Home-grown avocado fruiting or not

Avocado is a demanding tropical plant. Its seeds germinate easily, take root quickly and begin to grow, but with improper care and in unsuitable conditions, they die in 1-2 years. Caring growers manage to grow large avocados that will delight for many years.

The main question for indoor plant lovers: will an avocado grown from a seed at home bear fruit? It is difficult to achieve this from culture, but some agricultural techniques will help.

Will avocado bear fruit at home

Grown in nature (in the garden under suitable conditions) avocado produces up to 200 kg of fruit per year... At the same time, about 2,000,000 flowers are formed on the plant per season, but only out of every 5,000 a fruit is set. The rest of the inflorescences fall off.

Home-grown avocado fruiting or not

Avocados have a complex pollination mechanism... Each of its flowers opens twice. On the first day, they function as female, and on the second, as male. If under natural conditions such a mechanism does not prevent pollination, then it is very difficult to achieve fruiting in a pot.

Reference.Avocados are also called alligator pear, American Perseus, agacat.

It is possible to get fruits only after the plant blooms. In order for flowers to form on an exotic tree, it is important to grow it correctly and follow the basic rules of care:

  1. Watering. The plant is watered as the soil dries. In the warm season, on average, the soil is moistened once every 10 days, in winter - once every 2-3 weeks.
  2. Maintaining a humid climate. The pot of avocado is placed on a tray of wet sand. In the warm season, the plant is sprayed annually. During the heating season, a humidifier is installed in the room.
  3. Suitable temperature conditions. In summer, the comfortable temperature ranges from + 16 ... + 30 ° C, and in winter - + 10 ... + 12 ° C. In the cold season, the plant goes into a dormant state, begins to turn yellow, dry and shed its leaves.
  4. Formation. When grown, they form an avocado crown. Pinch its top when the tree reaches the optimal height, if necessary, remove excess shoots.
  5. Transfer. Each year the tree is transplanted into a new, larger pot. In a tight container, the plant will not bloom and bear fruit. The transplant is carried out by the transshipment method.

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When seed-grown avocado begins to bear fruit

How old does an avocado begin to bear fruit? The tree is ready for this phase in 3-6 years after planting..

More precisely, it is impossible to say what year the avocado bears fruit. It depends on the conditions in which the plant is located, the correct care for it, the use of additional agents to accelerate fruiting.

How to make a potted avocado bear fruit

Even with proper care, fruiting is rarely achieved.... Most indoor plant lovers believe that this is simply impossible. There are actually several tricks that can help you get the desired result.

Home-grown avocado fruiting or not

Stimulating fruiting

For an exotic tree to bear fruit, it is important to stimulate its flowering.

For this use a few simple tricks:

  1. Topping... This procedure stimulates the growth of side shoots on which fruits are formed. To do this, pinch the top in the spring.The remaining part should reach at least 15 cm in height, 4 buds or shoots are left on it.
  2. Top dressing... Regular fertilization allows the plant to get enough nutrients and strength for flowering. Use complex remedies for exotic crops. The composition should contain phosphorus and potassium.
  3. Artificial pollination... When flowering, large light green corollas appear on the plant. To pollinate plants, ripe pollen is transferred between the inflorescences, picking it up with a soft brush. Do this for 3 days in a row, pollinating each new flower. If possible, pollen is spread among several trees. Another way is to tag the flowers. The first time they are revealed as female, they are marked with a green marker. The next day they are already male. The pollen is transferred between male and female flowers.
  4. Planting multiple trees... The chances of fruiting are increased by growing multiple avocados. They are planted in pots next to each other, or in one container, intertwining the trunks.

When an avocado is bearing fruit, it needs regular watering and good lighting.... To prevent the plant from throwing off the ovaries at the first fruiting, some of them are removed, leaving 1-2.

Grafting avocado

The most effective way to stimulate fruiting is grafting... In this case, it is important to plant the bud of an already fruiting tree.

The procedure is also carried out in the cleavage. Experienced gardeners say that in this case the graft takes root better.

Home-grown avocado fruiting or not

Vaccination instruction:

  1. The top of the seed-grown avocado is cut at right angles.
  2. A cutting is taken from a fruiting plant, on which at least 3-4 buds should remain. The leaves are cut along with the cuttings.
  3. The lower part of the scion is sharpened with a flat double-sided wedge.
  4. A split is made in the stock, the depth of which is equal to or slightly greater than the length of the scion wedge. If the diameter of the scion is larger, the splitting is done not in the center, but so that the cambial layers coincide on at least one side of the parts.
  5. The rootstock wedge is inserted into the scion split. The cambial layers must match completely.
  6. The junction is wrapped with garden tape or duct tape with a sticky layer outward. The winding is made sealed so that air does not enter the sections. Some growers use tape and continue wrapping the entire length of the scion, leaving only the buds open.

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It is difficult to achieve fruiting of an avocado grown from a seed at home. In nature, a cultivated plant begins to bear fruit as early as 2–4 years after planting, and a generatively propagated wild boar may never please with a harvest.

To increase the chances of fruiting, they use different techniques and monitor the correct care. However, even when emerging, the fetus is unlikely to inherit maternal traits. To get a tasty and large avocado at home, the tree is grafted by taking a scion from the exotic, which has already yielded a crop.

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