Is it possible to horseradish during pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy and lactation, the responsibility of the mother doubles. If earlier some product was not in doubt, now it makes you think. All spicy foods on the junk list for the expectant or nursing mother. In the article we will tell you whether horseradish is possible during pregnancy.

Can pregnant women eat horseradish

Is it possible to horseradish during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The pungency is characteristic of the root thanks to mustard oil, which has unique antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This puts horseradish to the first place in the list of useful foods for colds. However, mustard oil is contraindicated for the expectant mother.

It is recommended to include this product in the diet when planning pregnancy for both future parents, because:

  • the hormonal background is strengthened;
  • sperm quality improves;
  • the chances of conception are increased.

Horseradish during pregnancy can relieve symptoms of colds and flu. The plant is effective in fighting viral infections. Root essential oil is a natural antiseptic. The amount of ascorbic acid in the root is large - 61% of the daily value. This plant is even superior to lemon. Only rose hips and black currants contain more vitamin C.

Is it possible to horseradish during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Important! During the gestation of a child, the reaction of a pregnant woman's body to horseradish has been little studied, so it is better to limit the use of the product.

The root is rich in vitamins of group B, PP, phytoncides and fiber, potassium and calcium, iron and sulfur. However, horseradish from the supermarket sold in banks has practically no useful properties.

Expectant mothers can use horseradish with honey for colds. This plant is indispensable in the treatment of coughs. The fresh root must be chopped with a food processor in a meat grinder or grater and mixed with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. It is recommended to use ½ tsp. 2-3 times a day.

Before starting treatment, you need to consult a gynecologist.

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Is it possible to horseradish while breastfeeding

Is it possible to horseradish during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Spicy foods have been found to change the taste of a nursing mother's milk when consumed in large quantities... Horseradish can impart a bitter and pungent taste to milk, causing the baby to give up breast.

The root should not be consumed while breastfeeding due to the negative effect on infant digestion. In the first months of life, the baby's body only adapts to this world, therefore it does not tolerate some foods well. As a result, the baby may develop allergies, colic, and disturbances in the digestive tract.

On the first day, it is enough to try a small dose and observe the child's reaction. For the manifestation of allergies, 4 hours are enough, digestive disorders - 12 hours.

Reference. Like any new product, it is better to eat horseradish in the morning, so that during the day there is an opportunity to observe the condition of the child.

In the absence of a negative reaction in the baby, the mother can occasionally use horseradish in a small amount. Fresh and natural products are allowed. Horseradish cans from the supermarket contain preservatives, dyes and other harmful substances. In addition, the usefulness of the mashed root lasts only 7 days.

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Harm and possible consequences

Is it possible to horseradish during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Even in absolutely healthy people, erucic acid in the composition of the product is difficult to assimilate, overloading the liver and digestive tract. This is exactly what serves as the basis for the prohibition on its use in food during gestation. Female immunity during pregnancy is already weakened.

Horseradish stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, increases appetite, and overeating is contraindicated while carrying a child... The root increases thirst, and the second half of pregnancy is often accompanied by edema. A pregnant woman is recommended to exclude spicy foods from the diet: it is worth forgetting about pepper, mustard, garlic and onions, vinegar and ginger.

Horseradish raises blood pressure. This is another disadvantage if the pregnancy is accompanied by hypertension. Also, the product reduces blood clotting, therefore it is contraindicated in case of a tendency to bleeding.

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The menu of a pregnant and lactating woman does not differ from the diet of a person leading a healthy lifestyle. As for horseradish, it is an excellent remedy for colds, but it can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding only after consulting a doctor.

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