List of the largest producers and exporters of wheat

The share of agriculture in world GDP reaches 3%, so it can be safely called an important economic support. Cereals are massively grown all over the world, and wheat is considered the leader in production, because it is exactly what is needed to make bread and bakery products, alcohol, etc. There are also side effects from the active development of the agricultural industry.

In the article, we will talk about the production and export of wheat in the world by country.

What is the global grain market

The global grain market is considered the key in the food industry... According to the latest data, the volume of production of all cereals in 2019 amounted to 2.7 million tons. The main grains traded in many countries on the market are wheat, corn, oats, barley and rice.

List of the largest producers and exporters of wheat

Wheat production and harvest in the world

The growth of the world's population contributes to an increase in grain consumption It is also used as animal feed. World wheat production is 40% and trade is 50%.

Wheat culture develops well in the temperate zone, but this does not prevent countries with hot climates from cultivating it in the winter.

Areas suitable for growing wheat, called the wheat belt... It includes:

  • Northern Hemisphere: Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, China, USA and Canada;
  • Southern Hemisphere: Argentina and Australia.

Historical leaders of cultural production include China, India, Russia and the United States.

In recent years, the world's wheat planted areas have been declining... This especially affected the United States and Western Europe. Productivity is growing, this is due to the emergence of new players on the market, as well as the use of the achievements of scientific progress.

World forecasts promise in 2019-2020. increase in wheat yield, which, together with steadily growing demand, will give exporters an increase in profits.

World export

Wheat exports amounted to $ 41.1 billion in 2018... At the same time, the value of exports is falling - in 2013 the amount was $ 49.2 billion.

EU countries have the highest share in world exports - almost 35%... The minimum sales are assigned to African countries - about 1%, which is associated with an increase in population and growth in consumption.

Leading exporters in the world - Russia, USA and Canada... Their share is almost 50% of the world level. In the 2000s. Asian countries were the leaders in wheat production, but their role is declining.

List of the largest producers and exporters of wheat
Largest exporters of wheat. Sales volume and share in world exports in 2018.

Forecasts of world ministries indicate that in 2020 Russia will become the leader in wheat export due to the growing harvest. It is estimated that Russia exports about 37 million tons, European countries - 27 million tons, and the United States will occupy the third line of the rating - 23.5 million tons.

Important!Global production of grain and wheat in particular will increase and may amount to 777 million tons.

Agriculture poses a danger to the global climate, as it leads to deforestation, pollution and soil depletion. Scientists are conducting research on possible innovative methods of farming, developing so-called "clean methods" that will help fight climate change.

World imports

The main wheat imports are from Africa and Asia, which annually increase the number of inhabitants, which increases the consumption of grain.Its role is growing for the countries of the Middle East and Latin America.

Important!Egypt is the largest buyer of wheat on the world market due to an average growth of 2 million people per year.

Imports to Africa have increased by almost 50% since the early 2000swhile the traditional rice growing countries in Asia are showing an increase of more than 70%. This is associated with the need for bread in populous regions, which cannot independently provide for production.

USDA estimates global production to record record trade in 2020 against the backdrop of the growing needs of Africa and Asia.

Problems of the 2018-2019 season contribute to maintaining the price level with unfavorable weather conditions, as well as stable high demand from importing countries. We can say that the situation on the wheat market is optimistic.

Leading countries in the collection and export of wheat

Wheat production increases annually, and market leaders tend to change.

So, for 2019, China, India and Russia are recognized as the leading countries in production - they represent about 42% of the world's wheat production.

List of the largest producers and exporters of wheat

Top 10 wheat producing countries presented in the table:

Country Wheat production 2019, million tons
1 China 133 590
2 India 102 190
3 Russia 73 500
4 USA 52 258
5 Canada 32 350
6 Ukraine 29 000
7 Pakistan 25 600
8 Australia 19 000
9 Argentina 19 000
10 Iran 16 800

Wheat exports continue to grow every year and, at the end of 2019, amounted to 160 million tons.

Important! Since 2010, the global level of wheat trade has grown by 30%.

Russia became the leader in wheat grain sales in 2019... Export volumes amounted to almost 36 million tons for a total of $ 8.4 billion.

Top 10 wheat exporting countries:

Country Export, million $ Export, million tons
1 Russia 8400 35.8
2 Canada 5700 22.06
3 USA 5500 27.29
4 France 4100 15.22
5 Australia 3100 21.98
6 Ukraine 3000 17.31
7 Argentina 2400 13.09
8 Romania 1230 5.75
9 Germany 1160 7.89
10 Kazakhstan 965.4 4.25

Largest wheat exporter in North America

The United States has historically been a leader in grain production and export... A third of the total sowing area is used specifically for the production of grain, which is exported from the country.

Over the year, the United States exported more than 27 million tons of wheat and took 2nd place in terms of volumes sold, but became the leader in the production of corn - 347 million tons of grain.

The wheat belt in the United States coincides with the Great Plains, which gives 20-25 million tons per year... For the cultivation of spring wheat, sown areas are used in the states of Montana, North and South Dakota; winter wheat is grown in Texas, Nebraska and Kansas.

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Wheat importing countries

Total imports are growing... In 2018-2019 reached record values ​​and are estimated at 187 million tons.

Top 5 importing countries are presented in the table:

Importing country Purchase volumes in 2019, million tons
1 Egypt 12,0
2 Indonesia 10,4
3 Algeria 7,9
4 Brazil 7,2
5 Bangladesh 5,9


Exports are growing every year, as are production volumes. Russia, Canada and the USA are recognized as leaders in wheat sales. China is reducing the volume of grain for export due to its own needs.

Imports are still high in the eastern countries. The leaders here are Egypt, Indonesia and Algeria. In addition, for example, Turkey buys wheat from abroad in order to produce food and resell in the future.

One cannot fail to note the growth of sales volumes in the countries of the former USSR - Ukraine and Kazakhstan. They increase the amount of extracted raw materials annually. Thus, wheat can be safely called the engine of the food trade.

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