How to properly water cherries in summer: instructions for beginner gardeners

Horticultural crops need a certain amount of water. It gives them strength for normal development, growth and fruit formation. Cherries are drought-resistant plants, so they are rarely watered. However, the number of waterings is an indicator of the yield. Let's take a closer look at how to water cherries in summer.

Whether to water the cherry in summer

How to properly water cherries in summer: instructions for beginner gardeners

During the entire growing season, cherries are watered 3-4 times.

Activities are tied to specific phases of tree development:

  • after flowering - depends on the climate and varieties, therefore, it is difficult to give an exact date;
  • at the stage of ovary formation;
  • after harvest, but often the procedure is postponed to early September;
  • until October 20, during preparation for wintering.

The last watering is not carried out if it is rainy autumn. Otherwise, moisture will accumulate in the upper layers of the soil, which will lead to decay and death of the roots.

Does she love water

Cherry is a drought-resistant crop that occasionally prefers to be saturated with moisture.

Experienced gardeners recommend sticking to watering according to the growing season.

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How often to water

How to properly water cherries in summer: instructions for beginner gardeners

In addition to watering in phases, gardeners use an artificial water shower.

In this case, such nuances are taken into account:

  1. The seedlings are regularly given water during the first year of life. Every 2 weeks, 1.5–2 buckets are poured under the bush.
  2. In dry hot weather, water is given 2 times a month to adult bushes, every week to one-year-old seedlings.
  3. During the formation of the fruit, the volume of liquid is increased at its discretion. If the soil is very dry at a depth of 5-6 cm, the amount of water is increased by 2-3 times.

In dry October, up to 4 liters of water are poured under the tree. So it will survive the winter better.

Important! With each watering, 10 to 15 liters of liquid are consumed per plant.

The soil is mulched with cut grass, compost or humus to exclude moisture evaporation.

Irrigation water requirements

For yearling trees, use settled water, aged overnight or several days.

It is allowed to irrigate with rainwater from a street container, which was settled in the open air. Adult plants are moistened with plain water from a hose or bucket.

What can be added

After fruiting, a mixture of 40 g of superphosphate and 60 g of potassium salt is introduced into the trunk circle and watered well.

At the beginning of summer, cherry leaves are sprayed with a urea solution: 40 g of the drug is diluted in 10 liters of water with a temperature of + 30 ... + 35 ° C. This activates the growth of green mass, improves the formation of ovaries, prevents the appearance of cherry sawflies, weevils and black aphids.

How to properly water cherries in summer

Frequent watering harms the plant, so the earth is rarely fed, but abundantly. It is good if the liquid penetrates to the lower roots to a depth of 40 cm.

A few more tips:

  • light and frequent irrigation harms the plant, since little oxygen gets into the soil, and the roots are not saturated with it;
  • water is poured only into the trench around the tree;
  • try not to wet the root collar;
  • after water procedures, they loosen the earth;
  • weeds are regularly removed;
  • Sprinkle the roots with soil if, after getting moisture, they began to look out.

If the cherry grows in a dark and poorly ventilated area, they moisten it only 2 times: during the fruiting period and in mid-October.

How to properly water cherries in summer: instructions for beginner gardeners

What mistakes to avoid

It is not recommended to flood mature trees. It is better to irrigate young seedlings from a watering can by sprinkling, otherwise the pressure of water from the hose will damage the thin trunk, the cherry will bend to the ground.

Watering cherries when planting

The procedure is performed in spring or autumn, after planting plants... Pre-create a near-trunk circle at a distance of 50 cm from the seedling. Pour 2-3 buckets of water into it.

Once the moisture is absorbed, the soil is lightly tamped. The top layer of soil is mulched with dried grass, compost or humus.

For the first time, the seedling is watered from a watering can. This will distribute moisture better over the entire surface of the earth.

Advice! If the rains were moderate in summer, watering is carried out after the topsoil has dried. In case of prolonged rainy weather, additional irrigation is stopped.

To saturate the freshly planted tree with moisture, use 10-15 liters of warm water.

During flowering

Watering cherries during flowering is a must. The period falls in the first half of May, and in the southern regions - at the end of April.

Plants are watered according to the following scheme:

  • 3–5 buckets are poured under 1 bush at a time;
  • irrigation is carried out 2 times a month;
  • if the weather is too hot and dry in May, add 30–50 liters of water under a mature tree every week.

During fruiting

Water the cherry no later than 15 days before the harvest. Use 3-5 buckets, and in drought - 8-10.

Abundant moisture will provoke cracking and rotting of the fruit.

Watering rules for seedlings

How to properly water cherries in summer: instructions for beginner gardeners

Regardless of the time of planting, the rules for watering seedlings are general:

  1. The first procedure is carried out to compact the soil around the root system. A sprinkler is used for this. Set the medium head for uniform irrigation of the tree. The duration of the procedure is from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. If there is no running water, the plants are watered for the first time from a watering can. 2 buckets are enough.
  3. In a dry summer, the seedling is irrigated once a week using 2-3 buckets of water.
  4. In a rainy summer, water procedures are carried out as the soil dries out.

Such activities are carried out for 1 year. During this time, the young cherry will form a high-quality root system. Then watering is carried out from a hose.

Trees from year

In the second year, activities are performed if:

  • the drought lasts a long time;
  • the soil constantly dries up in a sunny area;
  • too hot summer.

The amount of water and the frequency of procedures coincide with the rules for watering seedlings up to 1 year old.

It so happens that the cherry begins dry the leaves even if you follow the watering recommendations. This is a signal of damage to the root system. It is enough to loosen the soil in the trunk circle so that oxygen better gets to the roots.

Trees from 2 to 5 years

Such cherries do not require frequent watering. Experienced gardeners apply water only during flowering, fruiting and dry weather.

Up to 10 buckets are poured under the bush 1 time during the period of fruit formation, 5 buckets - during the flowering period, 30 liters 3-4 times - during drought.

5 to 15 years old

Cherries at this age practically do not require watering. It is sufficiently saturated with moisture from heavy rains.

It is permissible to nourish the tree during the fruiting period with a volume of up to 50 liters at a time.

Reference. In autumn, irrigation is carried out regularly and abundantly until mid-October. 3 buckets are brought under the bush once a week. Activities will help your crop prepare for winter by strengthening the root system.

Old trees

If the cherry grows in a dark place, do not water it. In a sunny area with prolonged heat, 60 liters of water are added 2 times a month.

It is believed that after 15 years, the culture is fully formed and is able to live off its strength and environmental conditions.

Experienced gardening tips

How to properly water cherries in summer: instructions for beginner gardeners

Experienced summer residents do not adhere to strict rules for watering cherries, but take into account the amount of precipitation and the condition of the soil.The trunk circle is mulched to prevent rapid evaporation of moisture.

Some tips:

  • every spring and autumn, mulch the root circle with a layer of needles, sawdust, peat up to 7 cm high;
  • additionally water the cherries after top dressing;
  • adult trees from 5 years old do not need watering, it is permissible to give 5 buckets 2-3 times per season in dry summer;
  • for young seedlings, additionally create a circular depression with a diameter of 40 cm and a depth of 15–20 cm - this way the water will remain in the ditch for a long time, and the number of irrigations will be reduced to 2 times a month;
  • Water the newly planted tree from a watering can or using a special sprinkler.


It is important to water the cherry correctly so that it gives off a large amount of fruit. Any standing water at room temperature is suitable for this. The volume of liquid is adjusted according to the age of the tree and the condition of the soil.

Young plants like frequent and abundant watering, and adults are saturated with moisture from natural precipitation.

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