Why boiled carrots are healthier than raw

Healthy eating advocates promote the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, citing the fact that vegetables lose their beneficial properties after heat treatment. But it is not always the case. An exception is boiled carrots. Why after cooking it becomes more useful than before - we will tell further.

Composition and useful properties of carrots

Fresh vegetables contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals valuable for the body... During heat treatment, many useful substances are lost or, conversely, increase in quantitative content.

Interesting! Carotene (from the Latin "carota" - carrot) is a yellow-orange pigment, due to which the vegetable has an orange color.

100 g of raw vegetable contains (% of the daily value):

  • vitamin A (222.2%) is responsible for the health of the skin and eyes, participates in the functioning of the immune and reproductive systems;
  • beta-carotene (240%) - provitamin A, characterized by antioxidant properties;
  • vitamin K (11%) is involved in the regulation of blood clotting;
  • silicon (83.3%) helps the absorption of calcium, stimulates the growth of bone tissue, reduces the risk of developing heart disease, and normalizes metabolism;
  • cobalt (20%) is involved in the absorption of iron and the formation of erythrocytes, normalizes the functioning of the nervous system;
  • molybdenum (28.6%) strengthens dental tissue, normalizes the sexual function of the male body, participates in the production of hemoglobin, prevents anemia, has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora.

Why boiled carrots are healthier than raw

Which carrots are healthier - raw or boiled

To understand which carrots are healthier - raw or boiled - let's compare their chemical composition.

Substances Fresh carrots Boiled carrots
A (μg) 2000 852
alpha carotene (mcg) 3776
beta carotene (mg) 12 8,332
B1 (mg) 0,06 0,066
B2 (mg) 0,07 0,044
B4 (mg) 8,8 8,8
B5 (mg) 0,26 0,232
B6 (mg) 0,13 0,153
B9 (mcg) 9 14
C (mg) 5 3,6
E (mg) 0,4 1,03
H (μg) 0,6
K (μg) 13,2 13,7
PP (mg) 1,1 0,645
Trace elements
Iron (mg) 0,7 0,537
Iodine (mcg) 5 5,05
Cobalt (mcg) 2 2,02
Manganese (mg) 0,2 0,202
Copper (mcg) 80 80,81
Molybdenum (mcg) 20 20,202
Selenium (mcg) 0,1 0,101
Fluorine (mcg) 55 55,56
Chromium (mcg) 3 3,03
Zinc (mg) 0,4 0,404

As you can see from the table, after boiling carrots, the amount of carotenoids decreases, but a new antioxidant appears - alpha-carotene.... This shows that the usefulness of the boiled vegetable is higher. Trace elements after heat treatment practically do not change in quantitative content.

Why boiled carrots are healthier than raw

Calorie content, BJU and glycemic index of carrots

Nutritional and energy value of carrots show, how high-calorie vegetablehow quickly it is absorbed by the body.

The glycemic index (GI) showsthe rate at which blood glucose levels rise after consuming the product.

The maximum level is 100 - this is the GI of glucose. Foods with a high GI are called "fast" or "empty". With their use and a sedentary lifestyle, energy is not consumed, and excess weight appears.

Medium and low foods are digested more slowly. Energy is consumed gradually over several hours. The body does not form fat deposits.

Index Fresh carrots Boiled carrots
Calorie content 41 kcal 27 kcal
Protein 0.93 g 1.2 g
Fats 0.24 g 0.1 g
Carbohydrates 6.78 g 5 g
Organic acids 0.3 g
Alimentary fiber 2.8 g 2 g
Water 88.29 g 91 g

Glycemic index of fresh carrots equal to 20 units - refers to the low level. Absorption is slow, blood sugar levels remain normal.

Why boiled carrots are healthier than raw

GI boiled carrots - 85 units. It turns out that after cooking, the vegetable is quickly absorbed by the body. This leads to a spike in blood glucose.

Which one is more high-calorie, which one is more suitable for losing weight

The calorie content of raw and boiled carrots is different... A raw vegetable is 1.5 times higher in calories than a boiled one. Has a low glycemic index.

The glycemic index of raw and boiled carrots is 20 and 85 units, respectively. Hence, slimming eat a raw vegetable.

Harm and contraindications

If after eating a lot of raw vegetable, the palms and feet have acquired a yellow-orange hue, which means that the body is oversaturated with carotene.

