Popular melon "Kolkhoznitsa": calorie content, benefits and harm to the body

Melon is defined as a pseudo-berry from the pumpkin family and the cucumber genus. The length of fruits in some southern varieties can reach 2 m, and the weight of individual specimens reaches 20 kg.

However, in our climate, such giants cannot be grown, and there are only two popular varieties. We will tell you about one of them - the Kolkhoz Woman melon, its distinctive features and useful properties - in this article.

Description of the variety Kolkhoznitsa

Melon Kolkhoz woman is a favorite variety of gardeners in almost all regions of our country (with the exception of the North and North-West). They began to grow it back in 1939.

A mid-season Kolkhoz woman gives a sweet harvest even in a short and not too warm summer... Its small fruits (weighing from 0.7 to 1.4 kg) ripen in 78-96 days. The shape is spherical, with an average diameter of 15-20 cm.

Popular kolkhoz melon: calorie content, benefits and harms to the body

The rind is of medium thickness, bright yellow in color, but can be orange with a green tint. The surface of the peel is usually smooth, sometimes covered with a coarse mesh.

Fruits grown in warm regions have a very sweet pulp... However, in cooler weather or shade, melons store less sugar.

Chemical composition, vitamins

The product contains vitamins A, E, C, PP, B vitamins, beta-carotene. Several slices of melon cover the daily requirement for potassium, silicon, and also supply the body with sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, manganese, calcium and zinc.

100 g of a juicy treat contain 0.59 g of proteins, 0.22 g of fat, 7.40 g of carbohydrates.

Calorie content

The collective farmer is one of the lowest-calorie and dietary varieties melon culture.

The calorie content of the Kolkhoz Woman melon varies from 31 to 35 calories per 100 g, depending on the sugar content.

Beneficial features

Melon fruits are not only tasty and aromatic, but also healthy.

Popular kolkhoz melon: calorie content, benefits and harms to the bodyThat's just several reasons why melon should definitely be included in your diet:

  • sweet fruit perfectly satisfies hunger and thirst;
  • regular consumption of melon improves digestion, cleanses the intestines and prevents constipation;
  • vitamin composition strengthens the immune system, helps restore hair and nails, improve memory;
  • normalizes the nervous system, helps to fight stress;
  • ideal for combating excess weight;
  • promotes recovery from liver and cardiovascular diseases.

It is best to enjoy melon between meals. - so it will bring maximum benefit.

Other melon varieties:

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Sweet and aromatic Uzbek melon "Gulabi"

The most popular and beloved by many melon "Torpedo"

How to grow a melon variety Kolkhoznitsa

In order to get a ripe harvest in August of the Collective farmer, sowing begins no later than first half of May. Melon seeds can be planted directly in the ground (in the southern regions) or for seedlings. With the seedling method, sowing begins in April.

Suitable temperature for emergence of sprouts and further growth of the culture: + 25⁰C… +30 ⁰C.

The watering regime depends on the age of the plant and weather conditions.... During the period of active growth, they are often watered so that the garden bed is always wet, and the grown plants - once a week.

It is recommended to feed melons and gourds every 14 days.... The first feeding is two weeks after germination.

Under a film cover (in a greenhouse), flowers have to be pollinated manually.

Popular kolkhoz melon: calorie content, benefits and harms to the body

When growing a collective farmer, it is most important:

  • plant in time so that the crop has time to ripen before a cold snap;
  • protect against diseases by preventive spraying;
  • form bushes in time, ration the harvest;
  • cover plants in cool weather.

How to choose a ripe and sweet Kolkhoz woman in a store or market

It is quite simple to choose a juicy and aromatic productif you know what to look for.

Important! It is not recommended to buy melons near highways and in tents near busy roads, such a product accumulates exhaust gases.

Popular kolkhoz melon: calorie content, benefits and harms to the bodyTo begin with, the selected copy is taken in hand and inspect for cracks, dark spots, and dents... Then check if the fruit has a flavor. If there is a sweet aroma (vanilla, pear, honey), then the melon is ripe, if the smell is grassy, ​​then no.

It also makes sense to pat the peel - y ripe specimen the sound will be dull.

To find out if the product is overripe, it is pressed on by hand. If the peel is slightly springy, and even small dents from the hand do not remain on it, then the vegetable is not overripe.

Rationally choose medium-sized fruits, since they, most likely, are not stuffed with chemicals (unlike the largest Kolkhoz women). For the same reason, you should not buy melons and gourds earlier than August.

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Melon Collective farmer for weight loss

The ripening period of melons and gourds - August and September - is the best time to become slimmer.

It is recommended to arrange 1 fasting day per week... To do this, eat 0.3-0.5 kg of melon pulp 3-4 times a day. If you have such days for several weeks in a row, then 6 kg of unnecessary weight will disappear in just a month.

Melon of this variety great for a short mono diet... Additionally, it helps to refrain from high-calorie and unhealthy desserts.

For the sake of maintaining health sticking to a mono diet is recommended for one or two days... It becomes dangerous for longer - the body is deficient in proteins and fats.

Popular kolkhoz melon: calorie content, benefits and harms to the body

Consume 1.5 kg of sweet pulp per day for 6 meals, also drink 1-2 liters of water and 0.5 liters of green tea (without sugar).

Important! In between eating a fragrant false berry, you can drink water or tea. In this case, it is worth remembering the diuretic effect and not eating the melon just before bedtime.

Melon diet relatively economical, does not harm health and allows you to reduce weight by 1 kg per day... In addition to the benefits of losing weight, it has a good effect on many vital functions of the body.

Harm and contraindications

Eating cantaloupe as a dessert after meals can be harmful to the body... This product is incompatible with other foods, especially milk, honey and alcohol.

You can eat melons and gourds only two hours after the main meal. If this rule is not followed, a person is threatened with nausea, diarrhea and flatulence.

Attention! You can not eat a lot of melon pulp for gastrointestinal diseases. In diabetes mellitus, it is considered safe to consume 100-200 g of melon per day. Doctors forbid the melon diet for breastfeeding women to prevent the baby from having a bowel disorder.


In the absence of contraindications, you can safely feast on the delicate fruits of the melon, starting in August. Melon Kolkhoz Woman will perfectly help people who dream of losing weight safely and easily.

If you consume the melon in small portions 2 hours after eating, the fruits will only benefit.

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