How to use pumpkin seeds for worms: the effectiveness of treatment and the best folk recipes

Anyone can face such a delicate problem as worms. According to the WHO, more than 4.5 billion people worldwide are infected with parasitic diseases. Intestinal parasites pose a serious threat to children's health. Parents are forced to use anthelmintic drugs, which are quite toxic to the body.

Few people know that a milder, harmless, but effective analogue of pills for worms is pumpkin seeds. A variety of recipes allows you to choose the most optimal method of treatment.

Is it possible to get rid of worms with pumpkin seeds

Destruction of worms in the most gentle way for the body is the main value of the therapeutic effect of seeds... The specific shell of pumpkin seeds contains cucurbitin, an active substance that has a detrimental effect on helminthic invasions.

How to use pumpkin seeds for worms: the effectiveness of treatment and the best folk recipes

When it enters the body, paralysis of worms occurs... Parasites do not die instantly, they are deprived of the ability to move and reproduce, feed and stay in the organ. By the end of the therapeutic course, helminths die and are excreted from the body in a physiological way.

In addition to a pronounced anthelmintic effect, pumpkin seeds help cleanse and restore the body:

  • waste products of worms, slags and toxins are removed due to the amino acids and fiber contained in the seeds;
  • restoration of immune defenses and relief of clinical manifestations of the disease is due to the content of potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

Important! Preventive measures are required when living in a house of pets.

What other parasites help pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds can get rid of most parasites, but still this product is not omnipotent.

The antiparasitic effect is achieved against the following representatives:

  1. Roundworms: pinworms, trichinella, ascaris, whipworms.
  2. Tapeworms: pork and bovine tapeworm, wide tapeworm.
  3. Sosalschikov: lamblia, Siberian fluke, hepatic trematode.

When diagnosing other types of worms, the use of pumpkin seeds does not give a positive result.

Other useful properties of pumpkin:

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How to use pumpkin seeds for worms: the effectiveness of treatment and the best folk recipes


The use of a natural medicine for helminthic invasions is justified both as a treatment and as a preventive measure.... Due to its availability, usefulness and absolute safety, it is suitable for treatment for every person, including pregnant women, lactating and young children, when the use of medicinal antiparasitic agents is extremely undesirable.

For reference. Pumpkin seeds can be assigned to a category of patients who are strictly prohibited from toxic anthelmintic drugs.

The treatment regimen is individual, depending on the type of worms and the recipe for the medicinal mixture. But there are general rules for the use of pumpkin seeds:

  • the daily dose for adults is at least 300 g, for children - from 70 g, depending on age;
  • take orally on an empty stomach.

An important point is the presence of a shell on the seeds, which contains the main antiparasitic component... How to take, dosage, and suggested course of treatment are best discussed with your doctor.

Combining pumpkin seeds with other products will enhance the effectiveness of treatment with anthelmintic action (garlic, onion, horseradish, etc.).

Complex application contributes to getting rid of parasites in a faster time pumpkin seeds in the form of decoctions, tinctures, tea and enemas.

Pumpkin seed worms recipes

The recipes below will help get rid of worms in a fairly quick time, restore the body's defenses. The variability of the preparation of the medicine will allow you to choose the most optimal recipe that will please even children.


To prepare a cocktail, you need 250 ml of milk and 250 g of seeds... Beat the ingredients in a blender. Take on an empty stomach instead of breakfast. After an hour, drink a glass of boiled water, after 3 hours, drink a laxative or make an enema.

With honey

To prepare a medicinal mixture, you must mix 1 tbsp. l. honey and 300 g of ground seeds... If the mixture turns out to be too thick, dilution with a small amount of boiled water is allowed. Take on an empty stomach, after 3 hours - an enema or laxative.

Important! For children under 12 years of age, the dose of pumpkin seeds is reduced to 70 g, for adolescents - up to 150 g. If the child is prone to allergic reactions, it is necessary to use this recipe with caution or refuse in favor of a hypoallergenic composition.

With honey and soda

Fry pumpkin seeds (200 g) in a dry frying pan, then mince... Add an equal amount of honey and 1 tsp. baking soda. Mix thoroughly and leave for 10 days in a place protected from sunlight. Take at least seven days for 1 tsp. on empty stomach.

How to use pumpkin seeds for worms: the effectiveness of treatment and the best folk recipes

Pumpkin seed milk

Optimal treatment for young children... Prepare pumpkin milk the day before the meal. Grind 150 g of seeds in a blender until smooth. Pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and cook in a water bath over low heat for 2.5 hours. Leave the mass overnight.

Strain through cheesecloth in the morning and let stand for 30 minutes... Carefully remove any oil that appears on the surface. The remaining liquid can be used for treatment.

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With castor oil

An effective laxative recipe... During the day, you must eat at least a hundred seeds, chewing them thoroughly. In the evening, drink 1 tbsp. castor oil, which enhances bowel motility and promotes bowel movement. The duration of treatment is 3 days, after 14 days the course is repeated.

