The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds for men with prostatitis

Stabilizing blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, strengthening the immune system, beneficial effects on digestion ... the list goes on and on, because we are talking about pumpkin seeds - a natural and safe medicine with a unique composition.

In folk medicine, this remedy is known more as an anthelmintic, but few people know that with the help of healing grains such a serious disease as prostatitis is treated. What effect the seeds have on the male body and how to properly treat them with their help, you will learn in this article.

Pumpkin seeds for prostatitis

The normalization of zinc levels in the prostate is a necessary stage of complex therapy. There are two options for adjusting the balance of a useful element in the body - pharmacological agents and foods high in zinc. The second method is safer and has no side effects. The first place in terms of the amount of zinc in the composition is occupied by pumpkin seeds.

The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds for men with prostatitis

The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds for men with prostatitis

It has been scientifically proven that with a lack of zinc in a man's body, testosterone is transformed into dihydrotestosterone, a biologically more active form of testosterone. This hormone influences the processes of formation and development of the reproductive system, its excess leads to the proliferation of prostate tissues and an increase in the organ as a whole. Zinc suppresses the activity of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, the main catalyst that provokes malfunctions in the male body.

The main benefits of pumpkin seeds- normalization of sexual desire, prevention of erectile dysfunction, prevention of prostate adenoma formation.

Prostatitis by its nature is a bacterial disease that manifests itself with weakened immunity. Pumpkin is an excellent immunomodulator: due to the high content of vitamins and microelements, it has a pronounced antioxidant effect.

For reference. More than 50% of the male population is deficient in zinc in the body, so men after 35-40 years of age should make up for the lack of a useful element. Daily eating pumpkin seeds- an excellent measure for the prevention of prostatitis.

The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds for men with prostatitis

Also, the grains contain:

  • manganese, which helps to stabilize metabolism;
  • magnesium, which strengthens the walls of capillaries and arteries;
  • phytosterols that remove harmful cholesterol.

Pumpkin seeds contain essential amino acids, Omega 3, 6, vitamins A, E, D.

Seed treatment:

  • eliminates congestion in the pelvic area;
  • normalizes blood microcirculation;
  • restores hormones;
  • improves spermatogenesis;
  • relieves painful sensations at the time of urination.

Pumpkin seeds can be harmful if there are contraindications to their use, in other cases the remedy is absolutely safe for the body.

It is contraindicated to take seeds for pancreatitis, stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids and rectal inflammation. You should also be careful with prostatic hyperplasia - there have been cases of organ enlargement during treatment.

Excessive consumption of seeds can provoke gastrointestinal upset, constipation.

How it works

Pumpkin seeds relieve inflammation of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles, eliminate congestion in the reproductive and urinary systems, and strengthen the muscle of the bladder. Provide anti-inflammatory, choleretic and anthelmintic effect.

How, when and how much to take

The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds for men with prostatitis

A safe norm for health is one handful of pumpkin seeds a day. You can divide the daily rate into three doses, consisting of equal parts.

For prostatitis, it is recommended not to use this remedy for more than 7-10 days. Then take a break for 14 days and repeat the course of treatment again.

For reference. The treatment with fried seeds is ineffective - they do not contain useful compounds in the right amount. If the raw taste is unpleasant, you can grind them in a coffee grinder or pass through a meat grinder. Then add to salads or take with meals.

Seeds purchased on the market are recommended to be disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then dried.

Folk recipes for remedies for prostatitis from pumpkin seeds

All recipes are easy to implement. The combination with other ingredients will increase the effectiveness of the therapy, and the numerous treatment variations will allow you to choose the optimal method for each patient.

Experiments on your own with recipes can lead to undesirable consequences, so the treatment regimen should be discussed with a therapist.

Important. Pumpkin seeds are not a substitute for conservative treatment of the prostate, and can be used as an adjunctive therapy and prophylactic agent. With an advanced course of the disease, folk recipes are ineffective.

Raw seeds

The easiest way. The daily norm of grains during treatment is 100-150 pieces, divide the amount into several doses. Take before meals. For prevention, 60-70 pieces are enough. seeds.

Pumpkin seed powder with honey and water

500 g of grains are dried and ground to a powder state. You can use a blender, coffee grinder, or mortar. Sifted and stored in the refrigerator. Take 2 tbsp. l. the day before meals. Wash down with water honey: for 1 glass of water 2 tsp. honey. The course of treatment is 30 days.

Oil squeezed out of seeds

The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds for men with prostatitis

It is almost impossible to obtain quality oil at home - this is a laborious and economically inexpedient process. It's easier to buy a finished product at a pharmacy. There are several options for application: doing microclysters, taking capsules, injecting tampons, or drinking pure oil.

