How to properly use beet broth for various diseases: benefits and harms

Our ancestors already knew about the benefits of red beetroot 2000 years before our era. In the manufacture of medicines, it was used by the healers Paracelsus, Avicenna and Hippocrates.

Beetroot removes toxins and toxins, eliminates excess fat, reduces blood pressure, has a beneficial effect on digestion, fights stress and depressive conditions. It contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. It is successfully used for cosmetic purposes.

Medicines are prepared from tops, juice and decoction from root crops. The latter is considered the most suitable for a wide range of users, as it is less aggressive than fresh food. We will talk about how to improve your health with the help of beet broth in this article.

Cooking a decoction of beetroot

First of all, you need to choose the right root vegetable. It should be ripe, without rot. Good beets are dense, with a color ranging from red to burgundy. Young beets have small green shoots at the top. The vegetable is well cleaned from the ground and washed under running water until the dirt is completely removed. After that, beet broth is prepared.

Be careful! Beetroot medicines (especially raw or fresh juice) have a strong effect. Therefore, they should only be used after consulting your doctor.

How to avoid negative consequences

For medical and cosmetic procedures, a root crop that grew in a country house or personal garden plot is best suited, that is, without the use of nitrates. The vegetable quickly accumulates them, and when cooking harmful substances enter the water. It is unlikely that a decoction from such a root vegetable will be useful, but it will harm easily.

If you do decide to make a decoction from store-bought red beets, try to minimize the possible harm. To do this, remove the tail and the top of the fruit with leaves. Cut the top by about a quarter.

By the way! It is in the top and leaves that the most nitrates accumulate if they were used in excess of the norm during cultivation.

How to properly use beet broth for various diseases: benefits and harms

Classic recipe

So, the root crop is prepared, you can start cooking. Most often, adherents of traditional medicine use this recipe. A medium-sized vegetable is poured with three liters of water and cooked over low heat for about two hours. The initial volume of liquid after cooking should be halved and reach one liter.

Cool the boiled vegetable, peel, three on a medium-sized grater and fill in the already obtained broth. After that, cook for another twenty minutes. We filter the finished product, now it will cool down and will be ready for use.

Storage terms and rules

Treatment and cleaning is best done with a fresh broth, so you should not harvest a lot of it. A ready-made product from a classic recipe is enough to be taken for one day of treatment. Do not cook more. Better to cook a fresh broth every day.

The finished drug is stored in the refrigerator, the required portion is measured and left at room temperature for 10-20 minutes before use. It is advisable to use the product at room temperature.

Useful and dangerous

Each, even a folk remedy, can bring both benefits and harm. This also applies to drugs from the "red doctor". The broth will harm those who have low blood pressure, as it knocks it down to a dangerous level.

The product is dangerous for people with high sugar levels, because there is a lot of glucose in beets. If you have increased acidity, be careful with the vegetable itself and its components - beets increase acidity. Also, a medicinal drink in large quantities reduces the body's ability to absorb calcium.

What is included in the healing broth

The composition of the beet broth is similar to the composition of the vegetable itself and its juice, only in a slightly lower concentration. We see the chemical composition of beet broth in the table.

Vitamins Macronutrients Trace elements
AND Chlorine Iodine
FROM Sulfur Iron
E Calcium Nickel
RR Magnesium Copper
Retinol Sodium Manganese
Niacin Potassium Molybdenum
 — Phosphorus Cobalt
B vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 Rubidium

The positive effects of the healing drink

A decoction of red beetroot is considered a milder remedy than, for example, beet juice. It does not irritate the gastric mucosa and acts more delicately, because as a result of cooking, many useful substances undergo certain changes.

Substance What is useful
B vitamins Restores the work of the nervous system, is good in the fight against depression, nervous conditions.
Iron Normalizes the level of iron in the blood.
Potassium Thanks to him, the broth has a laxative and diuretic effect. That is, the stool is normalized and the swelling goes away.
Lyotropic substance Helps the liver, normalizes fat metabolism.
Plant fiber It adsorbs and removes toxins and toxins from the body, gently cleanses the intestines.
Anthocyanin Fights Cancer Cell Growth

In addition, the broth promotes the assimilation of proteins, lowering blood pressure, normalizes metabolism, renews cells, and has antibacterial and antioxidant effects. It is an excellent complexion remedy used in home cosmetology.

Traditional medicine recipes

Beetroot broth is often used in traditional medicine recipes and cosmetology... It is preferred for its mild action and minimum side effects.

When gallstones are concerned

Attention! Before using the broth, you need to know for sure that the stones are not too large. Otherwise, the movement of stones may begin, as a result of which the ducts are clogged.

For stones in the gallbladder, a classic recipe is used. It is advisable to drink the product once a day, in the middle of the day, 250 ml. You can do it differently: cook the average root vegetable until the broth thickens. Take a third of a glass warm before meals for 15 minutes. Keep refrigerated.

How to properly use beet broth for various diseases: benefits and harms

If your stomach hurts

With gastritis with increased acidity of gastric secretions, especially in the acute stage, beets are eaten only boiled and in small quantities. A vegetable increases acidity, so you need to be extremely careful with it. You can not add hot seasonings, fatty (like mayonnaise) dressing to it.

But with low acidity, beetroot products come in handy. It is recommended to take 2-3 tablespoons of grated boiled beets, or better beet broth, as its effect is milder. Take the remedy 15-20 minutes before meals three times a day. The duration of the course is 2 months.

Cleansing the liver

Liver cleaning is carried out only after special preparation. For a week, fatty, fried, salty, smoked, pastries and sweets are excluded from the menu. The same diet is recommended after cleansing.