Important! Before treating a child, a doctor's consultation is required.

With garlic

Heat 200 g seeds in a dry frying pan... After cooling, chop with a blender with a small head of peeled garlic. Since the medicine is taken on an empty stomach, it should be prepared in the evening and insisted throughout the night. In the morning take 1 tbsp. mixture, refrain from eating and drinking for three hours.

How to use pumpkin seeds for worms: the effectiveness of treatment and the best folk recipes

With dill

To prepare the broth, dill and pumpkin seeds are mixed in equal proportions... For a single use, 0.5 tbsp is enough. Pour the mixture into 1 liter of water brought to a boil. Insist 60 minutes, drain. Take 3 times a day instead of tea. The duration of the course is at least seven days.

With cocoa

Crush 50 g of cocoa and 100 g of seeds to a powdery state, bring to the consistency of a thick porridge with boiled water... From the resulting mixture, mold 20 small balls. Take every 15 minutes throughout the day.

Refrain from eating a day before treatment... It is allowed to drink water or tea without sugar. Then put an enema. After a month, repeat the treatment. As a preventive measure, do not use the prescription more than once every six months.

Pumpkin seed decoction

Pour the peeled seeds (500 g) with one liter of cold water... Cook the broth in a water bath for two hours, without boiling. After cooling, squeeze the seeds, strain and drink within one hour. After two hours, take a saline laxative.

With a decoction of oak and buckthorn bark

Eat 300 g of pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach and wash down with infusion of buckthorn and oak bark... To prepare the infusion, mix the ingredients in equal amounts, 1 tsp. pour 125 ml of boiling water over the finished mixture, leave for at least 60 minutes. 2 hours after taking the medicine, drink a saline laxative and after another 30 minutes put an enema.

With a decoction of garlic and milk

To prepare milk-garlic broth, you need chop half a head of garlic and pour 250 ml of milk into it, boil the mixture and cool. Eat 100 pcs on an empty stomach. pumpkin seeds, after 60 minutes drink the broth.

How to use pumpkin seeds for worms: the effectiveness of treatment and the best folk recipes


The irregular use of pumpkin seeds and non-compliance with the dosage can cause significant harm to the body... Before starting therapeutic measures, it is necessary to discuss the actions with the attending physician.

Pumpkin seeds from worms are contraindicated for people with diseases:

  • digestive tract;
  • kidney (including urolithiasis).

This type of treatment is not recommended for helminthic invasions in case of individual intolerance pumpkin seeds, in order to avoid the development of an acute allergic reaction.

The content of zinc, phosphorus and B vitamins in case of an overdose of pumpkin seeds can provoke:

  • nausea;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • pain when urinating.

It is allowed to take grains in combination with anthelmintic drugs... Seeds not only have a positive effect on the body, but also enhance the effect of medications.


Consider some online reviews of people who have experienced pumpkin seed treatment.

Marina: “I noticed that the child began to grind his teeth at night. We immediately thought that the worms, since he is a lover of animals, and on the street does not pass by cats. She began to treat the child with pumpkin seeds. At first she gave milk from seeds, but did not see any result. I decided to feed my son with seeds. That was my fault. Either she overdosed the dosage, or did something wrong - he felt sick and diarrhea began. The next day we went to the hospital, got tested and checked by doctors. It turned out that the child has an individual intolerance to pumpkin seeds, and I independently made a diagnosis and began to treat in an inappropriate way. Be careful, do not self-medicate, consult a doctor ".

How to use pumpkin seeds for worms: the effectiveness of treatment and the best folk recipes

Alevtina: “Recently, pinworms were found in the whole family. There was a question of treatment. My husband is a supporter of traditional methods of treatment. He categorically refused to be treated with anthelmintic drugs. I read the recipes for treatment with pumpkin seeds: I drank decoctions, chewed seeds, washed it down with castor oil. My daughter and I did not support him and were treated in a more traditional way. And what was our surprise when, after a week's course of worms, they were not found in my husband. It turns out that there is no point in poisoning the body with toxic drugs. Moreover, the husband said that some of the recipes are very tasty ".

Irina: “I use pumpkin seeds as a preventive measure against parasites. I drink it myself, give it to the child. He really likes pumpkin milk, however, for the taste I add a little honey. He's also in love with the seeded milkshake. Tasty, healthy, safe ".


Parasitic infestations are diagnosed very often not only in children, but also in adults. It is not at all necessary to resort to medicinal anthelmintics: traditional medicine is rich in time-tested methods of treatment. The above recipes can give not only a guaranteed result, but also provide the body with useful vitamins and minerals, and strengthen the immune system.

Pumpkin seeds are a gentle and safe way to get rid of worms, but any harmless medicine, if mishandled, can lead to undesirable consequences. Therefore, do not forget to discuss your actions with your doctor in advance.

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