Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety "Meteor": description and characteristics

Often, when purchasing potatoes in the market or in a store, we do not even ask ourselves what kind of variety it is. And after preparing a certain dish, we decide whether we will continue to buy the vegetable in the same place or not. For ordinary buyers, potatoes differ only in appearance and taste. But for vegetable growers, in addition to these characteristics, other indicators are of great importance - the method of cultivation, resistance to diseases and pests, and the yield of the crop.

Meteor potatoes will delight any gardener with their unpretentiousness, high yield and excellent taste. The variety is relatively young, but has already become popular and beloved in almost all regions of Russia.

Description of potato variety Meteor

The variety was entered into the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 2013. It was obtained as a result of long-term work of breeders from the All-Russian Research Institute named after Lorkh.

Reference! Alexander Georgievich Lorkh is rightfully considered the pioneer of domestic breeding and testing of potato varieties in the USSR.

Plant characteristic

Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety Meteor: description and characteristics

Straight bush, tall, medium-sized leaves, dark green... It blooms with lush white flowers.

Ripening occurs within 70 days from the moment of germination, although the first tubers can be tried after 45 days.

The plant is resistant to most diseases of the Solanaceae family: seedlings are immune to potato crayfish, nematodes and late blight in tubers, but they are susceptible to late blight. Also, the seedlings are not immune to the wrinkled mosaic virus.

Reference! The wrinkled mosaic virus is especially common in Ukraine, the North Caucasus and the Central Black Earth Region.

What is the difference from other varieties

The beginner will also master the simple agricultural technology of the variety. Farmers-entrepreneurs, in addition to proven varieties, are planting Meteora seedlings in the fields. According to numerous mass reviews, potatoes take root in any climate and give a rich harvest.

Important. The marketable output of finished products at Meteor reaches 95% of the total mass. High keeping quality allows you to keep the excellent appearance of vegetables until spring.

Composition, trace elements and vitamins

The vegetable contains vitamins C, PP, H and group B, including folic acid, as well as amino acids, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Undoubtedly, all these substances have a beneficial effect on the human body, increasing immunity and improving the functioning of organs.

It is interesting! The vitamin C content in potatoes is almost four times higher than in apples.

Fruit characteristics

As can be seen from the photo and description, the shape of the fruit is oval-round, the weight of individual specimens reaches 150 g. The peel is smooth, thin, with small eyes and a creamy shade... The pulp is yellow, due to the low starch content, the fruits do not disintegrate during heat treatment.

Potatoes are ideal for preparing first courses, side dishes, vegetable stews. Ripe vegetables are also used for frozen convenience foods and chips. Due to the sweetish taste and pale yellow hue, many potato lovers argue that it is impossible to find a better variety for frying.

The photo shows the Meteor potato.

Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety Meteor: description and characteristics


High rates of fruiting and keeping quality make the Meteor variety very promising commercially. From 1 hectare harvested from 250 to 400 centners of fruits. Each seedling forms up to 12 large potatoes. There are practically no small tubers unsuitable for sale. The climatic zone and compliance with agrotechnical rules significantly affect the yield.

Growing regions

Officially, Meteor is intended for cultivation in four economic regions:

  • Volgo-Vyatsky;
  • West Siberian;
  • Central;
  • Central Black Earth.

In these zones, the highest yields were recorded - 450 c / ha. Nevertheless, Meteor potatoes are successfully grown throughout the Russian Federation.

Landing dates

They begin to plant this variety from the end of April or at the beginning of May, when the soil temperature warms up to + 10 ° С, and the air - up to + 15 ... + 17 ° С. When sowing in cold, unheated soil, you can not wait for seedlings: the tubers will rot in the soil.

Landing should be postponed if heavy rains are expected. In case of recurrent frosts during early sowing, the beds are insulated with a covering non-woven material. It protects the seed from the cold and does not create a lack of light and oxygen.

Advantages and disadvantages of Meteor

The characteristics of the variety and taste allow the young Meteor to rapidly conquer the markets. Its advantages:

  • takes root well in all regions;Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety Meteor: description and characteristics
  • does not require complex care;
  • resistant to many dangerous diseases;
  • early ripening;
  • drought and cold snap resistance;
  • great taste;
  • marketable condition;
  • high percentage of keeping quality;
  • universal application;
  • the possibility of breeding for sale.

The disadvantages include weak resistance to late blight and insecurity from the Colorado potato beetle.

Features of planting and growing

The land for sowing is prepared in the fall: they dig up, add compost and humus. The place for the beds is chosen sunny, without shade - shading will cause a decrease in yield. The best soil is considered to be light peat soil, although the crop will grow successfully in clay soil when the necessary fertilizers are applied to it.

Sowing preparation

Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety Meteor: description and characteristics

Preparation for sowing is carried out one month before the start of field work. Tubers weighing no more than 100 g are carefully examined for damage or disease. Spoiled and discolored are not suitable.

For germination, the tubers are placed in a bright room for several days. For uniform germination, the seed is periodically turned over. The tubers are ready for planting as soon as the sprouts reach 2 cm.

For the prevention of diseases and pests, the seed is treated with the fungicides "Fitosporin" or "Confidor".

