Are beans a protein or a carbohydrate? - we will understand the composition and properties of the product

Proteins and carbohydrates ... When are they counted? They are considered by nutritionists and people who strive for healthy eating. And also - when losing weight.

Beans are one of the foods that are included in the human diet in both cases. But in some sources nutritionists refer this product to protein, and in others - to carbohydrates. And, accordingly, they give different recommendations. Whom to believe? Are beans a protein or a carbohydrate? Let's figure it out.

What are the types of beans

There are three types of beans:

  • red;
  • white;
  • green pods.

Beans are rich in B vitamins and useful mineral compounds.... There is potassium, zinc, magnesium, copper, sulfur and iron. This bean is a rich source of folate and amino acids.

Are beans a protein or a carbohydrate? - we will understand the composition and properties of the product

Consider the advantages of the product:

White Red Leguminous
Benefit Promotes fat burning, helps to reduce weight. Normalizes metabolism. Provides the body with antioxidants. Stabilizes sugar levels. Improves digestion. Contains a lot of dietary fiber.

Attention! Beans give you the same feeling of fullness as meat.

Is there any harm? Yes. Raw beans contain toxins, so they are thoroughly cooked... With large doses of the product, intestinal motility increases, gas formation increases, and heaviness in the stomach occurs.

This legume is not recommended for:

  • gout;
  • problems with the digestive tract;
  • kidney disease.

BJU ratio

Do you know how much protein is in red beans and other types of this product?

100 g of raw beans

White Red Leguminous
Calorie content 325 310 25
Protein, g 20,9 21 2
Fat, g 1,8 1,6 0,2
Carbohydrates, g 64 52,7 3,6

Note. The numbers may fluctuate. They are influenced by the variety and place of growth of the beans.

Output: the protein content of red and white members of the legume family is high. This protein is easily digested. But there are also a lot of carbohydrates.

 Attention! Unlike meat, beans have practically no fat (no more than 2%).

Carbohydrate or protein

Beans contain both complex carbohydrates and proteins... This composition makes it an indispensable product for a variety of diets. But on this list stand alone green beans with their proteins, fats and carbohydrates close to the values ​​of vegetables. There are few carbohydrates and proteins in it. The main value is fiber. Dietary fiber in this type of legume improves digestion.

Are beans a protein or a carbohydrate? - we will understand the composition and properties of the product

The story of one experiment

Recently one TV channel conducted an interesting experiment... Three overweight women of about the same age lost weight with beans within 10 days. They had the same diet, but they used different types of beans. At the end of the study, the results were compared.

What kind of bean product do you think the applicant managed to lose the most weight with? The best result was achieved by the participant who used green beans in the dishes.... The organizers of the experiment explained this by the fact that the green variety is the lowest-calorie of all types of this bean product. The second place went to the participant with red beans. The third - using a white variety in dishes.

But places are not the point. All participants have noticeably lost weight in 10 days... With an individual nutritional program, each of them lost four to six kilograms of weight during the experiment.

How to cook

Stores sell dried white and red beans. To speed up cooking, it is pre-soaked... It swells well in cold water. Drain the water before cooking.

Green beans are often sold frozen. Most housewives cook it without first defrosting.

What dishes are cooked

Many different dishes can be prepared from this bean product. - and bean salads, and soups, and side dishes. Based on the quality of the ingredients and their proportions, the number of calories is determined. In recipes with exact proportions, we will additionally give the calorie content and BJU of the dish.

White beans stew with vegetables and chicken

Fried vegetables are added to pre-boiled white beans until half cooked (onions, celery, bell peppers and carrots) and chicken fillets. All together they stew for 25-30 minutes. The dish is served hot.

Green Bean Omelet

Beans (250 g) are fried in a pan for 6-8 minutes over low heat... An omelet mixture of 4 eggs, salt and 100 g of milk is prepared separately. The mixture is poured into a frying pan. Bake over low heat for 3-4 minutes. The calorie content of the dish is 358 kcal. BJU = 30 g / 20 g / 13 g.

String (green) beans with mushrooms

Put frozen chopped mushrooms and pods on a preheated frying pan... Salt, pepper, simmer under the lid for about 20 minutes, until the liquid evaporates. The mass is mixed with sour cream and quenched for another 5 minutes.

Stewed red beans in tomato sauce

Take 1-2 carrots and tomato sauce for a glass of boiled beans or paste. Add onions if desired. All together they stew for 15-20 minutes under the lid.

Are beans a protein or a carbohydrate? - we will understand the composition and properties of the product

Bean lobio with walnuts

For making lobio add onions, garlic, cilantro, basil and hot peppers to the boiled beans... Stew everything together for 10 minutes. At the end, add chopped walnuts and let it brew for another 10 minutes.


For this dish both boiled white or red beans and canned beans are suitable... It is scrolled in a meat grinder or whipped in a blender along with fried onions or a clove of fresh garlic. Store in the refrigerator.


For 150 g of boiled beans, take 40 g of fried onions and 1 egg... Everything is passed through a meat grinder or chopped in a blender. Flour (20 g) is added to the mass. Form cutlets, fry in a skillet in oil (20 g) until golden brown. The calorie content of the dish is 593 kcal. BJU = 25 g / 27 g / 62 g.


We found that beans supply both protein and carbohydrates to the body. Therefore, in the dispute on the topic "Are beans a protein or a slow carbohydrate?" there is no winner. Everyone is right in their own way. This legume product gives the human body a lot of benefits. With it, you can lose weight and maintain the protein and carbohydrate balance in the body. Combined with other ingredients, many delicious dishes can be prepared.

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