Why are cherry berries useful for a woman's body

It is no coincidence that cherries are sometimes called sweet medicine. Due to its composition, the berry has a beneficial effect on the female body. It can be used as a base for cosmetic masks. Also, the fruits will be an excellent dessert for those who are struggling with extra pounds. In the article we will tell you about the beneficial properties of cherries and contraindications.

Cherry composition

The berry is distinguished by its low calorie content and high content of nutrients and vitamins.

Why are cherry berries useful for a woman's body

Nutritional value of berries

The energy value of sweet cherries, depending on the variety, is no more than 62 kcal per 100 g. At the same time, water takes up about 85 g in the composition, and the amount of carbohydrates ranges from 10-16 g. Also, 100 g of berries contain slightly more than 1% fat and the same amount of proteins. Due to its low energy value, cherries can be consumed by women who dream of getting rid of extra pounds.

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Vitamins and minerals

Why are cherry berries useful for a woman's body

The fruits contain many useful substances:

  • vitamin C - 16%;
  • E - 2%;
  • A - 2.8;
  • PP - 2.5%;
  • calcium - 3.3%;
  • sodium - 1%.

It also contains elements such as zinc, manganese, chromium, iodine, fluorine, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and iron. There are antioxidants - polyphenols and malic acid with pectins.

Reference. Cherries contain melanin, which protects the skin from the sun's rays and prevents the onset of cancer. That is why residents of southern regions are advised to regularly eat cherries as cancer prevention.

Why cherries are useful for women

Delicious and juicy berry is useful for the fair sex of any age. Sweet cherry has a beneficial effect on the skin, intestines and hormones.

For the body as a whole

Why are cherry berries useful for a woman's body

Sweet cherry normalizes hormones, which has a beneficial effect on the menstrual cycle, relieves pain. Also, the addition of tasty berries to food prevents the development of atherosclerosis, prevents the formation of blood clots. The problem is relevant for women who take hormonal contraceptives for a long time. The use of cherries brings a positive effect during menopause, and vitamin E in the berry helps to maintain youthfulness and beauty of the skin.

Reference. The fiber in cherry pulp stimulates digestion and improves bowel function. Regular consumption of the berry contributes to the gentle and natural disposal of the body from toxins and harmful waste.

Vitamin B in the composition of the fruit has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system and the emotional and psychological state. With regular use of the berry, irritability and nervousness decrease, and night sleep improves.


Why are cherry berries useful for a woman's body

Fighting excess weight sometimes becomes a difficult test for a woman. The right and healthy desserts, which include berries, will help you survive the toughest diet. The taste of the fruit allows you to satisfy the need for sweets, and thanks to the low calorie content, you will not gain extra pounds. The presence of a large amount of water and fiber in the berries makes it possible to feel full even after 1-2 handfuls.

Sweet cherry improves metabolic processes, promotes active breakdown of fats, preventing them from being deposited on the stomach and sides.

Sample menu:

  1. Breakfast - 1 tbsp. green tea and 250 g of berries.
  2. Lunch - 100 g of steamed or boiled chicken, turkey or fish fillets. As a dessert - 1 tbsp. cherry compote.
  3. Afternoon snack - 200 g of berries.
  4. Dinner - 100 g of boiled fish or poultry, 50 g of vegetable salad.
  5. Before bed, you can drink 1/2 tbsp. natural yogurt.

For skin

Why are cherry berries useful for a woman's body

Sweet cherries are used not only as a dessert, but also as a cosmetic mask for hair and face. Berries contain vitamins, fruit acids and antioxidants essential for the skin to prevent aging... The pulp of the fruit effectively relieves the face of swelling and inflammation, protects against dryness.

Anti-inflammatory mask recipe:

  1. Squeeze the juice out of the berry and mix it with peach oil and honey in a 4: 2: 1 ratio.
  2. Leave the prepared mixture for 2 days.
  3. Apply to neck and face, and after 20 minutes wash off with cool water.

A mask to narrow the pores is made as follows:

  1. Mash the cherries and apply immediately to your face.
  2. Leave it on for 15 minutes, wash, and lubricate the skin with moisturizer.

To get rid of excess fat, mash the cherry pulp and add 2 tsp to it. lemon juice. Apply to gauze and apply to the problem area for half an hour.

Why are cherry berries useful for a woman's body

Reference. If you mix crushed berries with lemon juice and starch, you get a hair mask. Apply it to the roots and let it sit for 40 minutes. With regular use, you will get rid of dandruff.

For women over 60

The benefits of cherries for the body of older women:

  1. Enriches the blood with iron and prevents blood clots.
  2. It normalizes blood pressure, relieves joint discomfort and strengthens bones, which is important for the prevention of osteoporosis.
  3. Contains beta-carotene, which improves vision.

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Contraindications and possible harm

Why are cherry berries useful for a woman's body

In some cases, cherries are harmful to a woman's health. Contraindications:

  • allergy;
  • gastrointestinal diseases - colitis, gastritis, dyspepsia;
  • exacerbation of pancreatitis.

If the disease is in remission, consult your doctor before eating sweet cherries. Also, with caution, the berry should be eaten by pregnant and lactating women.

Important! If you have stomach problems, you should not eat cherries on an empty stomach. The berry juice will irritate the stomach wall and cause pain. It is better to eat the fruits half an hour after eating.


Daily use of cherries improves the condition of the skin, normalizes the stomach, strengthens blood vessels, and helps in the fight against excess weight. However, for some chronic diseases, you should not eat the berry, so if you have health problems, consult your doctor.

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