Grow Kumir tomato on your plot and enjoy an early bountiful harvest

Every gardener who grows tomatoes dreams of finding a fruitful, low-maintenance, and at the same time delicious variety. It is not easy to pick such one, however, the Kumir tomato meets these characteristics. In the article you will learn about all the advantages of this variety, the rules for caring for it and growing it.

Tomato Kumir: variety description

Tomato variety Kumir is distinguished, first of all, by its high yield, as well as by a long fruiting period. On average, from 1 sq. m you can get about 14-18 kg of fruit. You can enjoy tomatoes from the garden until late autumn.

Fruit characteristics, yield

This is a standard variety, that is, the plant has no branches. Reaches 1.8-2 m in height. The fruits are large - weighing an average of 400 g, bright red, round. The tomato is divided into 4-6 chambers. It has 5% dry matter, which makes it very juicy.

It is recommended to plant 3 plants per 1 sq. m. One plant, with proper care, gives 4-6 kg of tomatoes. Thus, the yield per 1 sq. m can be up to 18 kg.

How to grow seedlings

Consider the main stages of growing tomato seedlings Kumir.

Seed preparation

First of all, you need to soak the seeds in the solution. potassium permanganate for 15 minutes to disinfect them. Then rinse and place in a solution of 1 liter of water and 10 g of natrophoska for a day. This will stimulate better seedling growth and development. Before planting, the seeds should lie in moisture for 1-2 days. This facilitates their germination.

Capacity and soil

Usually, wooden boxes or plastic containers are used for planting seedlings. Prepared soil is placed in the container. It should be neutral in acidity. A good material would be soil mixed with peat or humus.


Sowing is carried out in the second half of March. In the prepared soil, depressions are made at least 1 cm at a distance of 1 cm from each other. Seeds are placed there and sprinkled with earth.

Next, the seedlings must be watered, cover the container with foil or glass and put in a warm (at least 23 degrees) and bright place.

Growing and care

Seedlings are watered as they dry. The first shoots can be seen 10 days after planting. This means it's time to move the seedlings to a cooler but also well-lit area. The film or glass is removed literally for 2 hours, and then the seedlings are again covered with them.

It is recommended to take it out into the fresh air (balcony, veranda) so that it gets used to outdoor conditions. As soon as 3-4 developed leaves appear on the sprouts, the seedlings can be transplanted into open ground or a greenhouse.

How to grow tomatoes

Let us dwell in more detail on the stages of growing tomatoes Idol.


In late May - early June, when a stable high temperature is established, the seedlings are planted in open ground. You can transfer to the greenhouse a little earlier - in mid-May. The land for planting should be prepared in the fall: the soil should be fertilized with compost, ash. No more than three bushes are planted per 1 sq. m.


Proper care is the key to a large and tasty harvest. A photo of ripe tomatoes is presented below.

Grow Kumir tomato on your plot and enjoy an early bountiful harvest

During disembarkation, it is important not to forget to place the supports. During the formation of the stems, it is necessary to tie up the tomatoes, otherwise the plant will bend and die under the weight of the fruits.

Another important component of caring for Kumir tomatoes is pinching - the process of removing stepchildren, which take all the nutrients and prevent fruits from forming.

We must not forget about the regular watering: on hot days it must be done every evening, and on cold days it is enough once every 2-3 days. It is necessary to ventilate the greenhouse if tomatoes grow in it so that the high humidity does not provoke the appearance of fungus. Timely weeding and loosening also help from the appearance of pathogenic bacteria.

reference... Remember about feeding: the Kumir tomato variety reacts well to mineral fertilizers.

Features of cultivation and possible difficulties

The Kumir variety is quite unpretentious and does not require special care. Therefore, compliance with the usual rules of care is rewarded with a bountiful harvest.
However, like any tomatoes, the Idol is prone to certain diseases and pests.

Diseases and pests

The most common tomato disease is late blight. It appears in brown leaves, black stems, and black spots on tomatoes. You can remove it with fungicides. If prevention and treatment with drugs did not help get rid of late blight, then the diseased plant must be disposed of as soon as possible so as not to infect others with it.

Also, all gardeners who grow potatoes and tomatoes know such a pest as the Colorado potato beetle.... Usually it climbs into the soil for the winter, and in the spring it gets out and eats the plants. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly prepare the soil before planting, which helps loosening. You can also plant garlic or calendula next to tomatoes.

These plants have a pungent odor that repels beetles. If a Colorado pest nevertheless attacked the plant, then it is better to remove insects manually, since chemical treatment, although effective, is not environmentally friendly, and can also harm humans.

The nuances of growing in an open field and a greenhouse

When choosing which soil to plant seedlings in, one must bear in mind that the future care of the plants depends on this. In a greenhouse, for example, the temperature is higher than in an open field. It must be ventilated, carefully monitor soil moisture. Also, if you process tomatoes with chemical solutions, then in the greenhouse this should be done especially carefully so as not to breathe in harmful vapors.

Be careful with pinching tomatoes: in a hot room, too much pruning of leaves causes the plant to overheat and subsequently dry out. However, despite such nuances, for northern latitudes, a greenhouse is the only suitable option for growing tomatoes. This will keep them warm.

Important! Even in southern latitudes, tomatoes are not protected from precipitation and cold when grown outdoors. This can greatly facilitate the work of watering tomatoes, but, on the other hand, excess moisture provokes the appearance of pathogenic fungi.

Harvesting and application of the crop

Tomato Kumir ripens 100-110 days after the first shoots appear and bears fruit until late autumn. The fruits can be consumed in any form: preservation, making salads from fresh vegetables, making tomato juice, making sauces.

The idol is good because it is not damaged during transportation and long storage, and also does not lose its taste during heat treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Thus, the tomato idol has many advantages:

  • high productivity;
  • long fruiting period;
  • large fruits with good taste;
  • lack of special rules in care.

However, there are some disadvantages:

  • cannot grow without props due to heavy fruits and relatively weak stems;
  • large fruits do not allow them to be preserved whole.

Farmers reviews

Gardening forums on the Internet are full of different opinions of gardeners regarding this variety - we will give you some of them.

Margarita: “Incredible view! I decided to grow the Kumir tomato in my greenhouse as soon as I saw the characteristics and photos of the variety from a company that sells seedlings. Familiar gardeners praised this type of tomato very much - and for good reason. Vegetables grow quite large. The fruits are beautiful in appearance and have a nice round shape. I grow tomatoes for sale. I sell vegetables of this variety faster than other types, buyers like it. "

Olga: “In my opinion, this is a great tomato variety. As for his whims, during growth, you need to spray the bushes with phytosporin in time, as well as water and fertilize correctly. I don’t know how tomatoes ripen until late autumn, because they need heat and light to turn red. We usually have a lot of tomatoes in September, but they ripen very slowly ”.

Valeria: “For the first time I planted 3 sprouts of this variety, they grew up to two meters in height. Very large and tasty tomatoes. The sizes of the fruits are large, in order to ram them into a half-liter jar, you have to cut them into slices. I have not observed any diseases or invasions of insect pests on the culture. My family really liked this variety, I will plant even more bushes next year. "


It is difficult to find the perfect tomato variety that would satisfy all the requirements of the most discerning gardeners. However, the tomato Kumir confidently wins the hearts of summer residents throughout Russia. Unpretentious, tasty, high-yielding - with proper care and sufficient attention, this variety gives wonderful fruits.

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