High and long-lasting yield with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivation

Every vegetable grower wants to choose the perfect tomato variety for his site. Among the most popular crops in our latitudes is the Khokhloma variety. This vegetable is versatile in use, fresh salads are prepared from it, baked with various dishes, marinades and pickles are made. Summer residents prefer this variety for its culinary qualities and unpretentious care.

Description of the variety

Khokhloma tomato belongs to mid-season varieties.... Fruits begin to ripen 110-120 days after germination. The plant is tall, the bush reaches 2 m. The leaves are simple, medium-sized, green in shape. The first flower appears above the eighth leaf, the rest after three leaves. Up to 15 fruits are formed on one hand; after full ripening, they do not fall and hold tight.

Important! Khokhloma tomatoes are mainly grown in greenhouse conditions, but they are also planted in open ground in southern regions with a warm climate.

Distinctive features

The Khokhloma variety has an unusual fruit shape. (see photo). Elastic tomatoes tolerate transportation well and are stored for a long time. The crop produces a high-quality crop and has a strong immunity to most diseases.

High and long-term productivity with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivation

Fruit characteristics, yield

Khokhloma tomato parameters:

  1. The fruits are oblong, each about 17 cm in size. The tomato resembles a cylinder, the shell is smooth.
  2. Ripe tomato color is bright red.
  3. The weight of one vegetable is 110-120 g.
  4. Tomatoes have a thick and dense skin, which is excellent for preservation, salting and transportation. The pulp is also firm, not watery.
  5. Subject to the rules of agricultural technology from 1 sq. m. vegetable growers collect up to 10 kg of crops.

How to grow seedlings

The Khokhloma tomato variety is grown only in seedlings.... For this, seed is sown in small containers with fertile soil. When the plants at home get stronger, they are planted in a permanent place in open ground or a greenhouse.

Seed preparation

High and long-term productivity with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivationUnprocessed tomato seeds are found in retail.... Before proceeding with planting, calibration and disinfection are carried out with such material. To do this, the planting material is placed in a container with a saline solution (1 tablespoon of salt per liter of warm water) for 5 minutes. Empty unusable seeds will remain on the surface (they will be disposed of), and those that settle to the bottom will sprout and harvest.

After rejection, suitable grains are washed under running water, wrapped in cheesecloth and etched in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate for 20-30 minutes, then rinsed again with clean water. This will kill the spores of fungal diseases. Then the seeds are laid out on a moistened cotton cloth and covered with it. The material is placed in a warm place and periodically moistened until the seeds are pecked.

Capacity and soil

For growing seedlings, such containers are used.:

  • purchased containers with cells and lids;
  • peat cups or tablets;
  • wooden boxes;
  • cut plastic bottles or cartons for milk, juice;
  • disposable cups.

While, when the seeds hatch, they begin to prepare the potting mix... To prepare the soil, mix 1 part of sand and 2 parts of peat. For 10 liters of the resulting substrate add 1 liter of wood ash.The mixture is mixed well, after which an excellent soil for seedlings is obtained.

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High and long-term productivity with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivationWhen growing tomatoes in greenhouse conditions, seeds for seedlings are planted in the second half of March... If you plan to plant in unprotected soil, sowing seeds is carried out in the first half of April.

The container is filled by ¾ of the volume with soilwhich is slightly thickened and moisturized. The grains are deepened into the soil by 1 cm according to the 2 x 2 cm scheme and sprinkled with substrate on top. Then, before the shoots appear, the container is covered with transparent glass or tightened with foil and placed in a warm place.

Growing and care

Seedlings are kept at temperatures from +25 to +30 ° С... The first shoots appear in about a week. At this time, they remove the shelter and put the container in a bright place, for example, on a windowsill. Within two weeks, the plants actively form roots, and then the aerial part develops. During the growth of tomatoes, the daytime temperature is kept at +20 ° С, and the nighttime temperature is reduced to +16 ° С.

Seedlings need lighting 12-14 hours a day... If daylight hours are not enough, fluorescent lamps are used. Initially, the plants are watered once a week. When three true leaves appear at the bushes, a pick is made. To do this, they are transplanted into separate containers with a volume of no more than 1.5 liters. The root system is deepened strictly vertically, to the cotyledonous leaves, and if the plants are strongly elongated, then to the first true leaf.

7-10 days after picking tomatoes are fed for the first time preparations for seedlings, for example, "Biohumus" or "Baikal EM1". Fertilizers are prepared strictly according to the instructions on the package.

Two weeks before planting seedlings in a permanent place, the plants are hardened... To do this, the bushes are taken out onto the street or balcony for 1-2 hours. The residence time of tomatoes in the fresh air is gradually increased.

High and long-term productivity with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivation

How to grow tomatoes

When the tomatoes reach 40 days, the culture is transplanted to a permanent place.... If the tomatoes will grow in a greenhouse, the transplant is done in late April or early May. Bushes are planted in open ground when the night frosts have passed irrevocably.

Important! Since the variety is tall, when planting tomatoes, a support for the bushes must be installed.


