What grape variety is used to make Kindzmarauli wine

Kindzmarauli is an authentic Georgian wine with a rich ruby ​​color, which remains the same even when diluted with water. For its production, they use the ancient Saperavi grape, which grows in the Alazani River valley. The fermentation technology in qvevri jugs is recognized as unique and included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Read about the specifics of making wine, its taste and aroma characteristics and the characteristics of the Saperavi variety in the article.

Kindzmarauli - grape variety or name of wine

Kindzmarauli is not a grape variety, but the name of a natural wine, which it received in honor of the Georgian valley of the same name Kindzmarauli (Kakheti). The success of its production has not yet been replicated by any of the world's winemakers.What grape variety is used to make Kindzmarauli wine

Even if the same grape variety was grown according to traditional technology, the result was disappointing. The taste and aroma of the drink were not like the original. What's the secret? It's all about the unique composition of the soil - this is found only in the Kindzmarauli valley. Vineyards grow where its tributary Duruji flows into the Alazani River.

The terrain is dominated by finely stony soil of gray-blue color. It is almost completely devoid of nutritious humus. The necessary elements for the growth and development of seedlings are obtained from chalk, enriched with silver and gold.

The area of ​​vineyards occupies about 120 hectares, and the Saperavi grapes, from which wine is made, are considered low-yielding and whimsical. Accordingly, the number of real Kindzmarauli is very limited.

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Features of Kindzmarauli wine

The production is based on the old technology of fermentation. For example, the European tradition of manufacturing involved the addition of resinous substances to slow down fermentation. The wine matured for several years, gradually revealing its taste and aroma. Modern winemakers add sulphurous aldehyde instead of resins.

Georgians do not betray their traditions and use qvevri vessels for making wine, which have been used since ancient times. Outwardly, they resemble ancient Greek amphorae, have a conical shape and hold 1.5-2 liters of drink. Larger vessels are used on an industrial scale. Wort (grape juice) and pulp (grated fruits) are poured into them, and the hole is sealed with wax.

Kvevri is buried in the ground up to its neck, and left for 1-2 years. Due to the fact that the soil temperature keeps the temperature + 10 ... + 12 ° С, and the fermentation slows down, the yeast does not have time to process all the sugar, and the taste of the finished wine remains sweet without additional sweeteners.

What grape variety is used to make Kindzmarauli wine

Reference. The method of fermentation of wine in qvevri is included in the UNESCO list as a heritage of mankind.

Some producers use more wort than pulp to increase production. This wine has the same taste and aroma, but the output is less intense, softer, and easier to drink.

Kindzmarauli has distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from other wines:

  1. This is a semi-sweet red wine, moderately thick, not losing its rich garnet-red color, even after adding water. The drink owes this property to the Saperavi grapes.
  2. Strength of the drink 10-12%.
  3. The aromatic bouquet is rich.It is dominated by notes of blackberry, apricot, pomegranate, smoked black currant, and ripe cherry.
  4. The taste is velvety, buttery, with unobtrusive astringency, long aftertaste. The trail causes sensations unspeakable in words. Associations arise with ripe and juicy blackberries.

How to drink and what to combine with

What grape variety is used to make Kindzmarauli wine

Kindzmarauli does not belong to table wines, therefore it is not recommended to use it in large quantities. According to the rules, semisweet red wine is not combined with fish and seafood. The ideal company will be: meat cooked over a fire, fruits, light mousse desserts, with the exception of complex cream cakes.

Glasses are 1/3 full and served with hot meats, soft cheeses and nuts. When serving, the temperature of the wine is + 10 ... + 12 ° С. Experts do not advise supercooling the drink, and then it will fully reveal its taste and aroma.

Reference. The cost of Kindzmarauli varies between 500-1900 rubles. per bottle. For example, the price of Kindzmarauli Teliani Valley is 1,445 rubles.

Grape variety for Kindzmarauli

What grapes are used to make Kindzmarauli wine? The oldest red grape variety Saperavi is used for the production of the drink. In translation from Georgian it literally sounds like "paint", "dyer". Kakheti is the main area of ​​its cultivation.

