How to keep onions for the winter and can they be frozen

If you have a lot of onions growing on your plot and you don't know what to do with the crop, try freezing it. In this form, the product will definitely not deteriorate, and it will be even more convenient to use it. We will tell you about all the nuances of such storage in the article.

Is it possible to freeze onions for the winter

For different types of onions, the technology for preparing for freezing and general recommendations are different. Let's take a closer look at this.


The feathers are separated from the head: wilted parts of the plant are not suitable for storage. Greenery wash and dry thoroughly: otherwise, when frozen, it will turn into an ice lump. If desired, it is crushed.


Disputes about whether freeze onionsremain relevant today. Some people believe that because of the smell, it should not be stored next to any other food. It is believed that the frozen "turnip" turns into a "glass", watery and soft mass.

The above troubles will not happen if you approach the process correctly. The heads are chosen without surface stains and traces of decay. The maximum slicing thickness is 1 cm. The onion is stored only in small portions, leaving a little free space in the bags, because the frozen product increases in volume.


This type of onion tastes much softer and sweeter, so freezing it brings less worries. Some housewives, due to the fibrous structure, are accustomed to throwing out the top leaves of the plant. However, it is in them that the maximum amount of nutrients is found.

After cleaning, the stems are cooled at about 0 ° C. In a few hours leek put away in plastic bags - no more than 8 pieces in one bag - and put in the freezer.


It is an excellent seasoning for a wide variety of dishes. Before freezing chives washed well and dried naturally. Drying with a towel will damage the delicate feathers: this will destroy the unique scent.

Grind the product with a knife to the size that they are used to using in cooking. Place the slices in the bag in a horizontal layer: this way the freezing will pass evenly.

Basic rules for freezing onions for the winter

If you follow simple recommendations, the freezing process is noticeably simplified, its efficiency increases.

  1. Freeze vegetables at any time of the year, not only in winter.
  2. An important storage condition is a tightly closed container. Excess air creates unnecessary moisture, which makes the onion freeze and spoil unnecessarily.
  3. If the blanks are made at different times, the date is indicated on the packages.
  4. Products are stored at a temperature of -18 ° C.
  5. It is not worth keeping the workpiece in the freezer for more than 6 months: after six months, the vegetable will completely lose its beneficial properties.

How to choose the right onion and prepare the freezer

For freezing, choose juicy greens - elastic feathers of a dark green color. Pay special attention to the white tips. If the greens start to deteriorate, this means that they have been in the water for several days. In such a product there is no benefit and vitamins: it is simply saturated with moisture, and therefore it seems fresh. A turnip can be taken of any size, without signs of damage.

Reference. Housewives have a popular mix of greens: dill, parsley, basil, cilantro are added to the bag with onions to taste.

The optimum temperature regime is -16 ... -20 ° С.

Ways to freeze onions at home

Housewives practice a lot of ways to quickly and easily prepare onions for freezing. There are options for all occasions.

As a whole

The method is practically not used, since its feasibility is in question. After all, a whole unpeeled onion is safely stored in a special vegetable section of the refrigerator and even at room temperature.

If the housewives accidentally cleaned more heads than necessary, the remainder can be frozen. In the future, it will be suitable for cooking broth. Defrosting is provided by blanching. For a few minutes, the onion is placed in a container with boiling water.

Pre-cut in a bag

How to keep onions for the winter and can they be frozen

One of the most popular ways. This way, the product retains all its properties. Air is removed from the bags prepared for storage. It is best to use special bags with a fastener, but if there are no such, the most common ones will do.

Fried in oil

If the onion has lost its structure, the product is frozen and fried. They prefer olive or refined sunflower oil. Sliced ​​onion fry until golden brown, wait for it to cool completely, and then put it in the freezer for storage in sealed containers.

In ice cube trays

You will also need oil for storage in molds. Onions are passed through a meat grinder or chopped in a blender. The resulting mashed potatoes are laid out in "squares", 1 tsp is added to each of them. vegetable oil. The onion cubes will be ready in 5-7 hours. After that, they are transferred to a container, and a new batch is placed in the molds to freeze.

In a plastic bottle

How to keep onions for the winter and can they be frozen

The bottle has several advantages... This is a free and sealed container, and the chopped product easily passes through the neck - a great solution for storing finely chopped onions.

To make it convenient to pour in the slices, the neck is wrapped with food foil and a funnel is formed from it. Do not tamp the onion as tightly as possible.

Shelf life of frozen onions

The shelf life of frozen onions is 2-6 months: it all depends on the method of harvesting and temperature. Optimum storage conditions are -18 ° C.

How to properly defrost onions

Most often, the frozen product is added to a hot dish, which is then brought to a boil again. But there are times when onions are needed in a defrosted state.

Defrost in several ways:

  • in the refrigerator;
  • in cold water;
  • at room temperature;
  • defrost function in a microwave oven.

Remember that under the influence of heat, some of the beneficial properties of the vegetable disappear, so the latter method is highly undesirable.

Where to use frozen onions

The blank is used as a pie filling, added to soups, omelets, casseroles and cutlets. If the onions have been frozen puree, they make an excellent spread for sandwiches.

After defrosting, the vegetable is not suitable for salads, as it loses its crispy structure - this is a minus of the method.

Recommendations of experienced housewives

How to keep onions for the winter and can they be frozen

When freezing onions, remember that for the first few weeks they will smell quite strong. There is a risk that it will saturate the rest of the food. Therefore, experienced housewives advise putting onions in the freeze in a separate empty box in the freezer. When the product freezes well, other vegetables will "take root" next to it.

It is worth refusing to re-freeze and get exactly as much onion as you plan to spend at a time... As a result of contact with air, taste is lost, and repeated freezing becomes meaningless.

Some housewives cut onions for freezing and first put them in one layer in a deep plate or tray, cover them with cling film and send them to the freezer for several hours. And then they take it out and pour it into special bags for storage. Thus, the vegetable freezes faster and better.


The opinion that onions should not be frozen is wrong. Both bulbs and greens perfectly tolerate low temperatures and, when following simple recommendations, fully retain their beneficial properties.

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