Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

The carrot diet is one of the most effective and budgetary methods of losing weight. Losing weight is achieved due to the beneficial properties of the vegetable, its low calorie content, and also due to the lack of "fast carbohydrates" in the diet.

The diet is based on the consumption of not only carrots in any form, but also its combination with other products, so this regime is suitable for both women and men.

Calorie content, BJU and glycemic index of carrots

Of the various diet options, the carrot diet deserves special attention.... This is due to the fact that low-calorie carrots have a rich vitamin and mineral composition.

The root vegetable combines vitamins C, E, H, K, PP, group B, but most of all beta-carotene is found in the composition, that is, vitamin A - 240% of the norm in 100 g.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

In addition to vitamins, 100 g of the edible part of raw carrots contains:

  • water - 88 g;
  • organic acids - 0.3 g;
  • dietary fiber - 2.4 g;
  • ash - 1 g;
  • starch;
  • essential and non-essential amino acids;
  • saturated fatty acids;
  • omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The biological value of the product is determined by minerals... Root crops contain high concentrations of silicon (83.35%), molybdenum (28.6%), cobalt (20%), manganese (10%), magnesium (9.5%), potassium and copper (8%), phosphorus (6.9%). Less amounts of calcium, sodium, sulfur, chlorine, iron, iodine, selenium, fluorine, chromium, zinc are contained.

The nutritional value of raw carrots is: 35 kcal, 1.3 g protein, 0.1 g fat and 6.9 g carbohydrates.

The glycemic index is 35 units. Boiled or stewed carrots have a lower calorie content (21 kcal), while retaining most of the healthy qualities inherent in a vegetable.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

Carrots for weight loss

Knowing the nutritional properties of a vegetable, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the carrot diet... Properly grown carrots without the use of nitrates practically do not contain fats, but they are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Fiber helps you feel full quickly, improves digestion, normalizes metabolism, relieves the intestines of harmful toxins and toxins. Against the background of these properties and low calorie content, weight loss occurs.

The result of losing weight depends on the general diet., method of culinary processing of carrots and their quantity. In what form is it better to use carrots for weight loss?

In any form

Boiled or stewed carrots are even easier to digest, has a lower calorie content compared to fresh. It increases the amount of antioxidants that resist skin aging and many diseases, but the glycemic index also increases significantly - from 85 units or more, depending on the degree of grinding (in a fresh vegetable, it is 35).

It means that when eating thermally processed carrots, the sugar content increases and, accordingly, insulin in the blood, and the feeling of hunger quickly returns.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

therefore ideally, when dieting for weight loss, it is better to eat raw carrots and carrot juice... Boiled and stewed carrots can be useful and appropriate only after exercise or hard physical labor to restore lost carbohydrates. Nutritionists completely exclude fried carrots in vegetable oil, seasoned with various high-calorie sauces, mayonnaise.

How carrots contribute to weight loss

Diet on carrots helps not only to find the desired shape, but also to improve health.

The advantage of the vegetable is its high content of beta-carotene (vitamin A). is he performs a number of important functions:

  • normalizes protein synthesis;
  • stimulates metabolism;
  • participates in the production of steroid hormones and mineral metabolism;
  • neutralizes dangerous free radicals;
  • ensures the proper functioning of the immune system;
  • regulates blood cholesterol levels;
  • supports normal growth and development of the body.

Besides, carrots contain vegetable fiber, which reduces appetite and helps weight loss... It sorbs fats and acids in the small intestine, removes salts and heavy metals from the body, fights against the absorption of toxic substances, and normalizes stool. Diet on carrots helps to cope with stale fat deposits, as fiber breaks them down easily.

For reference. Plant fiber stimulates physical activity, increases endurance and performance, which leads to additional calorie consumption and weight loss.

B vitamins prevent the deposition of fat cells on the walls of blood vessels, cholesterol, have a positive effect on the state of small capillaries and vascular walls, increase their strength and elasticity, normalize the processes of blood circulation.

