How to grow tulips by March 8

Tulips are considered a symbol of femininity and remind of the coming of spring. They abound in store shelves on March 8. By tradition, it is these flowers that men give the fair sex on International Women's Day. On more ...

Growing petunias at home and in the open field: necessary conditions, planting, care

Petunia belongs to the nightshade family. An ornamental plant is distinguished by beautiful oval leaves and large delicate flowers. Petunia flowers are striking in a variety of colors and shapes. There are specimens with unusual patterns, terry petals ...

Vegetative petunia Starry sky with amazing looking flowers

The Starry sky petunia hybrid appeared on the market relatively recently, but quickly won the love of flower growers. The plant is characterized by high decorativeness due to the beautiful flowers of dark purple color with a scattering of white specks. Visually, the drawing resembles ...