Is it possible to eat almonds on a weight loss diet

Surprisingly, eating high-calorie almonds can help you lose weight. The main thing in this process is to follow the recommended rules. From the article you will find out if almonds get fat and how many nuts you can eat per day to lose weight.

Composition and calorie content of almonds

Is it possible to eat almonds on a weight loss diet

Calorie content of 100 g of almonds - 579 kcal:

  • proteins - 21.1 g;
  • fats - 50 g;
  • carbohydrates - 21.5 g.

100 g of nuts contain:

  • vitamins:
    • E - 25.6 mg;
    • B1 - 0.2 mg;
    • B2 - 1.1 mg;
    • B3 - 3.6 mg;
    • B4 - 52.1 mg;
    • B5 - 0.5 mg;
    • B6 - 0.1 mg;
    • B9 - 44 mcg;
    • H - 17 mcg.
  • minerals:
    • silicon - 50 mg;
    • phosphorus - 481 mg;
    • magnesium - 270 mg;
    • potassium - 733 mg;
    • calcium - 269 mg;
    • sulfur - 178 mg;
    • iron - 3.7 mg;
    • sodium - 1 mg;
    • zinc - 3.1 mg;
    • copper - 1 mg;
    • manganese - 2.2 mg;
    • selenium - 4.1 mcg.

Is it possible to eat almonds while losing weight

Is it possible to eat almonds on a weight loss diet

Almonds can help you lose weight if you control the amount of nuts you eat. Eating it daily in combination with a low-carb diet stimulates fat burning. Almonds are used as:

  • ingredient in salads, meat and vegetable dishes;
  • an additive to dairy products - cottage cheese, kefir, low-fat yogurt;
  • snack between main meals.

Can you get better from almonds? Yes, this is due to the high energy value of nuts. Eating the product in the evening also helps to increase body weight. Abuse of almonds impairs metabolic processes, which leads to the deposition of subcutaneous fat.

Important! People with painful thinness and athletes are advised to include almonds in their diet to build up the desired mass.

Useful properties of almonds for weight loss

Is it possible to eat almonds on a weight loss diet

Almonds are high in useful componentsthat contribute to the process of losing weight:

  1. The dietary fiber in the peel of almonds improves intestinal peristalsis and improves kidney function. This removes processed food and water from the body.
  2. The walnut helps fight constipation and swelling.
  3. Fatty acids lower blood cholesterol levels.
  4. Walnut maintains stable glucose levels by reducing the need for fast carbohydrates and sugar.
  5. Fiber satisfies hunger and makes you feel full for a long time.
  6. Almonds increase serotonin levels, which are responsible for decreased appetite.
  7. Protein is involved in the development and strengthening of muscle fibers.
  8. Magnesium, which is abundant (67% of the daily value), not only maintains blood sugar levels, but also reduces the need for sweets. It is a source of energy for building muscle through exercise.
  9. The rich chemical composition supports the body of a losing weight person.
  10. Normalizes the work of the nervous system. When losing weight, overstrain, irritability, apathy, weakness, and overwork are possible.
  11. Antioxidants speed up metabolic processes.

Almonds serve as a source of protein, which makes it possible to fully replace meat with them.

Does it contribute to weight loss

Almond grains accelerate metabolism, are quickly absorbed by the body and saturate it with energy, which gives a good result:

  • the formation of body fat is reduced;
  • toxins, toxic substances and excess fluid are removed from the body;
  • the body weakened by the diet replenishes the deficiency of vitamins, microelements, proteins, fats, and fiber.

How much can you eat per day

Is it possible to eat almonds on a weight loss diet

Almonds should be consumed in moderation when dieting. The recommended dose is 10 nuts per day. This amount is divided into 2-3 doses and used as snacks.With active physical activity, 20-25 pieces are allowed. per day - about 30 g.

They eat only ripe nuts, since unripe ones contain toxic substances. Raw or naturally dried fruits are considered useful, and the kernels are also fried. The nut is eaten without the soft, flaky shell and any additives.

Important! Consume almonds during the day so as not to gain extra pounds.

Reviews of almonds for weight loss

Is it possible to eat almonds on a weight loss diet

People who lose weight with almonds, note the effectiveness of the nut diet and talk about its benefits for the whole body.

Sofia, 32 years old: “I am prone to weight gain. Fasting days with almonds help to cope with this. I practice them 2 times a month. In addition to almonds, these days I eat oatmeal, green apple, vegetable salad and cottage cheese or kefir. On other days, I eat nuts during snacks. This not only allows you to control your weight, but also improves the condition of your skin and hair. "

Olga, 54 years old: “I have never been overweight, but recently, probably due to age, I began to notice extra centimeters. Almonds help me out a lot, I use them as snacks - I ate a few nuts and forgot about hunger. And it is very convenient in a work environment. I notice an improvement in bowel function. "

Christina, 26 years old: “I really love almonds. The most favorite dishes are salmon with almonds, soup with nuts, dessert with yoghurt and, of course, almond milk. It is not only tasty, but also healthy. The figure is in perfect order. You can gain weight from almonds, so the key is not to overeat. Enough 10-15 pcs. in a day".

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Despite the high calorie content, almonds help to solve the problem of excess weight. It accelerates metabolic processes, promotes the timely and unhindered withdrawal of digested food, satisfies the feeling of hunger, and the rich mineral composition supports efficiency and improves the emotional state during the period of weight loss.

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