The beneficial properties of carrots do not end there. Iodine, iron, phosphorus together with vitamin C support immunity during a diet, because it is stress for the body... The vitamins and minerals contained in the vegetable ensure the normal course of physiological processes. Therefore, with the correct organization of the diet, you can lose weight on carrots without harming your health.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

Varieties of carrot diets

Due to its popularity many carrot-based diets have been developed... Each person, depending on their taste preferences and the required weight loss result, will be able to choose the best option for themselves.

The main food is carrots. It can be used in any form: boiled, raw, baked, stewed, steamed, juice... In addition, the orange root vegetable goes well with other products: vegetables, fruits, dairy and sour milk products, meat dishes.

Other types of vegetable diets:

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By duration

Depending on the intended effect of weight loss and overall health carrot diet is designed for 1-2 (unloading), 3, 7 and 10 days.

For 3 days

Carrot diet for 3 days allows you to safely get rid of 2-3 unnecessary kilograms... Such a diet includes only raw carrot salad without salt and sugar. If you find it unacceptable to eat fresh food, you can season the salad with a little vegetable oil, natural soy sauce or lemon juice.

Council. For a change, it is allowed to add grated green apple, tangerine, grapefruit, kiwi, orange to the salad.

You will need about 1 kg of carrots per day, it is possible and more, based on one large carrot at one time. For better assimilation and digestion, it is rubbed on a grater. You need to eat often, but in small portions, without snacks.

It is important to drink plenty of free fluids between meals. It can be water, mineral water without gases, unsweetened green tea, apple-carrot juice.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days


It is difficult to sustain more than three days on one carrot. Besides, a long mono-diet on raw vegetables can only be followed by absolutely healthy peoplehaving no problems with the digestive system.Therefore, the dietary food has been expanded, mainly due to fresh vegetables, fruits, low-fat soups, and low-calorie dairy products.

Carrots can be boiled or eaten fresh, added to soups, salads... The basic rule is no high-calorie food, sauces, seasonings, smoked meats, oil, salt, and other junk food. The weekly course promises a plumb line of 4-5 kg.


Such a diet is considered the safest for health.... Its essence lies in the use of raw or thermally processed carrots in combination with healthy and affordable products, including:

  • Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting dayslow-fat cottage cheese;
  • sour cream with a fat content of 10-15% for dressing salads;
  • kefir 1% and natural yogurt;
  • fresh vegetables: white cabbage, cucumbers, salad peppers, assorted greens;
  • fruits: apples, citrus fruits, kiwi, lemon;
  • lean meat, chicken, fish;
  • honey;
  • oil: linseed, olive, sunflower.

Drinks include green tea, fruit and vegetable juices without preservatives and other harmful additives, mineral water. Average weight loss rates range from 6-7 kg. If you connect non-extreme physical activity, the effectiveness of weight loss will increase and can be minus 10 kg.

Important! Portions of meat and fish dishes should be small - 150-200 g. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be taken as snacks between meals. You should also continue to drink plenty of water.

By diet

Separation by diet involves the combination of carrots with another product from the list of permitted... It can be white cabbage, fresh cucumber, beets, apples, honey, etc. You can choose the range of products yourself, focusing on your own food preferences.

On a Korean carrot

The main diet is Korean carrots. This is a fairly hearty dish and contains a significant amount of fat. (23.5 g per 100 g serving). Its calorie content is about 200 kcal. For a week, you need to eat 300 g of Korean carrots daily in several meals.

Be sure to supplement carrots with healthy protein products every time... These are low-fat meats, eggs, low-calorie fish and seafood. The energy value of the diet should be at the level of 1200-1400 kcal.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

Korean carrots when losing weight it's better to cook yourself... So you can be sure of the quality of the product and can prepare the dish to your taste.

Council. For a more effective weight loss process, try to use less salt in the recipe, as it retains fluid, which subsequently causes puffiness and excess weight due to water.

