The best cherry varieties for central Russia

The summer harvest is impossible to imagine without cherries. Burgundy berries with a glossy skin are grown for personal consumption and sale, used for processing and freezing. Cherry pulp is distinguished not only by its juiciness and pleasant taste. It contains vitamins A and C, useful acids. To get a rich harvest, it is important to choose a variety based on the climatic conditions of the growing region. For central Russia, this is a frost-resistant cherry with strong immunity and resistance to pests.

Cherry varieties for central Russia

There are several classifications of cherries. By the ripening period - early and late, to taste - sour and sweet... There is a self-fertile cherry - one that does not require pollinating insects; large-fruited - with large fruits.

Consider a description of the best cherry varieties for central Russia.


Large cherries are used for transportation, storage, conservation, fresh consumption. The size of the fruit depends not only on the characteristics of the variety, but also on the amount of mineral and organic fertilizers. Balanced plant nutrition ensures a rich harvest.

The best cherry varieties for central Russia

Miracle cherry

Miracle cherry Is a popular cherry and sweet cherry hybrid. Fruits are very large - weighing 8-10 g. The shape is round, flattened, rich burgundy color. The rind is dense, glossy. The berries have a pleasant and very sweet pulp. Thanks to its dense peel, the Miracle Cherry is transportable. The trees are vigorous, the crown is spreading, outwardly it looks more like a cherry than a cherry. The variety is resistant to diseases, drought and frost. It is versatile in use - cherries are good in fresh and processed forms.


The best cherry varieties for central Russia

An early ripe winter-hardy variety. Self-fertility and early maturity are distinguished from the advantages - the crop is harvested 3-4 years after planting. The tree is medium-sized, the crown is flattened, the density is medium. Fruits are round-flattened, weighing from 5 to 8 g. Cherry-colored peel, red, juicy flesh. The taste is sweet and sour, harmonious. The pet is unpretentious in growing, rarely affected by diseases.


Summer residents are especially fond of self-fertile varieties - you do not need to worry about the presence of pollinating insects or specially plant other cherry or cherry trees nearby for cross-pollination.

Amorel pink

The ultra-early variety of Amorel pink cherry is distinguished by high productivity and early maturity - the fruits ripen 3-4 years from the moment the seedlings are planted. The height of the tree is 2.5-3 m, the crown is sparse, spreading. The berries are flat-round, the weight of one is 4-5 g.

The peel is thin, light pink. The taste is sweet and sour, a small bone is easily separated from the pulp. The juice is colorless. The peduncle is firmly attached to the fruit, the separation is wet. Amorel pink does not crumble after ripening, retains its taste and juiciness.


The best cherry varieties for central Russia

Late-ripening winter-hardy variety. The tree is bushy and weakly growing, therefore it will become a decoration of any summer cottage. The crown is round and drooping, the leaves are medium-sized, green. Fruit weight - 4 g, round, blunt-hearted. The skin is dark red, dense and glossy. The taste is sour, the pulp is juicy. The stone is small, round.

Lyubskaya cherry in cultivation is unpretentious, however, it is recommended to regularly spray trees with Bordeaux liquid to protect against coccomycosis and moniliosis, as well as to shape the plant.Juices and wine are prepared from Lyubskaya, but it is rarely consumed fresh. The tree bears fruit for 2-3 years, an adult plant gives up to 15 kg over the summer. Cherry is frost-resistant, not prone to death of flower buds.

Attention! They form a crown in summer, autumn or spring. Summer residents cut off the shoots that obscure the top of the tree. Otherwise, the tree will hurt, yield and fruit taste will decrease. Curved garden shears are used for shaping.

The sweetest

Sweet cherry is the dream of any summer resident. Delicious and juicy berry pulp will be an excellent addition to ice cream or sorbet, housewives bake cherry pies and cakes.

The best cherry varieties for central Russia

Memory of Sakharov

Medium late universal variety. The tree is medium-sized, the crown is pyramidal, dense. Fruits are oval, weighing 3 g, peel of medium thickness, dark red. The pulp is tender and juicy, sweet with a rich aroma. The peduncle is thin, the separation is semi-dry. The Pamyat Sakharova variety is winter-hardy, slightly affected by coccomycosis, and is universal in application. Also, the advantages of cherries include good transportability, partial self-fertility and early maturity.

In memory of Yenikeev

An early ripe variety is drought-resistant and frost-hardy, the trees begin to bear fruit in the fourth year after planting. Leaves are large, dark green, crown of medium density. The fruits are one-dimensional, the weight of one is 4-5 g, the color is dark red or burgundy. The pulp is juicy and tender, the taste is sweet with a slight pleasant sourness. The berries ripen together, do not crumble or crack. They are distinguished by transportable qualities, used in cooking. Cherry blossoms are resistant to spring frosts, the tree tolerates drought and heat.


