How to properly prepare and apply rice water for diarrhea for children and adults

Diarrhea is a symptom of a wide range of diseases, but most often intestinal infections, taking certain medications, food poisoning, neuroses and depression contribute to its development. Regardless of the causes of the upset stool, all patients are prescribed a special diet, astringent and absorbent agents.

An effective remedy for diarrhea is rice water. Rice inhibits the motility and tone of the smooth muscles of the intestine, reduces the number of urges to empty the intestines, reduces the manifestations of flatulence, normalizes stool, removes toxins and toxins.

In the article, we will consider: the usefulness of rice for diarrhea, how to properly prepare and take rice water for diarrhea for adults and children, in which cases it will be effective, and when it can harm the body.

Does rice water help with diarrhea

How to properly prepare and apply rice water for diarrhea for children and adultsRice water is used to treat acute diarrhea, in which loose and loose stools appear no more than three times a day and last no more than three weeks. You also need to pay attention to the causes of diarrhea.

Rice broth will help in cases where loose stools are provoked by overeating or food poisoning, fermentation of food in the intestines, nervous agitation, improper use of laxatives or other drugs.

In cases where the cause of diarrhea is viruses, bacteria, ischemic and inflammatory bowel pathologies, diseases of the pelvic organs, rice is used as a symptomatic remedy. For a favorable outcome, the patient needs a comprehensive examination, the appointment of adequate methods of conservative therapy, and sometimes surgical treatment.

Operating principle

Consider the structure of a grain of rice. It is based on fibers, between which there are other substances. Soaked rice leaves a starchy residue on the bottom of the container. During cooking, starch, vitamins and other substances are separated, as a result, the biological value of the grain is partially lost, only fibers (fiber) remain in it.

Rice starch, which remains in the broth, provides antidiarrheal efficacy. Starch protects the intestinal walls from the influence of irritating substances, including gastric juice, and hinders their absorption. Also, the broth has a depressing effect on intestinal peristalsis, keeps the urge to defecate, the contents pass through the digestive tract longer, reduces the manifestations of flatulence, bloating.

Rice for diarrhea acts as a sorbent: getting into the body, attracts and retains various toxic substances, removes toxins and toxins. Unlike other sorbents, it has a delicate and mild effect without causing any side reactions.

reference... Rice broth is considered nutritious, it contains a lot of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, which pass from rice grains into water. Therefore, when diarrhea is accompanied by a lack of appetite, the patient's unwillingness to eat food so as not to provoke another act of defecation, taking rice water can partially replenish the body's needs for energy and nutrients.

How to cook rice water correctly

At home, you can make classic rice water.In the case when diarrhea does not go away for more than two days or the body refuses to eat, a cream decoction of rice is prepared. It is more saturated, relieves irritation of the mucous membrane, saturates the body, improves overall health.

Which rice is right

There are 18 types of rice, differing in color, grain length, processing method. For the preparation of rice water, it is better to choose white (polished). The shape and size of the grain of rice does not matter.

The most important point is the way the rice is processed during production. Ordinary white (polished) rice contains a large amount of starch, it is this that causes the astringent and antidiarrheal effect. Steamed varieties are less effective as the percentage of gluten decreases during steaming.

Instructions for making broth

Recipe for making classic rice water:How to properly prepare and apply rice water for diarrhea for children and adults

  1. 1 tbsp. l. Rinse rice under cold running water.
  2. Boil 500 ml of water, add rice.
  3. Cook over low heat for 35-45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Strain warm rice twice through cheesecloth folded in several layers.

To prepare rice cream broth, you need to fry 5 tbsp in a frying pan without oil over low heat. l. clean cereals. The finished rice should be golden brown. Next, use kitchen tools to grind the rice. Add ground cereals to a saucepan filled with three glasses of water. Cook over low heat after boiling for 20-25 minutes. Take the cream broth chilled.

How and how much to store

Rice broth is stored in a glass sealed container under a lid. The shelf life is 96 hours (four days) from the moment of preparation in the refrigerator and 48 hours at room temperature.

How to apply

The dosage and duration of treatment with rice water depends on a number of factors: the patient's age, the causes and characteristics of the course of diarrhea, the body's response to the measures taken, and are determined in the case of a particular patient.

Important... Due to the loss of large amounts of water and salts, the patient may become dehydrated. Doctors recommend drinking more water. The average daily norm for children in the first year of life is 500 ml, from one to three years old - 500-700 ml, from 3 to 12 years old - 1 liter or more, adolescents and adults - 2-3 liters of liquid.

