The benefits and harms of a coffee drink made from barley and rye, instructions for its preparation

Humanity has been cultivating barley for about 10 thousand years. This is one of the oldest cultivated cereals. He is mentioned in the Bible and Homer's Odyssey. A whole book can be written about the beneficial properties of the plant. We are used to thinking of cereals as porridge, pearl barley or barley. However, not only cereals are made from barley grains, but a drink that tastes like coffee. The cereal infusion differs from the latter in that it practically has no contraindications.

The benefits of such a drink are multifaceted and great. Normalization of weight, regulation of blood glucose levels, strengthening of immunity, strengthening of the heart and blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract - this is an incomplete list of valuable properties of the product.

What is this drink

Infusion of barley and rye is a coffee substitute... Let's find out what it is called in different countries. The word "mugitya", or barley tea, came from Japan, where infusion from unrefined, roasted grains of barley or wheat has long been known. In China, the drink is called "damaycha", in Korea - "porichha". The taste of the product resembles Soviet coffee substitutes (ersatz coffee): for example, the Summer drink. In Russia, barley coffee also has its fans.

The benefits and harms of a coffee drink made from barley and rye, instructions for its preparation

What is it made of

A coffee substitute is made from roasted and finely ground barley grains... To set off the taste of the drink, rye is added to it. It gives depth to the infusion, helps to reveal the beneficial properties of the main cereal.

There are different brands of the product on the market, most often in soluble or ground form. For a change, ground rose hips, chicory or even acorns are added to the barley.

Taste and smell

Connoisseurs of natural coffee claim that the barley drink does not resemble it in any way. The taste is really different, but it has its advantages. Compared to the original composition barley infusion has a softer taste, without bitterness... Light bread aroma gives the drink originality, does not spoil it at all.

Various additives used by manufacturers (acorns, rose hips, finely ground rye) bring a unique flavor. The maximum likeness to coffee is achieved by mixing barley and chicory.

By the way! Lovers of cappuccino will love the barley milk coffee.

Composition and properties

The barley drink has a rich composition.

Trace elements:

  • The benefits and harms of a coffee drink made from barley and rye, instructions for its preparationiron;
  • fluorine;
  • manganese;
  • copper.


  • sodium;
  • sulfur;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • chlorine.

Calorie content of 100 g of drink (10 g of barley extract per 200 ml of water) is 14–20 kcal. BZHU content:

  • proteins - 1 g;
  • fats - 0 g;
  • carbohydrates - 3 g.

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Benefit and harm

Let's figure out what benefits and harms a coffee drink made from barley and rye brings.

Cereal infusion is used for:

  • diabetes mellitus - barley coffee keeps glucose levels from surges, fiber slows down the rate of glucose absorption;
  • diseases of the digestive tract - the infusion restores the epithelial tissue lining the organs, which increases the number of beneficial bacteria and improves the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • problems with blood vessels and heart - a cereal drink saturates the body with magnesium and potassium, which reduce high blood pressure and strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • excess weight - the remedy stabilizes body weight, as it relieves the pancreas (the glucose entering it decomposes completely and does not go into building fat deposits).

It is interesting! The rye-wheat drink tones up and restores strength. Therefore, it is recommended for use after surgical interventions, lingering diseases.

Cereal coffee can be harmful when improper preparation or abuse. The average daily rate is no more than 4-5 cups of the drink. With a larger amount, the effect of weight loss is reversed.

Cooking cereal coffee yourself

There are many instant and ground varieties of barley drink on store shelves... The first is enough to pour hot water, add sugar, milk, cream if desired. The second ones are boiled and insisted.

What and how to cook

The benefits and harms of a coffee drink made from barley and rye, instructions for its preparationFor cooking, take 3 tbsp. l. barley and rye... The largest grains are chosen, without traces of spoilage or mold. Rinse them thoroughly until the water turns light.

Second step - fermentation of grain. This procedure eliminates phytic acid in cereals, which leads to mineral deficiency. For this, the grains are poured completely with water, left for a day. After the liquid is drained, fresh is added and boiled until the cereal shell bursts.

Next stage - washing of raw materials and frying it in a dry frying pan. It is important here not to allow the beans to burn, otherwise the coffee will be bitter and will not please with its delicate taste. Roasted beans are ground in a coffee grinder or blender.

When making a drink at home, they independently choose the degree of roasting and add additional ingredients.

Cooking recommendations

After the brewing mixture is ready, take 150 ml of water and 1 tbsp. l. with a heap of the received raw materials... The composition is brought to a boil and boiled over moderate heat for 2 minutes, then the same amount is insisted. Instead of 1/3 of the water, you can add milk, then the taste will be similar to cappuccino. 1 tsp chicory in the composition will make the taste and color of the product more intense, add a piquant note.

By the way! Sugar is added to give the coffee a sweet taste, but this sweetening reduces the beneficial qualities of the coffee. Therefore, sugar is replaced with honey, stevia or natural syrups.

Ready drink

Buying ground or powdered rye-barley coffee, you get rid of the hassle of preparing it. The ground cereal product is brewed as in the above recipe... Soluble is poured with hot water or milk.

Review of popular brands

The benefits and harms of a coffee drink made from barley and rye, instructions for its preparationIn-demand brands of instant barley drink:

  • "Health": producer - "Vokrug Sveta", rich, delicate flavor palette, similar to traditional coffee;
  • "Barley ear": manufacturer - "Stoletov", this drink is distinguished by a light bread flavor, smell and delicate foam that rises after brewing;
  • "Old mill": manufacturer - "Russian product", the taste of cereals is practically not felt, there are soft coffee notes.

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The drink has no special contraindications, except for individual intolerance to cereals.... No side effects have been identified from its use.

Due to the presence of protein in the composition of such coffee, it is undesirable to drink in case of kidney diseases. Excessive consumption contributes to weight gain.

Is it possible during pregnancy

There are no objective contraindications to drinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding.... However, it is important to consult a doctor before introducing cereal coffee into your diet.

With the permission of the pediatrician, a nursing mother can gradually introduce the product into the diet, carefully monitoring the child's condition and the absence of an allergic reaction.

Important! The main rule that pregnant and lactating mothers should adhere to is moderation. Do not overuse the coffee drink if you like it. Limit yourself to 2-3 cups. For the benefit of the body, this is the optimal dose.

The benefits and harms of a coffee drink made from barley and rye, instructions for its preparation


Those who tried the drink liked it. Special note the beneficial properties of the infusion:

Natalia, 26 years old: “I love coffee very much, but during pregnancy I had to give it up: the doctor forbade it. A friend advised me to switch to cereal coffee. I tried it. At first the taste was a bit unusual, then I liked it. I drank in the morning and in the evening all pregnancy and after the birth of the baby. I did not find any allergies or other negative influences on the child ".

Rose, 30 years old: “The oat and barley coffee drink is a godsend for me. Thanks to its regular use, the work of the gastrointestinal tract improved, constipation went away. Even the figure has become slimmer. I drink 3-4 cups a day with milk ".

Sergey, 47 years old: “I don't drink coffee anymore because of the high pressure, although I like it. In search of an alternative, I came across a barley-rye drink. I liked it very much. To maximize the similarity, I add instant coffee to the mug, literally at the tip of the knife. Delicious and harmless to health ".


Barley-rye drink is an alternative to natural coffee, similar in taste and harmless to health. With moderate use, the infusion brings only benefits to the body. It normalizes sugar, the work of the digestive tract, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, improves immunity, and promotes weight loss. The drink is added to dietary and children's rations.

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