How to store potatoes correctly and what temperature they withstand

In the fall, after harvesting, summer residents are faced with the task of saving vegetables for the winter, and in particular potatoes, because not everyone has equipped cellars. You should not be upset: you can leave potatoes for the winter for balcony, it is only important to create the right conditions for this.

At what temperature to store potatoes, whether the potatoes will freeze at a temperature of minus 1, what subzero temperature the tubers can endure - we will talk about this and other in the article.

Optimal conditions for storing potatoes in winter

In the room where the product is stored, the optimal temperature will be from 2 to 4 ° C. This mode is called "resting temperature", when all biochemical processes inside the potato freeze. It is in a stable state, does not form sprouts and does not freeze.

Important! Choose the right time for digging to increase your chances of saving crops. Only fully matured specimens are well stored.

Air humidity in the storage should be within 70-85%. Excessive moisture stimulates the development of mold, and insufficient moisture impairs the taste. To avoid this, the air in the room is dried or additional ventilation is used.

Experienced summer residents are advised to store potatoes with beets - it softens the effect of moisture fluctuations on vegetables.

Important! To eliminate excess moisture in storage places, containers with quicklime or other moisture-absorbing agents are placed.

The storage area should be shaded. When direct sunlight or artificial light hits the tubers, the production of a poisonous substance solanine begins. The potatoes begin to turn green and become unusable.

Potato reaction to temperature

If the temperature regime is violated, the crop begins to deteriorate. As the temperature rises, the potato sprouts and becomes soft. With a decrease in fruits, the process of starch processing into sugar is started. The product loses its original taste, becomes excessively sweet and sluggish.

Important! Only high-quality potatoes are subject to long-term storage. When selecting vegetables for the winter, pay attention to their appearance. Thick-skinned potatoes withstand temperature fluctuations more easily.

The minimum temperature that potatoes can withstand is 0 ° C. Minus values ​​have a detrimental effect on the vegetable. If the thermometer falls below -1 ° C, then the stocks begin to freeze. Eating such potatoes is no longer recommended.

Balcony storage

The balcony is a good place for storing vegetables for residents of apartment buildings. Leaving a crop on it or a loggia is practical and convenient, but at the same time, certain recommendations must be followed so that the products are preserved and do not waste their qualities.

How to equip a balcony for storage

How to store potatoes correctly and what temperature they withstand

The balcony or loggia should preferably be glazed. The crop should be placed so that water and sunlight do not fall on it. As long as it's warm outside, you don't have to worry about the safety of potatoes, but the first autumn frosts can harm it.

The most important thing is the choice of containers for placing potatoes. An old refrigerator or insulated box is often used for these purposes. The best option would be a thermal cabinet that provides an ideal storage temperature and continuous ventilation.But such a cabinet will require electrical power.

Important! If vegetables are stored in a tightly closed space, rotting processes can begin in them. For proper storage, constant ventilation and adherence to the air humidity regime is necessary.

At what temperature does potatoes freeze when stored on the balcony

If the balcony is insulated, then no additional crop protection is required. In a room with double-glazed windows and thermal insulation, potatoes can be stored even in a harsh winter.

You just need to make sure that the room does not cool down to -1 ° C and below - for this you need a thermometer on the balcony. At a stable temperature above 0 ° C, crops can be placed in bags, nets or ordinary wooden boxes.

Storage nuances:How to store potatoes correctly and what temperature they withstand

  1. When spring warms, potatoes may need extra cooling or a cooler place.
  2. The temperature on the balcony should not exceed + 17 ° C, otherwise the vegetable will deteriorate.
  3. In the spring at the end term storage for the harvest is especially harmful to temperature changes, they should be avoided.
  4. At the end of spring, usually only late varieties... The rest of the specimens can be used as planting material.

Storage advice

How to store potatoes correctly and what temperature they withstand

How well a potato will survive the winter depends on proper storage preparation.

Before laying for the winter, it is dried and carefully sorted out. The tubers should be free of rot, scratches and damage. Only healthy specimens will tolerate the winter period well. Even one rotten "neighbor" can infect the entire crop, so the selection process must be approached responsibly.

Seed potatoes should be set aside separately. For planting next year, it is better to choose the strongest specimens.

Important! Washed potatoes require lengthy drying. It is not recommended to wash potatoes before storing them. Fruits that have absorbed moisture are more likely to rot.

Before bookmarking on long-term storage of potatoes it is recommended to hold for 7-10 days at temperatures from +12 to + 18 ° C and relative humidity of 85-95%. You can leave the crop to lie in the attic, summer veranda, or in a shed under a canopy. This is the so-called "treatment" or "rehabilitation" period. This method increases the chances of the harvested vegetables retaining their taste for a long time.How to store potatoes correctly and what temperature they withstand

To potatoes was stored longer, it can be processed before storing. The most commonly used remedy is copper sulfate. Add 2 g of the substance to a bucket of water and spray the tubers with this solution. This method increases the resistance of the crop to decay.

Another processing method is the preparation of an herbal infusion. For 1 liter of water, 350 g of wormwood, 150 g of snow and 50 g of tobacco leaves are required. The resulting mixture is infused for a day and sprayed onto potatoes from a spray bottle. After processing, the crop is dried and placed in a prepared container.

The container should be thoroughly washed. Tubers should not be stored in bulk on the floor or in contact with cold floors or walls. The container must have holes for air circulation. Wooden boxes are best placed on supports.

Straw, sawdust, felt will help protect the crop from the cold. These materials allow air to pass through well and provide heat protection and ventilation at the same time.


Now you know what should be the storage temperature for potatoes in winter and what temperature potatoes withstand.

Potatoes are one of the most unpretentious and cold-resistant crops. It is possible to equip a place for storing its stocks on the balcony of an apartment building, it is only important to create stable indicators of humidity and temperature. Subject to all recommendations, the harvest will delight you until the new summer season.

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