Are almonds the best nut for women?

Nuts are a source of easily digestible vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals. Some of the healthiest and most delicious nuts include almonds. Its unique composition is beneficial for women of all ages. This is a natural healer and cosmetologist who preserves and maintains not only health, but also beauty.

Composition and calorie content of almond nuts

There are two types of almonds - sweet and bitter. The first is eaten, used as a medicine and cosmetic, the second is used only for medicinal purposes and in cosmetology.

Are almonds the best nut for women?

The composition of sweet almonds (per 100 g):

  • proteins - 18.6 g;
  • fats - 53.7 g;
  • carbohydrates - 13 g.

Calorie content of fresh almonds - 575 kcal, fried almonds - 640 kcal.

Almonds are one-third fiber and starch, which is good for digestion. The cores contain 80% omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids and 15% omega-6. These irreplaceable components tend not to be stored in reserve, but actively participate in metabolic processes, cleanse the body, and lower cholesterol levels.

Important! The glycemic index of unroasted almond kernels is 15 units. Therefore, the nut is recommended as a component of the diet for patients with diabetes mellitus and losing weight.

Chemical composition of almonds:

  • vitamin E - keeps youth, contributes to the correct functioning of the reproductive system;
  • vitamin B2 - normalizes the activity of the nervous system;
  • vitamin H - slows down the aging process, maintains the health of the skin, hair, nails;
  • silicon - strengthens the walls of blood vessels, participates in the formation of the skeletal system;
  • magnesium - participates in the metabolism of glucose, protein, nucleic acids;
  • phosphorus - an important component of bone tissue, protects teeth from decay;
  • potassium - necessary to maintain the correct intracellular pressure;
  • calcium is the main building material for bones;
  • iron - participates in the production of red blood cells, providing oxygen supply to tissues and organs;
  • sulfur - participates in the process of creating new cells and fights against pathogenic microorganisms.

Due to its composition, sweet almond kernels, even in small amounts, help to regulate metabolic processes in the body, renew cells, promote tissue regeneration, and suppress the development of harmful bacteria.

Benefits and harms for women

Are almonds the best nut for women?

For both women and men, almonds in the diet help to cope with stress, compensate for the deficiency of vital elements, and increase immunity. However, its chemical composition is simply created by nature itself to preserve women's health.

Beneficial features

Due to its composition, almonds are able to quickly and for a long time saturate the body without increasing blood glucose levels. Regular use has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart, significantly reducing the risk of heart attack at high loads. Almonds in the diet contribute to the growth of muscle tissue and improve metabolic processes.

What is useful for the body in general

Doctors and nutritionists recommend consuming almonds:

  • with inflammatory processes;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes;
  • disturbances in the work of the nervous, endocrine systems;
  • headaches;
  • depression;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Since almonds are enough high-calorie product, its daily rate for adults is 50 g. This is enough to replenish the deficiency of essential trace elements and vitamins.

Important! The daily rate (50 g) is about 10-12 nuts. For women and children, even this is a lot, it is enough to eat 5-6 nucleoli.

During pregnancy and lactation

Are almonds the best nut for women?

Vitamin E is involved in the formation of the nervous system and brain of the fetus, therefore it is always prescribed to pregnant women in the form of capsules. However, 100 g of almonds contain 1.5 daily doses of this vitamin. It is enough to eat 5-6 nuts a day, and the required level of folic acid will be normal.

The substances contained in almonds contribute to the normal functioning of the female body during gestation, protect against the threat of miscarriage, and reduce the risk of postpartum jaundice in a baby.

It is not recommended to use almonds for a nursing mother while breastfeeding. Despite the fact that there are no reliable studies of harm to the child's body, nuts can provoke allergic reactions and loose stools.

After 50 years

During menopause, hormonal changes in the body and the extinction of reproductive function cause disruptions in the activity of the nervous system. As a result, the woman suffers from mood swings, insomnia, depression. A small amount of sweet almonds minimizes negative manifestations and helps to cope with emotional instability.


Despite the enormous benefits of almonds, it should not be consumed by people with individual intolerances or allergies to certain compounds. Unripe almonds with bitterness contain hydrocyanic acid, therefore they can cause serious harm, including poisoning.

Contraindications for use are as follows:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage;
  • chronic inflammatory processes in the liver;
  • severe heart pathologies.

Eating almonds in reasonable amounts is not harmful. But exceeding the daily norm contributes to obesity, provokes migraines, causes constipation.

The daily rate or how much per day

Are almonds the best nut for women?

To replenish the deficiency of amino acids, vitamins and microelements contained in almonds, it is enough to eat 50 g per day. This portion contains 10-12 kernels. For children, the dose is reduced to 5-6 nuts. Overweight women reduce the recommended rate by half.

Important! For effective absorption, almonds are best consumed as a component of breakfast or an afternoon snack. Walnut gives a long-lasting feeling of satiety, is well accepted by the body and does not overload the stomach.

Application of almonds

The micronutrients, fatty acids and vitamins contained in the nuclei are beneficial not only for food, but also for medical purposes and in the beauty industry.

In cosmetology

Almond oil or milk is used in the production of creams, masks, shampoos and other beauty care products. This is due to the fact that they are capable of:

  • penetrate into the deep layers of the skin;
  • affect cell regeneration;
  • slow down the aging process;
  • soften and moisturize by blocking moisture inside the epidermis;
  • protect against aggressive environmental factors (ultraviolet radiation, dust, low temperatures).

Home cosmetology uses almond kernels. On their basis, masks, scrubs, oil, and skin cleansers are prepared.


Two or three crushed peeled nuts pour 0.5 tbsp. warm boiled water. Insist for a day. Add 1 tbsp. l. grated soap (better than baby soap, since it does not contain dyes and chemical fragrances). Heat in a water bath until completely dissolved. Cool, pour into a glass or plastic container. Apply morning and evening as a face cleanser.


Grind a glass of almonds in a blender or mortar until a moist mass is obtained. Add 0.5 tbsp. olive oil, stir. Remove in a cool, dark place for 10 days. Then squeeze well. The resulting oil is added to creams, shampoos, masks, or applied in pure form to hair and nails. It helps to strengthen hair follicles and nail plates.The addition to the cream promotes better penetration of nutrients into the epidermis, protecting, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.


A couple of tablespoons of ground nuts are mixed with 2 tbsp. l. honey and juice of a quarter of an orange or grapefruit. Gently massage the skin with the resulting composition for 1-2 minutes, rinse with warm water. Such a composition is stored in the refrigerator tightly closed for two weeks.


Are almonds the best nut for women?

Almonds are included in the diet for weight loss. It is used as an independent snack in the morning or added to salads, desserts, cereals or yogurt. There is no separate almond diet. This nut is high in calories and acts on weight loss only when consumed no more than 8-10 kernels per day. If the norm is exceeded, almonds, on the contrary, lead to weight gain.

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Almonds are not only tasty, but also healthy. He successfully copes with poor health, protects against heart and cancer. Regular use of kernels prolongs youth, preserves beauty, has a beneficial effect on the body during pregnancy, and softens the manifestations of menopause. With moderate content in the diet, it helps to lose weight. But it is worth remembering about the dangers of overeating - in large doses, almonds become the enemy of shape and health.

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