On apples and carrots

Apples are very useful for losing weight... The main substance in them is pectin. Its functions are diverse: it breaks down old fatty deposits, removes fats and acids from the intestines, cleanses the gastrointestinal tract of toxic substances, and normalizes stool. But due to unbalanced and low-calorie nutrition, such a diet cannot be considered for long-term weight loss. Its optimal duration without damage to health is 3 days.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting daysWhile dieting, the daily diet includes 5-6 ripe, fresh carrots and 4-5 apples... During the day, you need to drink a lot of water, you can green tea.

As for apples, sweet or sour-sweet varieties are preferable, since acidic ones contain many amino acids, which is why they have an irritating effect on the digestive tract.

If you intend to follow the carrot-apple diet for more than three days, the diet must be expanded, mainly due to greens, lean meat and low-fat dairy and sour milk products.

On cabbage with carrots

Cabbage is low in calories (from 27 to 55 kcal per 100 g of product, depending on the variety), saturates the body with vitamins and minerals, provides a quick and long-lasting feeling of fullness. It is allowed to include various types of cabbage in the diet - white cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Peking cabbage, cauliflower - in combination with fresh carrots.

I.e during the day, you need to eat vegetable salad in small portions and drink plenty of fluids - for example, carrot juice, rosehip decoction without sugar, still water.

For salad dressing, use lemon juice, low-fat natural yogurt, olive oil, or soy sauce. You can add a handful of raisins, a fresh apple, citrus fruits, beets to the salad. This will help diversify the menu.

On beets with carrots

The diet is based on beets and carrots. Vegetables can be consumed in any form (fresh, boiled, stewed or baked) and combined with each other in different recipes... For example, you can make a salad of fresh carrots, beets and cabbage with lemon juice, or a beet-carrot salad with boiled vegetables and vegetable oil.

Carrots and beetroots are processed into juice, which can also be consumed during a diet. Light vegetable soup is prepared from vegetables. For a week of a beet-carrot diet, you can get rid of 4-5 kg.

On carrots and eggs

Carrot and egg diet for weight loss is effective, but, according to nutritionists, not the safest... It is recommended to observe it for no more than three days. The menu consists of two meals: for breakfast and lunch, they eat one boiled egg, boiled or fresh carrots, chopped on a grater.

A full dinner is missing and is replaced with a cup of warm green tea. Average weight loss rates vary between 3-4 kg.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

On carrots and cucumbers

Losing weight mainly occurs due to the removal of excess fluid from the body, puffiness subsides, visually the body takes on the desired forms. The diet itself takes 7 days. You need to eat 1 kg of unpeeled cucumbers and about the same amount of fresh carrots per day.

To avoid breakdown and not harm health, you can eat other vegetables, fruits, herbs, porridge without oil, drink a cucumber smoothie with celery and parsley. For lunch, a small portion (150-200 g) of boiled beef, turkey or chicken is allowed.

With honey

Carrot and honey diet is designed for four days... During the first three days, you need to eat a carrot salad made from 700-800 g of carrots with the addition of 1 tbsp. l. natural honey and lemon juice to taste. Divide the salad into 3-4 portions. You can eat fruit in between meals, with the exception of grapes and bananas.

So they eat for three days. The fourth day is more varied and includes, in addition to carrots with honey, two boiled potatoes, a slice of yeast-free bread, 100-150 g of lean meat. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout and after the diet.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

With sour cream

For 7-10 days, eat a salad of fresh grated carrots, seasoned with sour cream with a low percentage of fat. To diversify the menu, carrots can be boiled, coarsely chopped, sprinkled with sour cream, and garnished with herbs.

Other foods can also be added in moderation: cereals in water, vegetables and fruits, low-fat meat and fish.

