How to properly water indoor lemon

Indoor lemon is a versatile plant for the home. Healthy, beautiful, with tasty, juicy fruits. But in order to grow it on the windowsill, it is not enough just to place the seed in the ground. Lemon, like all homemade citrus fruits, requires special attention. From the first days it is necessary to determine the optimal watering regime for the tree. After all, a lack of water leads to drying and death of the plant, and an excess leads to decay of the roots.

How to properly water a lemon in a pot at home - this will be discussed in the article.

Watering frequency

Watering frequency depends on the age of the tree, the soil in which it grows, the temperature and lighting in the room, the time of year, and many other factors.

Loose soil in a small pot dries faster than a tight ball in a large container... In a room with central heating, the soil is drier than in rooms with a stove. In summer, all plants are watered more often than in winter. These details should be taken into account when deciding whether to water the plant or wait a little.

How to properly water indoor lemon

Experienced gardeners determine the need for watering by eye. For beginners, it is recommended to squeeze a pinch of soil from the pot with your fingers..

If the earth sticks together into a lump, it means that the watering time has not come yet, there is enough moisture in the soil. If the earth is crumbling, it's time to water.

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Irrigation water

The best water for watering indoor lemons is rain or snow... You can use it without additional processing, slightly warming up to room temperature. Cold water is not absorbed by the roots, the earthy lump is supercooled.

It is not recommended to water plants with water from city water supply networks... Hard water promotes liming of the soil. A whitish coating forms on the ground - a salt crust that impedes oxygen access to the roots and over time causes the tree to wither.

Salt deposits are a signal for the grower to change the quality of the water., make it softer. To do this, add 0.5 g of citric acid per 3 liters or 4-5 drops of acetic acid per 1 liter. Also insist 200 g of peat in 3 liters of liquid during the day.

How to properly water lemon at home

Lemon is picky about moisture, therefore it is important not only to water it in a timely manner, but also to spray it from a spray bottle.

Note! Lemon should not be poured. He likes frequent, but not plentiful watering.

Expert tips for watering indoor lemon tree:

  • in winter, the plant is often sprayed, and from May to September it is watered abundantly;
  • mature trees moisturize less often, and newly planted ones more often;
  • in breathing clay pots, the soil dries out faster, so lemons are watered in such dishes more often than in plastic or metal containers;
  • water for irrigation should be at room temperature or slightly warmer;
  • the best time for the procedure is morning or evening.

How to properly water indoor lemon

The best place for citrus fruits in the apartment

It is advisable to place the lemon tree in a spacious, well-lit room on the south or east windowsill.

Direct sunlight can burn greens, so shading is taken care of in the summer. In winter, on the contrary, you will need additional artificial lighting for 5-6 hours a day.

If the plant is rotated 10 ° clockwise once a week, its crown will eventually acquire the correct symmetrical shape of a ball.

The hardest part is to provide correct temperature regime at different stages of plant development:

  • during the growth period - about + 17 ° C,
  • budding - no more than + 14 ... + 18 ° C,
  • during growth and ripening of fruits - not less than + 22 ° C.

In winter, citrus fruits have a dormant period... The optimum temperature is around + 12 ... + 14 ° C.

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Many amateur gardeners dream of growing a fruiting lemon tree in an apartment. From the first day a young shoot appears in the house, it is necessary to provide him with comfortable conditions: a light spacious windowsill, a pleasant room temperature and the correct watering regime.

It is recommended to moisten the plant with warm water, not too abundantly, but often. It is good to water the tree with rainwater, but if this is not possible, tap water will do. The main thing is to clean it, stand and warm it to room temperature. If you follow these rules, you can grow a tree from an ordinary stone that regularly treats its owners with lemons.

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