Description and characteristics of the La Perla potato variety

The Lapperl potato variety arrived in Russia from Germany and immediately gained unprecedented popularity among entrepreneurs. The reason for this was not only high rates of fruiting, but also the possibility of obtaining a double harvest. And summer residents fell in love with the variety for its ease of care and rich taste.

Let's get acquainted with the description of the variety, photos and reviews, as well as study the agricultural technology of German potatoes.

Variety characteristics

Description and characteristics of the La Perla potato varietyLa Perla Potatoes (La Perla) - early variety for table use.

The bush is medium-sized, erect, with moderate spreading. Initially, seedlings grow slowly, but further growth accelerates. The leaves are rich green, leafiness is moderate. Potatoes bloom with medium-sized purple-red flowers with a light shade.

The plant's genes contain high resistance to diseases such as Rhizoctonia and leaf roll virus. With unfavorable factors, seedlings can be affected by late blight.

Distinctive features

From other varieties of Lapperla potatoes characterized by ultra-early ripening and high yield - up to 400 c / ha. Full maturity occurs 50-65 days after sowing.

With the necessary care and compliance with all the rules, the crop can be harvested twice. This feature was noticed by entrepreneurs, and soon the variety took its rightful place among the most productive crops.

Chemical composition, trace elements and vitamins

It is well known that potatoes can replace bread. But few know about the nutritional value of a vegetable. First of all biological value lies in the high content of vitamin C (up to 25%) and potassium and phosphorus salts. The vitamin composition complements the content of B vitamins, in particular folic acid (B9). In addition to vitamins, potatoes contain organic acids: malic, oxalic and citric.

All trace elements contained in tubers are necessary for full life the human body.

Description of tubers

Description and characteristics of the La Perla potato varietyAverage weight - 80-130 g, round-oval shape, yellow skin color... There are few eyes, the occurrence is superficial. The pulp is light yellow (lemon) with a low starch content (up to 14%), does not darken during heat treatment. Taste quality is at a high level, so potatoes are suitable for preparing any dish.

In the photo on the right there are Lapperl potatoes.

The tubers have high resistance to mechanical damage... Transportability is excellent, ripe vegetables retain their presentation and taste during transportation over any distance.

The preservation of vegetables is long, yield of marketable products - up to 95% from the whole harvest.


Despite early ripening with proper soil cultivation, the yield reaches 400 c / ha... But this figure is not the limit. On light and fertile soils, it increases.

Also climatic conditions affect crop yield... The warmer the area, the richer the harvest will be.

One bush forms 15-20 tubers... All potatoes are even, smooth, beautiful. There are relatively few minor items.

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Growing regions

For growing varieties suitable regions with warm climates... This is the South of Russia, as well as the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine.

If the Lapperl potatoes are picky about the composition of the soil and are able to take root even in heavy soil, then in cool climates, yields are noticeably reduced.

Landing dates

Usually potatoes begin to be planted in the last days of April - early May.... But this is possible only if return frosts or prolonged rains are not predicted. In case of an unfavorable forecast, planting is postponed until the daytime temperature reaches + 16 ... + 18 ° C, and the soil temperature rises to + 10 ... + 12 ° C.

Reference. The plant does not tolerate frost well. Cold soil will kill all the seed.

Advantages and disadvantages

The popularity of potatoes among summer residents and entrepreneurs is determined by numerous advantages:

  • Description and characteristics of the La Perla potato varietyearly maturity;
  • the ability to harvest twice;
  • uncomplicated agricultural technology;
  • the ability to bear fruit in any soil;
  • high rate of fruiting;
  • excellent taste and presentation;
  • long-term preservation of finished products;
  • resistance to long-term transportation;
  • universal application;
  • resistance to mechanical damage.

Disadvantages include susceptibility to phytophthora. But with proper care, the likelihood of illness is reduced to a minimum.

Features of planting and growing

The culture tolerates drought well, but a sharp cold snap negatively affects plantings... By planting a plant in a light and fertile soil, you can significantly increase productivity.

Presowing preparation

A month before sowing, they begin to prepare seed - choose tubers weighing no more than 100 g. Damaged potatoes are not suitable for planting, choose only smooth, light, without visible damage.

Description and characteristics of the La Perla potato varietyAfter a thorough inspection tubers are laid out in a bright room with a temperature of + 15 ... + 17 ° С for germination. Not germinated seed material will not germinate.

Low temperatures during germination will result in thin, defective shoots that are vulnerable and brittle during planting. Exposure to temperature is a must if you want healthy and strong seedlings.

Seed material is considered ready for planting when the sprouts reach 2 cm... Before sowing, potatoes are treated with Fitosporin. It is a contact fungicide that performs preventive work against fungal diseases.

Reference. In addition to "Fitosporin" tubers are treated with a growth stimulant to accelerate germination.

Landing scheme and technology

Dig up the soil for potatoes twice: in autumn after harvest and in spring before planting. In the autumn digging, the soil is saturated with humus and wood ash, increasing the fertility of the earth. In the spring, ash with humus is also added two weeks before sowing.