Description of the variety:

  • medium-sized bush, branched;What grape variety is used to make Kindzmarauli wine
  • the first two leaves and young shoots on seedlings are white-pink in color;
  • nodes are dark brown;
  • light green leaves, medium in size, oval or rounded, curled up at the edges, slightly dissected into 3-5 lobes, sometimes whole;
  • the back of the leaf is covered with a thick cobweb of villi;
  • young foliage has a yellow-pink color, and is covered with a dense, short-bristled edge, reminiscent of felt;
  • in autumn the leaves turn yellow, wine-red spots spread on the surface;
  • flowers are bisexual;
  • brush - loose, wide-conical, size 13-16 x 12-14 cm, weight 93-100 g;
  • the stem of the bunch has a maximum length of 4.5 cm, does not become woody;
  • fruits - dark blue, with a thick white waxy bloom, measuring 18x17 cm;
  • the taste is pleasant, refreshing;
  • slightly colored pulp, juicy;
  • the juice is colored light pink, its specific gravity is 80-86%;
  • the share of sugar is 17-28%, acid is 7.8-12.6 g / l.

Saperavi is a late-ripening variety with a maximum yield of 110 c / ha. It grows on different types of soils, except for marshy, salty, calcareous and dry soils. The culture reveals its potential in well-lit, loose soils with sufficient moisture.

Optimal growing conditions are in the Black Sea basin. The variety is cultivated in Moldova, Russia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan.

The vine is often affected by mildew and oidium, gray rot during the period of prolonged rains. The variety is resistant to drought and frost down to -20 ° C. The disadvantages include peas and shedding of flower ovaries.

On the basis of Saperavi, new varieties were bred for cultivation outside Kakheti. Saperavi Budeshuriseburi attracts special attention early ripening, high sugar content in elongated fruits.

The Saperavi variety is actively used in winemaking. The berries are used for the production of semi-sweet rose and red wines.

What grape variety is used to make Kindzmarauli wine

Grapes are prized for their abundant tannins and pigments. Tannins are odorless and give the wine an astringent taste with a slight bitterness. Thanks to tannins, the taste of red wine becomes complete.

Saperavi wines are distinguished by a high percentage of aging and the possibility of aging. Unhurried ripening ensures preservation for 50 years or more. Wine aged 4-30 years is especially appreciated. The bouquet develops, becomes more pronounced, a plum tint appears in the aroma, which makes the wine stand out from others.

The drink based on the Saperavi variety has a dark, thick color, with a high percentage of alcohol and acid. The taste is remembered for its freshness and completeness.

Dessert varieties are also deeply colored, aromatic and velvety. After the wine tasting, teeth and lips are colored deep purple. If this does not happen, then Saperavi was not used in the drink.

What grape variety is used to make Kindzmarauli wine

The variety is used by wine producers: "Shumi", "Kindzmarauli-Marani", "Khareba", "Graneli", "Chateau-Mukhrani". The strength of the color and the content of tannins allows the variety to be used for making many wines. It gives the finished product a rich shade, enriches the taste and aroma, and increases the shelf life.

Reference. Authentic Kindzmarauli has received a number of awards at international exhibitions: 3 gold and 4 silver medals.


Kindzmarauli is a tart, sweet, slightly sour, slightly hoppy wine with a rich blackberry flavor and plum aftertaste. Saperavi grapes are used for its production. The fruits are distinguished by a dark blue color of the skin, thick waxy bloom and light juicy pulp. The high concentration of tannins provides the wine with a unique, slightly astringent taste and long shelf life. The longer the drink matures, the richer its taste and aroma becomes.

Wine production technology has not been violated for centuries. In the process of making wine, cone-shaped qvevri jars are used, which are buried in the ground. A constant temperature of + 10 ... + 12 ° C stops fermentation and preserves the optimal sweetness of the drink. The finished product does not need the addition of flavors, the bouquet is bright even without them.

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