Consume oil for 2 tsp. twice a day, before meals. The duration of treatment is two weeks. This is followed by a break for 6 months.

Pumpkin seed emulsion

To make a pumpkin emulsion, you need the following ingredients:

  • daily rate of grains;
  • honey in equal proportions.

The seeds are crushed and sieved. Boiled water is added until a mushy state is obtained. Mixed with honey. Store in the refrigerator. Take 1 tbsp. l. in the morning and in the evening.

It is recommended to prepare a fresh healing emulsion daily to achieve the best therapeutic effect. The duration of therapy is 30 days.

Microclysters with pumpkin seed oil

For microclysters, make a solution of 1 tbsp. l. pumpkin seed oil and 250 ml of boiled water at a temperature of 37-39 ° C. The finished product is injected into the pre-cleaned rectum.

Honey balls

500 g of pumpkin seeds and 200 g of honey are crushed until smooth. Place the mixture in a refrigerator for 2-3 hours to thicken. Then small balls are formed. Take 1 ball in the morning and evening before meals for a month, slowly dissolving. Take a break for 6 months, after the treatment is repeated.

Pumpkin seed oil swabs in the rectum

The tampon is well moistened in oil and inserted into the rectum. Leave for 30 minutes. If treatment is carried out before bedtime, leave the tampon overnight. The duration and frequency of treatment is discussed with the therapist. The method is combined with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

For reference. Buy unrefined cold-pressed oil. Quality oil is sold in glass containers, at the bottom of which you can see sediment.

Treatment effectiveness and prevention

Despite the fact that the beneficial properties of pumpkin seeds have been noted by official medicine, the use of seeds alone in the treatment of prostatitis will not be enough. We need a full pharmacological complex, physiotherapy.

Traditional methods of therapy involve a long treatment period, which is not always beneficial for the patient. Doctors prefer to prescribe oral suppositories and capsules from pharmaceutical companies. An effective representative is the complex preparation "Tykveol". Available in different dosage forms: oil, capsules, suppositories.

The use of pumpkin seeds for diseases of the prostate gland is effective in combating symptoms: signs of inflammation are removed, and well-being improves. Already after 7-10 days of use, the sexual and reproductive function is normalized.

Periodic treatment according to these recipes reduces the risk of diseases of the genitourinary system, which makes pumpkin seeds an excellent preventive measure.

What can be combined with

The seeds can be used as an adjuvant and combined with classical drugs for the treatment of prostate inflammation.

If we consider the components of alternative medicine, pumpkin seeds are perfectly combined with honey, while improving not only the medicinal, but also the taste of the medicine. There are recipes using garlic, vegetable oil.


The benefits and harms of pumpkin seeds for men with prostatitis

According to the reviews of those who have tried on their own experience the treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds, the remedy is quite effective and safe. However, it is impractical to use it as the main therapy - it is better to use it as a prophylaxis or an auxiliary agent.

Mikhail, 42 years old: “I have been working as a truck driver for several years, as you know, there is no physical activity, I sit continuously for 8-10 hours at the wheel. I noticed the first bells six months ago, pains in the groin and lower back, difficulties with urination began. Since I work abroad, there was no opportunity to see a doctor. I decided to look for help on the Internet. It all came down to prostatitis. I read about the benefits of pumpkin seeds. I took 100 pieces every day, probably for almost a month. Just finished before going home. There he already began to be treated with drugs. The doctor said that the disease was not started, I think the seeds helped. I also noticed that on the 10th day after taking the seeds, my back stopped hurting, cramps disappeared during urination. "

Sergey, 35 years old: “After hearing from my older colleagues, I decided to drink pumpkin seed oil to prevent prostatitis. I drink 2 times a year in small courses. There were no side effects, but before that I consulted with an andrologist. Assessing some life factors, I understand that I am at risk. But while pah-pah, God had mercy. "

Gregory, 51 years old: “These seeds are complete nonsense, I listened to my wife on my head. It was necessary to immediately go to the hospital, and not self-medicate. The disease has passed into a chronic stage. During the period of remission, it was still all right, you can live, but with an exacerbation, at least climb the wall. Therefore, do not engage in nonsense, but go straight to the doctor. "

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The effectiveness of pumpkin seeds for inflammation of the prostate has been proven in practice. With their help, the healing process is accelerated, the general well-being of the patient improves. But it is worth considering this method of treatment as an additional measure to complex therapy or use it as a means of preventing the disease.

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