Raw vegetable is recommended to be eaten with caution:

  • during an exacerbation of duodenal ulcers, stomach;
  • people with gastritis;
  • with inclination to allergies.

Boiled carrots can hurt:

  1. People with type 2 diabetes... The high glycemic index of boiled carrots increases blood sugar levels, which is unacceptable for diabetics.
  2. Pregnant women. Excess vitamin A is harmful to the fetus.

Which carrots are more harmful - raw or boiled

Moderate consumption of fresh and boiled vegetables does not harm the body, if there are no individual contraindications. It is recommended to include both raw and boiled carrots in the diet.

Type 2 diabetics are advised to eat foods with a high glycemic indexsuch as boiled carrots in the morning.

Why boiled carrots are healthier than raw

How to cook and consume correctly

Beta-carotene is poorly absorbed by the body in its pure form... It is recommended to eat it in combination with fatty foods. For complete assimilation, it is better to grate raw carrots and mix it with sour cream, cheese or nuts.

Boiled vegetables are best used in combination with meat. - it will increase the absorption of iron.


For people who do not have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the norm per day is 200-250 g.

Small children and pregnant women two times less allowed.

It is recommended to drink no more than one glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice in a day... With a sensitive stomach, the juice is diluted.


Boiled carrots should be consumed no more than 250-300 g per day... Type 2 diabetics - no more than 100-150 g in the morning.

Council. Nutritionists advise to boil the vegetable in unsalted water.

Healthy cooking rules:

  1. Before cooking, the vegetable is washed. Do not peel the peel.
  2. Pour cold water so that it slightly covers the vegetables.
  3. After boiling, reduce the heat. Cook over low heat under a closed lid until soft.

Using boiled and fresh carrots

Raw and boiled vegetables are used in various fields.... Nutritionists recommend carrots for weight loss, develop diets with their content. Doctors advise including this vegetable in the diet, because it contains many substances valuable to the body.

Why boiled carrots are healthier than raw

In cosmetology

Thanks to vitamin A, which is responsible for skin health, carrots have found application in cosmetology.

Boiled vegetable based face masks used to prevent fine wrinkles. When applying carrot masks, the top layer of the skin is saturated with useful vitamins and microelements.

Hair masks prevent hair loss... After application, the scalp loses its oily, unpleasant shine. Hair is hydrated and shiny.

Carrot oil, which is made from seeds, is used for prevention aging skin. It is used in the summer for protection from ultraviolet rays. The oil contributes to a beautiful tan.

When losing weight

It is generally accepted that the fewer calories, the more suitable the product for weight loss.

Raw carrots are lower in calories than boiled carrots... But not much - the difference is only 14 calories. To get rid of them, it is enough to jump or shake the press for two minutes.

The glycemic index of raw vegetables is 20 units, boiled ones - 85.It is the GI of raw carrots that suggests that it is more suitable for weight loss... Nutritionists advise a fresh vegetable to combat excess weight.

In folk medicine

In folk medicine, raw carrots have found more use.than boiled.

Raw product used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases:

  1. Freshly squeezed carrot juice helps fight colds. With a runny nose it is buried in the nose.
  2. For sore throat, raw grated carrots are mixed with honey. This combination not only heals the throat, but also boosts weakened immunity.
  3. Carrot seeds are used as a laxative.
  4. Carrot juice is a diuretic. It is used in the treatment of cystitis.
  5. To cleanse the liver, use grated raw carrots or fresh juice.

In cooking

Boiled carrots are consumed as a separate dish from an early age.... Carrot puree is introduced as a complementary food after 6 months: it starts with a dessert spoon in combination with other vegetables, by the year it is brought to 50 g.

Why boiled carrots are healthier than raw

Small children start eating raw vegetables from one and a half to two years... Grated raw carrots with sour cream are good for the growing body. Carrot juice in combination with pumpkin or apple juice saturates the child's body with valuable substances.

Raw and boiled carrots are used in a variety of dishes: salads, soups, side dishes, pastries, casseroles, cakes, drinks.


The vitamin and mineral composition of raw and boiled carrots is almost the same. Except for the main and decisive element - alpha-carotene. The presence of this provitamin A in boiled vegetables indicates its greater value than raw ones.

Boiled carrots are easier for the body to absorb. However, type 2 diabetics should use this product with caution due to its high GI.

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