Pome fruit

Here are articles about pome trees - apple, pear, quince, orange, bergamot - all of these are pome fruits.

Land for lemon growing at home

Plant lovers plant lemon trees not in the garden, but at home - in a pot. Such conditions are more suitable than others for a capricious exotic tree, because it is easier to provide it with proper care at home. One ...

How to properly water indoor lemon

Indoor lemon is a versatile plant for the home. Healthy, beautiful, with tasty, juicy fruits. But in order to grow it on the windowsill, it is not enough just to place the seed in the ground. Lemon, like everyone else ...

Pruning and shaping lemon at home

Pruning homemade lemon is an important step in growing it. The correctness of the tree development, attractiveness, timing and abundance of flowering and fruiting, risks depend on how correctly and in a timely manner it will be performed ...

Citrus harvesting: when oranges ripen around the world

Orange is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Orange large citrus has a high vitamin C content and a pleasant sweet taste. Not only its pulp is used for food, but also ...

Instruction for gardeners: grafting an apple tree in summer with fresh branches in stages in different ways

The apple tree is one of the most unpretentious fruit and berry plants. It has a long lifespan and bears fruit abundantly for several decades. Apple cuttings are easily grafted onto different trees and quickly begin to give ...

Why lemon leaves dry at the edges and how to fix the problem

Lemon is a subtropical inhabitant that, when grown at home, needs to maintain a comfortable climate. The plant loves moisture, sun, heat, does not tolerate cold, drafts, lack of nutrition and moisture. Dry leaves ...

Is it possible to ripen pears at home and how to do it

Gardeners call the pear a "tricky" fruit. Today it is still firm and hanging on the tree, and tomorrow the soft one lies on the ground. It's not easy to catch the moment of perfect ripeness of pears, so many people collect or buy ...

How to cut a pear in the summer: step-by-step instructions and useful tips

Reproduction of pears in the garden is an interesting and laborious activity. It is necessary to determine the timing so as not to stretch out and start the procedure too early, otherwise the tree will not take root. Selection of varieties suitable for ...

Step-by-step instructions for grafting an apple tree in the summer for beginners

In case of aging or illness of a favorite productive apple tree, it is possible to rejuvenate it and even get several identical specimens. Usually, the propagation of a fruit crop is carried out by one of the available methods - cuttings. For ...

Instructions for pruning an apple tree in summer for beginner gardeners

Experienced gardeners pay attention to the apple tree in any season. In order for a tree to bear a large harvest, it needs summer pruning. Without it, the apple tree runs wild, and the fruits gradually lose their qualities, since they are very thick ...