How many calories are in hazelnuts (in 100 g and in 1 piece)

Hazelnuts are the fruits of a cultivated variety of hazelnuts. Its cores contain a lot of nutrients: 50-70% vegetable fats and a whole vitamin and mineral complex - C, E, A, B, potassium, calcium, iron, etc. Despite the benefits, fresh nuts have a high calorie content. In order not to harm the figure, it is important to know when to stop and correctly calculate calories.

From the article you will find out how many hazelnuts are in 100 grams, calories in 1 piece and what is the daily intake.

Calorie content of hazelnuts

How many calories are in hazelnuts (in 100 g and in 1 piece)

Since ancient times, people have consumed the fruits of hazel in raw, dried and fried form. They were widely used in folk medicine to cleanse the liver of toxins, treat anemia, and increase immunity. The calorie content of fresh and roasted nuts differs, and by dried hazelnuts the same as raw.

Per 100 g

In the sources for proper nutrition, the calculation of calories per 100 g of raw materials is most often given. This amount contains:

  • fat - 67 g;
  • proteins - 16 g;
  • carbohydrates - 10 g.

In 100 g of raw hazelnuts, about 650 kcal. Fried calories higher than fresh for 20-30 kcal. Let's give their content in different quantities of hazel fruits without shells:

  • in 100 g (50-70 pcs.) - 650 kcal;
  • 50 g (about 22 pcs.) - 600 kcal;
  • 30 g (12 pcs.) - 360 kcal;
  • 20 g - 240 kcal.

The calorie content of roasted nuts is higher due to the use of oil when frying. The benefits of such hazelnuts are highly questionable. Doctors do not recommend using it for people with pathologies of the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

How much does one hazelnut weigh without shell

To independently calculate the calorie content in hazelnuts, you need to know its mass and average calorie content: weight of 1 pc. - on average 1.5-2 g. The pulp of one fruit includes 0.32 g of proteins, 1.34 g of fat, 0.2 g of carbohydrates. Calorie content of hazelnuts: in 1 piece - 12-13 kcal.How many calories are in hazelnuts (in 100 g and in 1 piece)

Let's calculate the energy value of 20 g of hazel. For clarity, we use the proportion:

  • 1 g - 12 kcal;
  • at 20 - X kcal.

x = 20 * 12/1, i.e. 200 kcal per 20 g of nuts.

On the shelves there is a large assortment of hazelnuts for every taste: large and medium-sized, in shell and without. The latter are significantly inferior to nuts in shell in terms of nutritional value and benefits for the body. Such kernels are prone to loss of nutritional value, quick drying and spoilage. Before eating the nut, split the shell, but you should not peel the brown dry skin. It contains vitamins and minerals.

Important! Despite the high calorie content (8 times more than in milk chocolate), the composition of hazel fruits is low in carbohydrates. Therefore, they can be enjoyed by people adhering to low-carb diets, and diabetics.

How many hazelnuts can you eat per day with proper nutrition

How many calories are in hazelnuts (in 100 g and in 1 piece)

Fresh hazelnuts are recommended to be included in the daily diet of a person who adheres to the correct diet. Being a source of quick energy, hazelnut fruit is a great substitute for a harmful snack, it will become an alternative to another afternoon snack. Since the nut has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the brain, it is indispensable for people engaged in intense mental work: researchers, teachers, schoolchildren and students.

In older people who consume nuts daily, the work of the heart and blood vessels improves, aging and destruction of the skeletal system stops, and memory lasts longer.

When buying a nut, choose the inshell option. In this form, it retains smell, taste for a long time and does not lose beneficial features, of which the nut has a lot:

  • reduces the risk of developing cancer;
  • enhances immunity;
  • strengthens bones;
  • promotes muscle building;
  • stimulates milk production in nursing mothers.

In order for a tasty snack to be beneficial, nutritionists recommend not to exceed the daily intake of the product, equal to 30-40 g. These are the average values ​​calculated for a healthy adult.

The daily rate depends on:

  • age;
  • floor;
  • weight;
  • the presence of diseases and characteristics of the body.

Children are recommended to eat no more than 15 g (6 pcs.) Per day.

Important! Children under 3 years old are prohibited from eating nuts.

How many calories are in hazelnuts (in 100 g and in 1 piece)

During pregnancy and lactation, you can eat hazel fruits by consulting your personal doctor. The maximum norm of hazelnuts for pregnant women is 40 g, for nursing women - less than 20 g (7-9 pcs.).

If a person is prone to obesity or is sick with diabetes, it is better to exclude this product from the diet or find a replacement for it. With accelerated weight gain during pregnancy, the same rule is followed. Do not eat nuts for allergy sufferers and patients suffering from liver and pancreas diseases.

On sale, hazelnuts are often found in fried form as a snack: salty and sweet, in white and dark chocolate. In this form, it is even tastier, but almost no benefit. During heat treatment, moisture evaporates, together with it, minerals and vitamins are destroyed.

When buying, be sure to check the quality of the product... Doubtful-looking nuts are light in weight (in shell), with an unpleasant odor, and dark in color. Such hazelnuts turn into poison. In a spoiled nut, toxic compounds are formed - aflatoxins. When ingested, they negatively affect the liver, causing serious poisoning.

For seasonal colds, spring and fall, make a healthy dessert. Peel and chop the kernels, then mix with good quality honey. It serves as a powerful conductor of nutrients, so the benefits of hazelnuts are increased several times. To strengthen the immune system, it is enough to eat 3-4 liters. goodies a day.

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Hazelnuts are a very high-calorie product. The nut is able to quickly satisfy the feeling of hunger. In composition, it replaces fatty meat, therefore it is so necessary for people who are fasting or on a diet. Useful natural delicacy for adults, teenagers and seniors.

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