Tomatoes are planted no more than three bushes per 1 sq. m or according to the scheme 60 x 40 cm. It is such a scheme that will allow the seedlings of tomatoes of the Khokhloma variety to develop well.

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High and long-term productivity with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivationAt the initial stage, the plants are moistened every 7 days. and once every 10-14 days, a complex feeding with a high nitrogen content is introduced.

For irrigation and preparation of fertilizers, use only settled warm water... When the tomatoes have 6-7 true leaves, nitrogen is excluded from the dressings and they switch to fertilizers with a high content of potassium and phosphorus (potassium sulfate, potassium monophosphate or superphosphate).

Installed the support will be an excellent assistant in maintaining tall tomatoes... Timely tying will ensure the normal development and integrity of the bushes.

Features of cultivation and possible difficulties

When growing tomatoes, be sure carry out mulching regardless of the place of planting... Mulch perfectly retains moisture in the soil, which is very necessary for tomatoes on hot sunny days.

Since Khokhloma grows up to 2 m in height, tomatoes need pinching and shaping... For maximum productivity, two stems are left on the bushes, no more.

Diseases and pests

High and long-term productivity with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivationKhokhloma tomato has a strong immunity to disease and pests... The culture shows particular resistance to late blight and fusarium, but for complete confidence, vegetable growers still take preventive measures:

  • they check the soil where the plants will be planted: if last year there were predecessors who were sick, then this place is not used for growing vegetables;
  • before planting, the seeds are treated for 20-30 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate;
  • three weeks before harvesting, the bushes are sprayed with a solution of copper oxychloride (4 g per 1 liter of water);
  • to get rid of insect pests, the soil under the plants is sprinkled with wood ash.

During fruiting, the plants are not fertilized with mineral fertilizing.... They enhance the growth of green mass, take useful substances from the fruit, which leads to a decrease in the quality of tomatoes.

The nuances of growing in open ground and in a greenhouse

Khokhloma tomato is cultivated throughout Russia... The variety is grown both in greenhouses and in the open field, but only in regions with a warm climate. However, in this case, the yield will decrease slightly.

High and long-term productivity with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivation

Harvesting and application of the crop

The fruits are harvested on time, as tomatoes picked at temperatures below +8 ° С are poorly stored... Vegetables are harvested in good weather in the morning, 1-2 times a week.

Khokhloma tomatoes have a rich taste and are great for fresh consumption. In dishes, the fruits do not lose their sweetish taste and useful properties. Marinades and other canned food are made from the vegetable for the winter, the fruits are not overripe for this. In cans, tomatoes remain elastic for a long time and do not lose their natural color. Since tomatoes have a dense flesh, they are used for making tomato paste and sauces, but for the same reason they are not used for juicing.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

There are many positive qualities in the description of Khokhloma tomatoes. Benefits of the variety:

  • High and long-term productivity with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivationhigh productivity;
  • long-term fruiting;
  • excellent taste;
  • strong immunity to diseases and pests;
  • duration of storage without loss of taste and appearance;
  • good transportability due to its dense structure;
  • unpretentious care;
  • the versatility of the fruit.

Tomato has few negative sides, some vegetable growers note their dense structure and thick skin, insufficient wateriness. Such disadvantages are easy to dispute, since these properties are just preferable for conservation, but it will not be possible to make tomato juice.

Farmers reviews

Tomato variety is chosen according to its characteristics. Khokhloma among summer residents has established itself on the positive side... Vegetable growers love these tomatoes for their unpretentious care and versatility in the use of fruits.

High and long-term productivity with proper care - Khokhloma tomato and the secrets of its cultivationTatiana, Mytischi: “I have been growing the Khokhloma variety for several years now, because my family loves preservation of these very tomatoes. When you take tomatoes out of the jar, the fruits do not burst or creep. The plant almost never gets sick. For greater productivity, I form bushes into two stems. The fruit tastes sweet. I don't buy seeds, but collect them from my own harvest. I really like the variety, I recommend it to everyone ".

Vladimir, Tyumen: “A seller in a gardening store advised me to buy Khokhloma tomato seeds. The photo on the package with grains did not impress me. But in the process of growing, I changed my mind abruptly. Even the neighbor was interested. The variety turned out to be very fruitful, unpretentious in care and, most importantly, very tasty. Since that time, Khokhloma has been growing in my garden for five years in a row. I will continue to grow this variety ".

Alena, Yaroslavl: “Last year I tried to plant a Khokhloma tomato for the first time in my country house. I liked the tomatoes, surprised with their height and yield. The variety was grown in a greenhouse. A lot of vegetables grew, ripened almost until the end of October. Tomatoes fit perfectly for winter harvesting. I treated children and grandchildren with pickles, so they asked for more ".


The Khokhloma tomato variety has been surprising summer residents with its yield for many years and is becoming more common. Growers prefer this variety for its long list of positive qualities and excellent taste. The plant does not require much care and is resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes. The variety is excellent for both fresh consumption and long-term storage.

You will learn more information about the Khokhloma variety from the following video:

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