The late harvest ripens in late July - early August. Cherries are grown for sale or processing, late varieties tolerate long-distance transportation well, do not crack on the road, retain their taste and presentation.


The best cherry varieties for central Russia

Molodezhnaya belongs to the middle late varieties, but in most regions of central Russia it gives a crop only in August. The advantages of the variety are self-fertility, versatility, small size of the tree. Youth will fit even into a compact garden plot, since it takes up little space.

Spreading crown, medium density. The berries are wide-rounded, weighing 4-5 g, rich burgundy color, thin stem. The taste is sweet and sour and juicy, the pulp is tender and dense. The stone is round, medium in size, easily separated from the pulp. Aromatic jam is made from berries or frozen in the freezer for the winter.


The trees are vigorous with a spreading and dense crown. With age, she becomes drooping. The variety is not affected by fruit rot, is resistant to coccomycosis, tolerates drought, and is self-fertile. Berry weight - 4-5 g, barrel-shaped. The rind is maroon, with a black tint. The peel is firm, glossy. The stalk is long, the flesh is dark red, pleasant. The taste is sweet and sour, harmonious. The stone is oblong, large.

Attention! To stimulate growth, summer residents use mineral and organic fertilizers. Superphosphate, ammonium nitrate, urea, mullein infusion, Nitrofoska, and manure are added to the soil. Spend 2-3 per season feedingafter watering the tree abundantly with water at room temperature. After the soil is loosened and fertilized.


Early cherries ripen in June. The fruits are harvested and eaten fresh, as well as frozen or dried for the winter. In terms of taste, early ripe cherries are not inferior to late varieties, the pulp is pleasant to the taste, aromatic.

The best cherry varieties for central Russia


Aphrodite cherry is harvested by June 10-15. The tree is of medium height, the crown is round. The fruits are dark red, the rind is dense, shiny. The shape of the berries is flat-round, the flesh is burgundy, dense. The weight of one fruit is about 6 g. The taste is aromatic, sweet with a slight sourness. Aphrodite is resistant to drought and frost, suitable for processing and fresh consumption. Tasting grade assessment - 4.8 points.


The best cherry varieties for central Russia

Partially self-fertile variety of cherry Bagryanaya is universal in application. The tree is compact, 2 m high, the crown is compressed, round. Berry weight - about 4 g, round shape, red-burgundy color. The taste is sweet and sour, refreshing, the pulp is firm and juicy. The small bone is easily separated from the pulp. Up to 6 kg of harvest is harvested from the tree per season. Collect the Crimson in the twentieth of June.

The best low-growing cherry varieties for central Russia

Low-growing (dwarf) trees look like bushes - low plants with a compact crown will decorate the garden area. Summer residents plant low-growing varieties not only for harvesting, but also for decorative purposes - for landscaping a garden or creating a hedge.

The best cherry varieties for central Russia


Medium late cherry variety Anthracite is unpretentious in care. The tree is bushy, the crown is spreading. The weight of one cherry is 4 g, the shape is round-heart-shaped. The skin is colored maroon. Medium density pulp, dark red color. The taste of berries is sweet and sour, pleasant. Use Anthracite for winter harvesting and freezing. Also, from the advantages, partial self-fertility and resistance to frost are distinguished. Harvested on July 16-23. If the storage rules are observed, the keeping quality of Anthracite is 45 days.


The best cherry varieties for central Russia

A technical variety of medium late ripening. The tree is undersized with an oval-round spreading crown. Mtsensk fast-growing - summer residents harvest 3-4 years after landing... The leaves are dull, dark green, medium in size. The fruits are round and one-dimensional, the color is red. Berry weight - 3-4 g, sweet and sour taste. The variety is resistant to viral diseases, tolerates a long absence of watering and hot weather. Berries attract gardeners with an appetizing spring look.


Medium-early winter-hardy variety for cultivation in central Russia. Octave is valued for its immunity to coccomycosis and moniliosis, partial self-fertility, high and stable yield. The crown is compact, but dense, so trees are planted for decorative purposes. Fruits are flat-round, weighing 4-5 g, burgundy skin, shiny. The separation from the stalk is dry, the small stone is easily separated from the pulp. The cherry has a sweet and delicate taste, with a slight sourness and a pleasant tart aftertaste.

Attention! The ripeness of cherries is determined by the appearance of the fruits: they become elastic, acquire a color characteristic of the variety. For storage and transportation, it is recommended to pick berries 5-7 days before full ripening. The cherry will ripen on its own.


From self-fertile varieties, Amorel pink and Lyubskaya cherries are distinguished - they are distinguished by their unpretentiousness in caredo not require special agrotechnical knowledge and skills. From sweet - Memory Sakharov and Memory of Yenikeev. Their pleasant and aromatic pulp will appeal to both adults and children. Dwarf varieties are also popular - Anthracitovaya, Oktava, Mtsenskaya. Small bushy trees take up little space on the site and decorate it with their appearance.

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