On carrot juice

Freshly prepared carrot juice is distinguished by the ability to remove carcinogenic substances from the stomach, heavy metal salts. After using it, there is no feeling of hunger for a long time.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting daysApproximate diet menu on carrot juice:

  • Breakfast: a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice diluted with water 1: 3.
  • Lunch: half an hour before meals, 200 ml of fresh carrot juice, then a portion of vegetarian soup + unleavened porridge.
  • Dinner: half an hour before meals, a glass of carrot and apple juice, 150 g of boiled veal + fresh cabbage salad.

Even if you drink carrot juice, it is important to follow your drinking regimen.... Drink at least 1.5 liters of free liquid per day.

Water helps to avoid dehydration, to normalize the water-salt balance, to speed up the process of removing the split fat, toxins and toxins from the body.

Fasting days for carrots

Fasting day for carrots helps to maintain a healthy weight or lose a couple of extra pounds... In order to avoid a negative effect on metabolic processes and the occurrence of health problems, unloading is carried out once every two weeks. Usually it lasts 1-2 days - during this time you can get rid of 1.5-2 unnecessary kilograms.

For reference. Weight loss mainly occurs due to the removal of excess water, toxins, and toxic substances from the body.

Fasting day includes 4-5 meals of grated fresh carrots and plenty of water, green tea without sugar. In salads, as with a diet for 3 days, you can add a fresh apple, citrus, kiwi. Carrot juice is allowed, it has less fiber, but it is easier and faster to digest.

How to get out of the diet

Upon completion of any option on the carrot diet, there is a possibility that the lost kilograms can return back, and in some situations even exceed the original indicators.

To consolidate the effect of losing weight, it is important to get out of the diet correctly:

  1. The return to the usual diet should be gradual, at least corresponding to the duration of the chosen diet, ideally more than twice.
  2. Prohibited foods should be introduced gradually, one at a time on each subsequent day, in small portions. You need to start with cereals, end with meat dishes.
  3. If possible, limit unhealthy foods, fried, fatty foods, smoked meats, semi-finished products, sweets, flour, alcohol.
  4. Throughout the entire exit and after, continue to drink plenty of water (1.5-3 liters).
  5. Start your morning with a glass of water with lemon juice.
  6. Eat often, 5-6 times a day, but in small portions.
  7. Control your weight. If it increases, stop adding new foods to the diet, reduce the amount of food consumed.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

Carrot Diet Recipes

Due to the fact that carrots go well with meat, mushrooms, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, dietary meals from it are varied and numerous. When preparing any dish, try to make it less high in calories.: For example, you can bake vegetables in the oven without vegetable oil.

Council. It is recommended to cut carrots for stewing and cooking in large portions - in this case, the glycemic index will be lower.

Let's start with fresh cabbage and carrot salad... Such a dish will ideally complement both cereal porridge and meat, fish, poultry.

How to cook:

  1. Peel the carrots, grate.
  2. Chop the cabbage.
  3. Peel the onions and cut them into half rings.
  4. Combine all ingredients, add salt, pepper, lemon juice and vegetable oil to a minimum, mix.

The following recipes can be used in your daily healthy diet, during or out of diet.

For the first, you can cook carrot puree soup.


  • Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting dayswater or low-fat broth;
  • onion;
  • carrot;
  • orange zest;
  • butter;
  • ginger;
  • greenery;
  • spices and salt.


  1. Cut the onion and carrots into cubes, simmer until soft in a saucepan with water.
  2. Dip orange zest and a small piece of ginger into boiled broth or boiling water to give the soup a unique aroma. Let it boil for 5-10 minutes, remove.
  3. Pour carrots and onions into the broth, cook over low heat until vegetables are ready.
  4. Drain the broth, transfer the vegetables to a blender, beat until puree. Gradually add broth to the vegetable mixture to the desired consistency.
  5. Season the finished soup with butter, salt and pepper. Garnish with herbs in portions before serving.

The following recipe would be a good alternative to sweet - carrot diet cake... 100 g contains 116 kcal.


  • Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting dayscarrots - 2 pcs.;
  • milk - 200 ml;
  • eggs - 4 pcs.;
  • wheat flour - 50 g;
  • oatmeal - 100 g;
  • vanilla sugar - 1 sachet;
  • butter - 20 g;
  • baking powder - 1 tsp;
  • salt on the tip of a knife.

How to make carrot pie:

  1. Peel fresh carrots, grate on a fine grater.
  2. Pour the flakes with warm milk, leave to swell.
  3. Beat the cooled eggs with a mixer with salt, vanilla sugar.
  4. Add carrots, oatmeal to the egg mixture, mix. Then add baking powder, sift the flour, mix well again.
  5. Grease a baking dish with butter, transfer the resulting mass. Bake in a preheated oven for 50-60 minutes at a temperature of + 180 ° C.
  6. Remove the cake from the mold after it has cooled.

Possible harm and contraindications

Any diet, including carrot, must be followed carefully, constantly monitoring your well-being. Due to a deficiency of carbohydrates, side effects are possible in the form of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and general malaise.

Carrots at night are also not recommended, as their excessive use can lead to increased drowsiness, swelling, and headache. Therefore, the last vegetable intake should be no later than three hours before bedtime.

Another possible unwanted effect with prolonged and abundant consumption of carrots - carotene jaundice. This is an icteric coloration of the skin due to the accumulation of carotene in it. This condition is usually not dangerous to health and is more considered an aesthetic problem.

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting daysThe carrot diet has a number of contraindications, including:

  • allergy per product;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • diabetes;
  • increased acidity of the stomach;
  • digestive diseases in the acute stage;
  • high blood pressure.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, carrots are allowed and useful, but the diet itself should be gentle and carried out exclusively under the supervision of a specialist and only when urgently needed. Care should be taken to follow the diet for the elderly, children and adolescents.

Nutritionists' opinions

According to numerous reviews of women losing weight on a carrot is simple and without harm to the body, breakdowns on it are rare... But the opinions of nutritionists are not so unanimous.

Any diet is stress for the body, a meager diet, which means a deficiency of micro and macro elements, vitamins and minerals. More supporters are finding fasting day on carrots.

Evgeniy, nutritionist: “The effect of losing weight will depend on the individual, the presence of excess weight, concomitant diseases, metabolic rate, age, habits, lifestyle and other equally important factors. The carrot diet, among other popular diet programs, has a more balanced diet, and you can really get rid of a few extra pounds on it. The question is, how not to harm health and maintain the result obtained? As practice shows, in 80% of cases, when a person returns to their usual diet and eating habits, the weight returns, sometimes even with interest. Now think about whether it is worth losing weight on carrots, or is it more expedient to just lead a healthy lifestyle? ".

Varieties of the most effective carrot diets and fasting days

Larisa, Ph.D.: “A fasting day on carrots is good and even beneficial for the body. Its main result is to maintain a certain weight, to bounce back after periods of overeating, to provide a feeling of lightness, a surge of energy. Without harm to health, the body can stay in this mode for 1-2 days. If for a longer time the body experiences a deficiency in calories and nutrients, then vitamin deficiency and exacerbation of chronic diseases are inevitable ".

Lev, gastroenterologist: “According to indications, I prescribe a carrot diet to my patients. With its help, you can not only get rid of extra pounds, but also improve the body as a whole: improve stool, normalize metabolism, cleanse the kidneys, blood and intestines from toxins and toxins, reduce cholesterol levels. But here it is important to work together with a specialist who must competently draw up a weight loss program, provide for a preparation stage and the correct way out of the diet.For his part, a person is obliged to strictly follow the instructions ".


The carrot diet is an economical, simple, and effective way to lose those extra pounds. It is affordable and cheap, does not require a lot of time to prepare meals. Regardless of the menu option chosen, all products can be found in the store at any time of the year at an affordable price.

The obvious advantage of an orange vegetable is cleansing and healing the body. Problems with the intestines and constipation due to the pronounced laxative effect of carrots are excluded.

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