In case of poisoning

Rice broth in case of poisoning acts as a sorbent, reduces intestinal motility, relieves pain, heaviness in the abdomen, flatulence. To achieve the desired effect, an adult needs to drink 300-500 ml of broth throughout the day, 50-70 ml at a time.

For children, the dosage is halved. To reduce the load on the digestive tract, on this day you should refuse to take other foods, including boiled rice.How to properly prepare and apply rice water for diarrhea for children and adults

For diarrhea not associated with poisoning

A single dosage for adults and children over 12 years old is 40-50 ml... It is advised to take the broth every 3-4 hours, but no more than 4 times a day.

Rice absorbs harmful substances accumulated in the intestines, normalizes the consistency of feces, gently and painlessly cleanses the body, restores intestinal motility.

As a rule, improvements are noticeable after the first dose. To completely get rid of the symptoms of diarrhea, on average, 1-2 days of treatment are sufficient.

Important... If you continue to drink the broth after the stool has returned to normal, there is a chance of constipation.

Use for severe and prolonged diarrhea

With severe diarrhea for more than two days, it is recommended to cook and consume rice broth according to the following scheme: 1 tbsp. l. every hour for 12 hours. For children, the daily rate is 12 tsp.

The dosage can be adjusted depending on the age of the patient, the frequency of bowel movements, the reaction of the body.

The nuances of preparation and use

The effectiveness of rice water treatment for diarrhea depends on adherence to the recipe and dosage, the causes of the diarrhea, and concomitant treatment.

For children (including infants and adolescents)

The proportions and recipe for making rice water for infants and young children are slightly different.

Rice is recommended to pre-wash and soak for 6-12 hours in cold water, you can leave it overnight. The broth is prepared less saturated: 500 ml of water will need 1 tsp. rice groats. Pour pre-soaked rice into boiling water, cook over low heat for 45-60 minutes, stirring occasionally. Strain the broth through several layers of gauze.

For the treatment of diarrhea, the child is given 30-50 ml of a decoction at intervals of 3-4 times a day. At the same time, it is important to monitor the baby's well-being: if improvements are noticeable after the first intake, the stool has become thicker, the frequency of emptying has decreased and is not accompanied by pain, the need to take the broth further disappears. It is better to offer your child strong sweet tea with homemade rye croutons, a small portion of boiled rice.

Important... All actions should be discussed with the attending physician. Many foodborne diseases are difficult and require hospitalization of the patient.

For adults

How to properly prepare and apply rice water for diarrhea for children and adults

For the preparation of rice water, purified or distilled water is used. Rice is chosen white (unpolished).

It is important to properly prepare the grains: rinse 5-7 times under running water at room temperature. During cooking, make sure that the rice does not burn, add water if necessary. The medicine should turn out to be a viscous consistency and a bland taste. Do not salt or sweeten.

If the use of rice water is accompanied by a deterioration in general well-being, rash, redness and itching of the skin, absence of stool for 48 hours or insufficient bowel movement, treatment should be discontinued. Seek medical attention if unpleasant symptoms persist.

What is the best rice to eat for diarrhea

With manifestations of diarrhea, boiled white rice copes well without adding salt, oil, spices. It has an astringent effect, due to which the work of the digestive tract is normalized, and intestinal motility is reduced. By removing fluid from feces, their normal consistency and frequency of bowel movements are restored.

For a positive result, you need to eat rice in small portions every 3-4 hours. The effect depends on how well the cereal is cooked.

How to cook properly

First of all, you need to prepare the rice: rinse 1 cup of cereal 5-7 times, leave in a colander to glass the water. Boil 5 cups of water in a saucepan, add rice and stir. After the contents of the pot have boiled, reduce heat, cook for 30-45 minutes, until all the water has evaporated. Drink warm without sugar, salt, butter.


Absolute contraindications include individual intolerance to one or more components. Rice cream broth and classic rice are not prescribed for toxic poisoning, intestinal infection, when bowel emptying becomes an important condition for detoxification.

The medicine is taken with caution in the presence of adhesions in the intestine, malignant and benign neoplasms.

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Diarrhea cannot be ignored, it is necessary to urgently seek medical help, especially if the child has diarrhea. Rice broth is used as a first aid: it restores normal stool consistency, reduces the tendency to frequent bowel movements, and increases the rate of evacuation of food from the intestines.

But rice does not always solve the problem with diarrhea. Such patients need to prescribe drugs that act directly on the cause of the disease. For favorable treatment and prevention of adverse reactions, the scheme for taking rice broth is discussed with the attending physician.

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