Landing scheme: 35 cm - distance between seedlings, 70-75 cm - between rows. With this sowing technology, the risk of developing fungal diseases is reduced. A little humus is placed on the bottom of each hole and sprinkled with soil on top.

Reference. Tubers are planted with sprouts up so that they are not oppressed.

Further care

All agricultural techniques are reduced to standard procedures and does not cause difficulties.

Watering mode

Description and characteristics of the La Perla potato varietyIn normal weather, the plant is watered no more than 1 time every 10 days.... Watered sparingly, bringing 1.5-2 liters of water under each bush.

Abundant watering is carried out during flowering and tuber formation... During this period, each seedling requires at least 3-4 liters of water.

After watering, the moistened soil is loosened and weeds are removed... Potatoes are spud three times a season. It is best to do high hilling, thereby protecting the emerging tubers from the penetration of ground pests. Also, a high comb will protect them from the sun's rays, which can cause the potato skin to turn green.

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Top dressing

Timely feeding helps plants to strengthen their immunity and increase fruiting.

Since the seedlings develop slowly, nitrogenous substances are introducedthat accelerate the growth of green mass. During flowering, the crop is fed with a full range of minerals or organics. From organic matter, bird droppings (1:10) are used, which are introduced into the aisles after abundant watering.

During the fruiting period, potash elements are introduced to accelerate ripening... Also at this time, plants need phosphorus.

Important! Top dressing is not applied to dry ground. Plants are fertilized only after abundant moisture.

Diseases and pests, preventive methods

Phytophthora affects not only the seedlings themselves, but also the tubers... It is difficult to cure diseased plants, therefore, soon after planting, prophylaxis begins. It implies moderate watering without exceeding humidity, loosening, hilling, weeding and timely feeding.

In addition to these procedures, a systematic spraying with an antifungal agent Fitosporin is carried out. Also, with the help of "Fitosporin" they fight the disease. Along with the preventive function, the drug has a therapeutic effect.

Description and characteristics of the La Perla potato varietySome gardeners the seed is sprinkled with wood ash, which also protects plantings from fungal spores.

Dangerous pests - Medvedka and the Colorado potato beetle... If the Colorado potato beetle can be seen and prevented from reproducing, then it is more and more difficult with the bear, since it moves underground and destroys the roots. It cannot be seen, but it is possible to prevent its appearance. To do this, crushed cloves of garlic or granules of "Medvetox" are instilled into the ground, the smell of which repels the insect.

The Colorado potato beetle is harvested by hand along with its larvae. The seedlings are inspected carefully from all sides, since the larvae are on the back of the leaves and remain invisible upon a superficial examination. With a large accumulation of the Colorado potato beetle use the drug "Prestige" or "Confidor".

Difficulties in growing

If you notice plants such as sorrel or blueberries on your site (and you did not plant them), then there is a soil with high acidity on your site. Many crops, including potatoes, will not yield a good harvest in this soil. The acidity is reduced by introducing dolomite flour or slaked lime.

Potatoes will delight you with healthy growth if you plant it in the beds where they previously grew winter crops or legumes. After them, the soil is saturated with nitrogen, which contributes to the full development of plants from the Solanaceae family.

Harvesting and storage

Before harvesting, the tops are cut, leaving 10-15 cm... Dig up the potatoes carefully so as not to damage the tubers. Before storage, they are thoroughly dried and only after that they are removed to a dry, cool room. Store vegetables in spacious wooden boxes.

The percentage of keeping quality of the Lapperla variety - up to 95 of the total mass... The marketable output of products is 95-97%.

Due to its versatility, this variety is in high demand.

Gardener tips

Tips from experienced gardeners help beginners in proper care:

  1. After harvesting the potatoes, plant oats, peas, and mustard on these beds. They complement each other perfectly, saturate the soil with useful substances. Oats with mustard are frost-resistant and stand until November. In the spring, the beds, filled with useful elements, are ready for planting.
  2. Plant winter rye on your potato beds in the fall. In the spring, it will rise as a green carpet and heal the earth, inhibiting the growth of weeds and destroying disease-causing spores.


Description and characteristics of the La Perla potato varietyPositive reviews about the culture of many gardeners leave no doubt about the choice of the variety.

Ivan, Moscow region: “La Perla learned about potatoes from photos and descriptions on the Internet.The characteristic interested me, I decided to plant a variety in my garden. I was pleased with the end result. Fruiting is rich, vegetables are tasty, and care during the growing season is not difficult. And what else does a summer resident need? "

Elena, Tver region: “I really like the taste of potatoes. I cook whatever my heart desires from it. I cook, fry, carcass, add to salads, bake, make pie filling. The taste is always bright and rich, regardless of heat treatment. In a word, potatoes are universal and healthy ".


The German Lapperla potatoes are grown not only for personal consumption, but also on an industrial scale. The possibility of obtaining a double harvest increases the popularity of the variety among entrepreneurs. Potatoes are loved for their high taste and biological value. In addition, the culture does not require complex care and is immune to many dangerous diseases.

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