Stick to a vegetarian cleanse day diets. Cleaning is carried out twice a year, best done in spring and autumn. The beet broth from the first recipe is crushed into four doses and drunk before meals at intervals of 3-4 hours.

Important! In no case should you drink any broth-based remedies in one gulp, this provokes various health problems. They are always used fractionally!

To help vessels

The beetroot remedy cleanses and tones the blood vessels and is useful for various heart disorders. 3-4 medium beets are chopped into cubes, poured to the top with water, boiled over low heat for 5-6 hours. Filter the resulting liquid, add a glass of honey and 70% vinegar, lemon juice (from 4 pieces). The elixir is thoroughly mixed and taken on an empty stomach on a warm tablespoon.

Attention! For people with high acidity, as well as those suffering from gastritis and ulcers, such a remedy is contraindicated.

A delicate problem

Many suffer from bloating and constipation. This unpleasant phenomenon often provokes an exacerbation of diseases such as hemorrhoids.

The following composition is recommended. A decoction of beets is mixed with a decoction of prunes (a few berries are poured with a glass of water, brought to a boil and insisted as a compote). Then they take a glass of homemade medicine, mix it, divide it into three to four equal portions and consume it throughout the day. You can use this broth for no more than seven days.

To get rid of constipation, beet decoction enemas are also used.

For men's health

Beets and derivatives help to evacuate waste from the body in a timely manner, which means that the toxins that are often found in them cannot damage the prostate gland. It is from them that the prostate often suffers, since it is in close proximity to the intestines. It has been established that the product has a positive effect on potency.

So, the classic decoction recipe is used both for prevention (eliminating harmful constipation) and for the treatment of prostate adenoma. But there is another recipe for male health... The remedy inhibits the development of prostate diseases, relieves symptoms, and improves organ function.

Several medium root crops (up to 5 kg of total weight) are washed, cut off the top, filled with water so that they disappear, and boiled over low heat for 4-5 hours. Then the vegetable is crushed into gruel and put back into the broth in which it was cooked. This "porridge" is boiled for another hour, then filtered and boiled until 0.5 liters of liquid remains.

They drink the resulting medicine in a tablespoon half an hour before meals three times a day. The course lasts from 2 to 3 weeks (usually, relief is already felt in this time interval). Then a two-week break, and the treatment can be repeated.

How to properly use beet broth for various diseases: benefits and harms

For women's health

Beetroot, its juice and broth are a great helper for women's health. The substances contained in the vegetable help to normalize the female hormonal background (including disruptions during menopause), relieve the notorious premenstrual syndrome.

It is recommended to use the broth according to the classic recipe for a tablespoon three times a day for 1-2 weeks or until the symptoms disappear. After a break, the course can be repeated.

Healing remedy for beauty

Beet broth is an excellent cosmetic product. It is used to preserve the beauty of skin and hair. The price of such care products is low, but the effectiveness, as they say, is obvious.

Skin care products

If you take the product for a week or a little more, problems such as acne and pimples will go away, and the complexion will also improve. Just one dose per day is enough.

Almost any inflammation is removed by a face mask: finely grate potatoes, mix with wheat flour, dilute with beet broth. The consistency should be like sour cream. The product is kept for 10 minutes, removed with milk or milk water. The proportion of pure water and milk is 50/50.

For those who need face whitening, lotion is suitable. Prepare it like this: beet broth and pure water are mixed 50/50. Mode of application: wipe your face once a day.

And foot baths with "red elixir" are a proven remedy for healing cracked heels.

For lush hair

To make the curls beautiful, and the scalp healthy, without dandruff, it is enough to regularly rub a decoction of red beets into the scalp. An excellent effect is also given by rinsing with broth after each hair wash.

For the wasp waist

The beetroot itself, its juice and broth is a recognized effective remedy for helping to lose weight. You can cook dishes with the addition of a healthy root vegetable, drink juices and make fresh juices. The decoction also has a wonderful effect.

How does it work

Means with vegetables remove excess fluid, start the process of natural cleansing of the body, have a detox effect, help proteins to be absorbed, get rid of toxins and toxins, and accelerate metabolism. Curcumin, which is part of the root vegetable, prevents the formation of fat cells. All of this activates the processes that promote natural and gentle weight loss without much stress for the body.

Application methods for slimness

Usually, two treatment options with a healing infusion are used for losing weight. They are completely replaced with food in the morning, and at lunch they eat instead of a hot dish. To replace one meal, you need 0.5 ml of broth. In addition, you can spend a fasting day every seven days, completely on the broth.

When it is difficult to refuse food, it is enough to drink 200-300 ml of the miracle elixir half an hour before meals three times a day. The procedure is carried out for two weeks, then they take a break of 30 days and repeat.

How to properly use beet broth for various diseases: benefits and harms

When can not be treated with beets

The broth, like any beet product, can bring not only benefits, but also harm.

The tool should not be used when:

  • osteoporosis (calcium is poorly absorbed);
  • diabetes (there is a lot of sugar in the vegetable);
  • urine and cholelithiasis (large stones can begin to move and clog the ducts);
  • diarrhea (laxative effect);
  • low blood pressure (a vegetable lowers blood pressure, and it can drop to a critical level);
  • gastritis with high acidity (the root crop increases acidity);
  • allergies.

How to properly use beet broth for various diseases: benefits and harms


There are many ways to use beet broth. The product is a storehouse of substances useful for the body. If you choose the right prescription and observe the dosage, take into account the recommendations of the attending physician, you can achieve excellent results. Diseases either go away completely, or the condition improves much.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of decoction-based cosmetic procedures. They will help eliminate dandruff, maintain the beauty and health of hair and skin. Even such a problem as cracked heels, the decoction successfully eliminates.

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