Landing technology and scheme

Planting scheme: 30 cm - distance between seedlings, 60-70 cm - distance between rows. If the soil is heavy and dense, the tubers are buried 4 cm, if the soil with the usual composition is not deeper than 10 cm.

The holes are sprinkled with wood ash, it will provide the soil with additional nutrients. It is not recommended to use fresh manure, as this will lead to an excess of weeds on the site.

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Further care for Meteor potatoes

Plant care is reduced to standard procedures. But there are some agricultural practices that increase fruiting.

Nuances in care

Weeding, loosening, hilling, top dressing and proper watering are all necessary for growing Meteor. The culture is characterized by heat resistance and quick adaptation to a sharp cold snap. This allows potatoes to be planted earlier than other crops.

Watering mode

Drip irrigation has significant advantages over conventional irrigation... In the beds, the moisture level is not exceeded, and the roots do not suffer from a lack of water.Due to the high humidity, there is a risk of getting a fungal infection, and since the plant is weakly resistant to late blight, the spores of the fungus quickly attack the seedlings. In addition, high humidity leads to the appearance of insect pests and weeds.Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety Meteor: description and characteristics

After watering, the soil is loosened, removing weeds from the roots. Weeds not only carry numerous diseases but also absorb nutrients.

Another important care technique is hilling plants. Hilling promotes lateral root growth and prevents weed growth. In addition, after this procedure, air exchange improves and the roots are saturated with oxygen. Hilling is carried out 3-4 times per season. After the last procedure, the aisles are mulched with straw.

Top dressing

For the entire growing season, no more than three dressings are carried out. The variety responds well to the introduction of calcium and magnesium, therefore, a full range of minerals is used, mainly containing these elements.

Also, plants are fertilized with organic compounds, for example, infusion of mullein in a ratio of 1:10. The main thing is to remember that all top dressing is combined with watering or introduced into well-moistened soil.

Top dressing periods:

  • two weeks after planting;
  • at the time of flowering;
  • during fruiting.

Disease and pest control

Phytophthora is a common fungal disease that is easier to prevent than cure. For prevention, seedlings are treated with "Fitosporin", which not only protects them from fungus, but also increases immunity. Also, for prevention, timely weeding, loosening and hilling are performed.Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety Meteor: description and characteristics

In general, the plant is resistant to diseases of the nightshade family, but do not forget about the numerous insects that can cause harm no worse than the disease.

The most insidious enemy of potatoes is the Colorado potato beetle. With a massive invasion, it quickly destroys the landings. The female beetle lays eggs on the back of the leaf, so when inspecting the seedlings, the leaves are turned over. Often there are adults below.

The beetle is harvested by hand, with a large concentration of insecticides are used: "Prestige", "Karate" or "Antizhuk". From folk methods, ash is used, which is sprinkled on plants.

It is interesting! The beetle got its name after an attack on potato fields in Colorado. This happened in 1859.

Harvesting and storage

After picking ripe fruits, they are left in the sun to dry, then they are removed for a week in a dark room.

Reference! Only fully ripe potatoes are suitable for long-term storage.

Before laying in a dry, cool and dark room, the tubers are carefully examined and unsuitable vegetables are disposed of.Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety Meteor: description and characteristics

What can be the difficulties in growing

It is possible to plant Meteor's seedlings in the same place only for two years, then the potato beds are transferred to another place. It is recommended to plant potatoes in the land where cabbage, onions or legumes previously grew.

It is not recommended to plant potatoes in the ground after nightshade cousins ​​- peppers, eggplants or tomatoes.

Reference! After legumes, the soil is saturated with nitrogen, which favorably affects the development of plants of the Solanaceae family.

During flowering, tubers begin to emerge. But the first digging is recommended to be carried out not earlier than the flowers fall. By this time, the potatoes will grow up to 5 cm.

Tips from experienced gardeners and variety reviews

The advice of experienced vegetable growers will help to provide more competent care for potatoes:Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety Meteor: description and characteristics

  1. During the digging of the soil, wood ash is introduced into it, containing a large amount of minerals. In addition to saturating the soil, ash is an effective preventive measure against such a dangerous pest as wireworm.
  2. If the seedlings are planted only for the purpose of obtaining young potatoes, the planting material cannot be disinfected with chemicals.


Thanks to its impeccable characteristics, the variety is becoming more and more popular among private owners and farms. Here are the opinions of vegetable growers who know about Meteor firsthand:Drought-resistant and unpretentious potato variety Meteor: description and characteristics

Sergey, Belgorod: “Meteor lived up to the name. In terms of ripening speed, it has no equal, and leaving does not present any difficulties. I have been growing vegetables for a short time, but the result of this variety is excellent for the second year. Vegetables are stored for a long time, the taste is real, potato even in spring. "

Angelina, Kislovodsk: “I like the look and taste of potatoes. It does not boil well when cooking, it always retains its shape, guests are simply delighted with it. I have been growing a culture for three years now, because it does not get sick and does not require increased attention. There is only the Colorado potato beetle, which I get rid of with ash. "

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Meteor potatoes are the best solution for those who want to grow something new and unusually tasty in their garden. An early ripe variety does not require increased attention, shows a record yield (300-400 c / ha!) And practically does not get sick.

Due to its excellent taste and stability during heat treatment, potatoes are widely used in cooking. It is used for preparing first and second courses, semi-finished products, high quality chips and fast food.

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