree in the summer for beginners

In case of aging or illness of a favorite productive apple tree, it is possible to rejuvenate it and even get several identical specimens. Usually, the propagation of a fruit crop is carried out by one of the available methods - cuttings. For ...

Instructions for pruning an apple tree in summer for beginner gardeners

Experienced gardeners pay attention to the apple tree in any season. In order for a tree to bear a large harvest, it needs summer pruning. Without it, the apple tree runs wild, and the fruits gradually lose their qualities, since they are very thick ...

Instructions for transplanting cherries in the summer to another place for novice gardeners

Transplanting cherries to another place in summer is as possible as in spring or autumn. In order for the plant to tolerate the procedure well, it is transplanted at a certain time and according to all the rules. For this purpose ...

When, how much and how to water apple trees in summer

In order to consistently get a high-quality harvest of fragrant apples, it is necessary to follow some agrotechnical rules, and competent watering is not the last among them. In addition to the general rules, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the variety, climatic conditions. ...

Why lemon has sticky spots and what to do with it

Lemon is grown not only indoors, but also outdoors. Bright lemon trees with beautiful fruits and colorful flowers will adorn any garden. But unlike traditional ...

Step-by-step instructions for pruning apple trees in spring for beginner gardeners

Pruning is a mandatory procedure for caring for fruit trees. The yield directly depends on the quality of crown formation. The frequency of pruning also affects the general condition of the plant, its resistance to diseases and negative factors ...

How to properly and how to spray apple trees from pests in summer

Harmful insects are dangerous even for unpretentious apple trees that are resistant to adverse environmental factors. They affect all parts of the plant: trunk and shoots, leaves, inflorescences, roots, fruits. This leads to damage ...